The Unknown Past — Part 2

By Anna Von Reitz

Steven T. Mnuchin and Michael Pompeo and all these other characters aren’t acting as Americans.  

They aren’t acting as any kind of U.S. Citizen nor as a Municipal “citizen of the United States”, either. 

These Cabinet-level Officials are acting as Interpol Officers and have renounced their obligations to this country.  They work for the World Trust and the World Bank as Enforcers. 

When we send Mnuchin and/or Pompeo a Form 56, Notice of Fiduciary Relationship, and a “Birth Certificate” issued to a presumed-to-exist Municipal CITIZEN, we are surrendering a runaway slave and making them responsible for its well-being.  Caesar’s noxious property has been returned. 

All roads lead to Rome, and from there they lead to Bern and Brussels, where the “Secular Church” —ha! — has long had its base of operations. 

Mr. Trump isn’t serving as President of The United States of America.  He is serving as President of the United States of America — the British Territorial Government operating under our name.  He is also serving as Chairman of the (Municipal) National Security Council.  

As President of the United States of America, Mr. Trump is a Level 18 Administrative Officer.  There are ten (10) levels of authority above him.  

We are dealing with a very ancient control structure that has been “corporatized” for about a hundred and fifty years, a process that began in the 1850’s.  The result is what I have dubbed “Corporate Feudalism”.  

About ten years ago, give or take a few, a group of Dutch Mathematicians who were running a statistical analysis completely unrelated to any of this picked up on some startling data correlations.  I believe I first read about this in Scientific American.  What they discovered at that time was the existence of interlocking trust directorates connecting a large number of  corporate structures that otherwise don’t appear to be connected.  

By now, their studies have grown to include 43,000 corporate entities, and the rabbit trail has led to the identification of 700 corporate officials who are the “keymasters” of this system of secretive collusion and what has been dubbed the “Global Network of Corporate Control”.  

Mathematics to the rescue, again.  

Corporate Feudalism is, if possible, even more toxic than plain old Feudalism. 

At least with traditional Feudalism, you had a Monarch with a face and a name.  If things were rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark, you had someone specific to blame.  

Now, with the move to Corporate Feudalism, the “Monarch” is a faceless, undefined, unknowable —- and, this is the important part —- unaccountable, network of corporate interests conspiring to rule the world. 

Let’s return to yesterday’s topic and the year 1868 when what I shall call “The Scottish Interloper” set up shop as The United States of America, Incorporated. 

As we observed, Amendment 14 of their Corporate Constitution, identified all Municipal Government “citizens of the United States” as criminals and allowed enslavement of criminals. 

So you have a Scottish Commercial Corporation holding all these Municipal United States citizens to be criminals and enslaving them.   

This was so they could charge them for the cost of war reparations and continue to arrest them as “rebels” even after the military hostilities ended. 

But, wait a minute, you say —- the Queen operates the British Territorial Government under our delegated authority and she also charters all corporations in the United Kingdom and she is also the Pope’s Right Hand, running all the Commonwealth operations worldwide….. 

So how does the Pope’s employee operating a British Commonwealth as a subcontractor to our government allow the charter of a Scottish corporation that is infringing on our trademarks and further allow it to declare economic war against an entire Municipal population that is under the Pope’s protection? 

That would be like my gardener creating a company designed to hunt down and enslave my family.  Why would I continue to employ him?  

The Babylonians and later the Romans, have always been pro-slavery.  It’s no surprise and no secret that the Pope/Pontiff’s Municipal Government sided with the South in the American Civil War.  

And so, also, it is no surprise that the Queen’s 1868 Scottish Corporation and its Fourteenth Amendment also enshrined and continued the practice of slavery — simply slavery of a different kind, applied to a different group of people, for the purpose of extracting war reparations. 

The Pope couldn’t care less, because it was all just business to him, a matter of taking it out of one pocket and putting it into another pocket.  He was content to let the British Monarch work out the dreary details.  

However, as a result of all this, a completely innocent civilian population was caught in the middle, and both the Queen and the Pope were (and are) obligated to act as their Trustees: the American People.  

