The Pope, The Chemist, The Truth

By Anna Von Reitz

It may have bypassed most people, but Pope Francis has an advanced degree in Chemistry.
He’s a scientist under those priestly robes with a mind like a steel trap.

So how has it escaped his attention in the midst of all this talk about “Climate Change” —that the atmospheric content of oxygen has dropped from 21% to just above 16%?

And that that is what is causing the gravitational shift and unsettling the magnetic dipole as well?
We know that oxygen is Anion ions in search of Cation ions. At the level of keylons it is highly charged and generating more than enough magnetic field force to cause gravitational attraction.

Read that: gravitational attraction has nothing to do with mass. It has to do with the amount of oxygen in our atmosphere and the magnetic field generated at its zero point. When you drastically reduce the amount of oxygen, you reduce the magnetic field strength and Earth begins to “wobble” and the magnetic pole begins to “walk”—which is what it is doing right now, straight toward Siberia.

It’s not a matter of too much carbon dioxide.

It’s a matter of too little oxygen.

If we increase the amount of oxygen instead of depleting it, things will return to normal. Minus, of course, the big fake emergency you’ve all engineered and the excuse you’ve drummed up for “carbon taxes” and oppressive “carbon regulations”.

I suggest that you and all the Bully Boy corporate bosses and the P2 all do a 180, reverse throttle, and shift.

As we all know, oxygen is created by our little green friends, the plants, and especially the algae in the oceans (which the vermin have killed off with radiation) and the trees (which they have cut down and not replanted).

As we also have cause to know from recent events and the historical records and the United Nations ENMOD and Geoengineering and Weather Warfare treaties, that their Sky Jockeys have been “driving” the jet streams around like mobile water flumes and causing drought in one place and monsoons out of season in others.

The drought caused by this criminal idiocy is then used in an opportunistic fashion to set the stage for gigantic wildfires, exacerbated by spraying a bomb-like cocktail of flammable industrial metallic wastes all over the landscape — and burning down more trees, causing more air pollution, and further depleting the atmospheric oxygen.

Pope Francis — you have an advanced degree in chemistry.

I don’t have to tell you that Lithium and Magnesium and powdered Aluminum Oxide are flammable. Turns out that all the other elements and compounds commonly found in “Chemtrails” are too— every single one.

Are we supposed to believe this is a coincidence?

That all the industrial waste products that these corporations are spraying on us day after day just happen to be highly flammable materials that generate metallic combustion fires?

What plausible deniability do you have as a chemist for this apparently deliberate mis-representation of the whole situation?

Please tell us how you keep a straight face?

While we are on these subjects, let’s give this factoid a thorough review for all the completely clueless politicians who flunked Eighth Grade Science.

Carbon dioxide makes up one three-hundredth of one percent of our atmosphere. That is: 1/300th of 1%.

Now, I know that thanks to dumbing down we have fewer and fewer math geniuses out there, but anyone can imagine cutting a big sheet cake into a hundred pieces and then taking one piece of that cake and cutting it into 300 itty bitty tiny little slices —- and we can all see in our mind’s eye what we wind up with: virtually nothing. Maybe half a crumb.

We are supposed to believe— and you are standing there with a straight face telling us— that this ridiculously small component of the atmosphere is causing any such affect as “Climate Change”?
Unless you are proposing that carbon dioxide acts as a catalyst in some as yet undiscovered, unpublished, undisclosed secret process, there is no way in-you-know-where that carbon dioxide plays any significant role in changing the climate or much of anything else.

Deliberately depleting our oxygen is a different story.

Any atmospheric scientist, any chemist, any oceanographer, anyone with any background in science at all has cause to know that all this talk about “Climate Change” being caused by carbon dioxide is complete and utter bunk.

Anyone who has thought about the “Greenhouse Gas Theory” for more than five minutes knows that that is complete bunk, too.

So seven billion people want to know how a guy with a degree in chemistry missed all of this?
We all want to know exactly why, in view of the facts, we shouldn’t haul you and your guests and every politician who voted for the Paris Accords to the nearest dock?

We can give you all one-way tickets to Australia and a lifetime supply of garbage bags so you can help clean up the mess.

Pick up the bones of the billion-plus animals you killed for no good reason, animals that died in terror and torment because of Thugs and Liars and Evil-Doers —-and Fools who have believed this crap and shoveled it for you.

You should all be ashamed beyond all shame, especially when you reflect, that for all you have killed and destroyed, you can’t give as much back as the life of a single ant.

My decree and judgment stands: all Catholic priests and all Bar Attorneys worldwide can have new jobs as gardeners Down Under.


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