The Weapon of Indignation

By Anna Von Reitz

A brief word about all the people running around preaching doom and having morbid fantasies about the “weapon of indignation”.
Ever heard of the “Sword of Truth”?

The battles of the Latter Days are wars of the spirit, in which we contend with the Powers of the Air (ideas, idols, patents and copyrights, legal fictions of every kind–our own thoughts gone astray) and Evil in High Places.
The final crisis is clearly a test of our ability to discern and choose the Truth instead of the Lie.
And the Weapon of Indignation is what it says it is.
What destroys Mystery Babylon — including the Satanist cells in the Roman Catholic Church, the corrupted fraternal organizations, the Hollywood and media “Sex and Death” industry, the poisoners at Monsanto and CDC, the arms dealers, the political lobbies, and the self-seeking commercial corporations that have been instrumental in causing all these problems — is righteous indignation.
Not some fanciful unknown weapon. Not an EMP.
Our awareness of who they are and what they have been doing —and our righteous indignation in response– is what puts an end to Mystery Babylon.

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