They Have Ruled

By Anna Von Reitz

They openly said that they have ruled for thousands of years and that they would destroy the world rather than give that up.
So let’s examine how they have ruled:
They have ruled by deceit.
They have ruled by telling outright lies.
They have ruled by abusing trust.
They have ruled by demeaning people — and themselves.
They have ruled by blackmail and threats.
They have ruled by strategic murder.
They have ruled by False Flag events.
They have ruled by creating “secret languages”.
They have ruled by keeping other men dumbed down.
They have ruled by falsifying records.
They have ruled by accusing others of what they have done.
They have ruled by destroying history.
They have ruled by teaching distorted history as fact.
They have ruled by “terms of art”.
They have ruled under color of law.
They have ruled under False Pretense of authority.
They have ruled by rigging commodity markets — including currency markets.
They have ruled by controlling money supplies.
They have ruled by creating confusion.
They have ruled by creating disasters — to make their actions seem necessary.
They have ruled by force and confiscation.
They have ruled by creating prejudices.
They have ruled by keeping us divided.
They have ruled….
And they are trying to continue their rule by establishing a New World Order under what they are mistakenly calling the “quantum financial system”.
This is really nothing but a pitiful re-working of an old MS-DOS technology — so old that nobody thinks about or uses it anymore.
And they are trying to foist off PARSE SYNTAX on everyone, which is nothing but a reworking of the ancient JUSTINIAN FRAUD.
That seems to be the current theme: dredge up ancient computer systems programming and call it something new, because the programmers working now won’t remember MS-DOS.
Dredge up an old, old fraud from 1500 years ago — nobody will remember that! — call it something new — “PARSE SYNTAX” and people will fall for that, too.
They are falling back on old doggerel because they don’t have anything new to offer. They’ve run out of tricks. And that, beyond anything else, spells their doom, because they have made their way since the beginning by trickery and shell games and fraud and very little else.
So, we’ve told you briefly that the “Quantum Financial System” aka “QFS” is nothing new.
And neither is “PARSE SYNTAX”.
Only the names are new. They think that by re-naming things, they can create something new.
Like renaming your property “3543 Mockingbird Lane” and then claiming they have title to it.
Like teaching you to spell your name according to their punctuation: JOHN-MICHAEL:DOE and then claiming that you “subscribed” to them and that they now own you.
It’s all nothing but horse hooey.
They’ve run out of ideas. They’ve got the financial system in such a bind, with the credit so concentrated in their own hands, that they can’t prime the pump anymore.
And Mr. Trump may not know what to do about it yet, but he does have sense enough to know that in the modern world these antiquated — and fraudulent— answers won’t work.
So he just declined to participate in the “Quantum Financial System” and as long as English is our official language and we don’t fall for their funky punctuation scheme — we have no contract with them regarding “PARSE”, either.
As a brief note, if you haven’t all watched Romley Stewart’s explanation of the DOG LATIN deception promoted by the Emperor Justinian and used ever since to keep the peasants in line —-do so now.
It will be apparent that “PARSE SYNTAX” is just another secret language trick and variation of the old, old DOG LATIN trick.
And if you care enough to entertain the false claims being made for it by Russell J. Gould to the effect that it is “mathematically correct” —- put it to a simple test and see if you can make it reliably express the difference between a “pickle” and a “cucumber” —- mathematically or in any other way you choose.
PARSE is another con, set up to confuse and impress the ignorant.
Sign no contracts using this form of language.
We have patented and recorded our own form of this language to make sure that Mr. Gould and his co-horts cannot arbitrarily claim or enforce anything about it, but we heartily recommend that people simply recognize it for what it is — another con — and avoid using it at all, ever.


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