The Unknown Soldier 7-17-20 VIDEO… “Jordan Maxwell – Order out of chaos”

This was ssent to me by Beverly, and I must say, initially, I was not going to sit around for a 2 hour video. But… eventually I poked around within the video timeline, and found myself so “pulled in”, that I felt I had to watch it. And I did… twice.

BTW, I find that this one I could up the speed to 2x and, since he speaks quite slowly, was able to follow his lecture. A lot of information here, and I’m sure many will wish to tune in to the wealth of data about Illuminati, Jesuits, the Pope, the Masons, etc., etc.

Particularly notable to me was how the “deep state”, Illuminati, et al., have used the worship of the sun, and the phrases like, “Dawn of a New Day”, to “trick” us into believe some “leader” was going to be “the one” for the planet, and for us. Jordan makes it clear that Trump is not one of those types. He is here to help remove the dark system. And the deep staters do not like it.

I’ve found a couple websites for Jordan, the latter he mentions in the show, where you may sign up for access to all of his information vaults. (click the “Join” to become a member).