So now what?  It’s 1868.  You have two groups of foreign citizens — British Commonwealth and Papist — on our shores, and the Brits are busily trying to track down the Papists intending to make them pay war reparations and enslave them as payback for siding with the South.  

We have the spectacle of two groups of slave owners and slavery proponents, each calling the other names.  One group enslaved black people based on the color of their skin, the other group enslaved people based on owing war reparations to the victors in a mercenary squabble.  

None of this has anything to do with us — nothing to do with The United States of America, nothing to do with the American States, and nothing to do with the American People.  

We have been, however, caught in the middle of all this nastiness.  

Despite the fact that both the Queen and the Pope are obligated to act as our Protectors and Trustees under the international treaties ending The War of Independence and also the constitutional contracts that followed— both decided that they needed more victims to pay war reparations, and it was convenient to start “mistaking” Americans as “citizens of the (Municipal) United States”.  

So, for the past 150 years, they and their various minions have been colluding to accidentally-on-purpose misidentify Americans as “citizens of the United States” instead of State Citizens of The United States.  

All this wrong-doing, all this abuse, has been based on such semantic deceits (lies) as you can see demonstrated above.  It takes a sharp and vigilant cookie to split the hairs between “the” United States and “The” United States and when you say the words verbally, there is absolutely no way to tell the difference. 

This example above also neatly demonstrates how the “Secular Church” — another one of their favorite oxymoron descriptions — is built on lies and represents the Kingdom of the Father of All Lies, also known as “the Kingdom of God”—- which god was that, eh?   

Make no mistake, brethren.  You are owed The Kingdom of Heaven, and all that Satan has is forfeit to you, so long as you have sense enough to see the shell game.  

Millions upon millions of Americans have been the victims of this Gross Breach of Trust by the Pope and the Queen.  We have been purposefully misidentified as “citizens of the United States” and deprived of our true standing as American State Nationals and American State Citizens via constructive fraud and purposeful semantic deceit.  

And as every attorney around the world has cause to know, fraud vitiates everything.  Fraud has no statute of limitations.  And fraud taints everything it touches.  They have no leg to stand on, and like their Father, are reduced to crawling on their bellies. 

So the moment that the Queen’s men seized upon a baby who was given the name “Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger – von Reitzenstein von Lettow – Vorbeck”, a Seventh Generation American born on the soil of Wisconsin—-and renamed her “Anna Maria Riezinger” and misidentified her as a “citizen of the United States” and sold her back to the Pope as a slave —- they committed the crime of genocide against a little baby in her cradle.  

They killed the American baby on paper and created a Municipal slave for themselves, all based on the prior fraud and lawlessness of a long defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation: a fraud based upon a fraud. 

A more filthy, more violent, more deceitful, more vile, more venal, more self-interested scheme can scarcely be imagined.  And that is what these sanctimonious con artists have been using as their excuse to act as predators and a plague upon people that they owe “good faith service” to.

So now, as Paul Harvey used to say, you know “the rest of the story”.  

As we all have cause to know, both peonage and slavery have been outlawed worldwide since 1926, yet these fraud artists have contrived to get around this prohibition against slavery by pretending that we are all corporations— “named franchises”.    

In this process they defraud living people of their most basic identity and reduce them to the level of being “Things” — Legal Entities, and that, too, is nothing but a Great Big Fat Lie.  

The Roman Curia has further promoted and endorsed this grotesque fraud by adopting “The Collective Entity Doctrine” to replace their former excuse, “The Doctrine of Discovery”.   

The time has come for the Beast to be removed from our sight. 

It is time, Mr. Trump, for you to shut down the Municipal Courts that have been allowed to proliferate on our shores and which have no valid business in our Territories.  Declare the Peace.  Admit the distinction between Americans and “citizens of the United States” and put an end to the cradle snatching. Re-task the Internal Revenue Service to balance the books and unblock our credit accounts.  

The Scottish Interloper ceased operations in 1907.  It has been more than a century since their Articles of Incorporation, including their “Fourteenth Amendment”, ceased to have any meaning whatsoever. 

The actual Territorial Constitution still stands and its duties are still owed. 


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