One Person Dies, the World Stops?

By Anna Von Reitz

Oh, boy, one person is said to die of “Coronavirus” in Washington State, so the Governor declares a ‘state of emergency” — an indication that he is weak-minded and incompetent—- with the result that public panic is brewing in Washington State this afternoon.  

70,000 people die from influenza (the flu) in a bad flu year.  Strangely, what makes a “bad flu year”?   

Answer: coronal mass ejections, CME’s, sun flares, sunspots— the same solar radiation events that disrupt communications and interfere with the normal flow of plasma in our solar system.  And yes, there is a DIRECT correlation between “bad flu years” and CME’s.  

This has been known and studied since at least 1918, with the conclusive statistical proof being established by 2002.  

But what if you could create this effect by man-made means?  Simply by increasing and varying local Electromagnetic (EM) exposure, using cell towers and radio and microwave transmitters, etc.?   Enter 5G…..and billions of cell phone receivers pulsing away silently in everyone’s pocket? 

I am with Robert David Steele.  The situation in Wuhan is another kind of False Flag, one in which the Crisis Actors actually die, and the Government of China gets paid for their services post mortem.  And it is the result of both a weaponized (but low grade) British “Bug” being released on purpose and in tandem with the rollout of 5G in China.

EM Radiation sickness has exactly the same symptoms as flu.  The more intense the EM Radiation, the more intense the symptoms.  These “broad spectrum” weaponized energy grid systems were initially designed for crowd control, but as usual, things got out of hand.  Defense contractors got involved. The out of control CIA got involved.   MI6 got involved.  The Queen’s Booty Boys, Quinetiq got involved. 

So, we’ve got this mess, thanks to Evil in High Places.  

And now, we find out that WHO, the World Health Organization, has owned the Domain Name, since 2002.  We find that Bill and Melinda Gates helped pay for the creation of this germ and are responsible for its existence.  We find that the Queen’s Bullies not only own the patent but also own the vaccine so that they think they are safe from their own self-made calamity— and prepared to dole out the solution to the problem they created, for a price, of course.

If you want to protect yourselves from the “corona” virus, limit your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Eat clean healthy food. Drink clean water. Get rest. Occupy your minds with happy thoughts and productive tasks.  Stay home and clean the house, work on the family photo album.  Don’t panic, and don’t fear. 

You have a much greater chance of dying from EM exposure or the common flu than you have of dying of any coronavirus—weaponized to be super-infectious or not. 


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