This Didn’t Happen by Accident – I can show you how you can do it.

Who is Paul Stramer

Anyone who wants to can do this. We have done all the hard work to construct the systems we used to do this and can show you how to duplicate this. Anyone in our downline with an active subscription qualifies for our help and 10 pages of advertising on my server along with 1 on 1 instructions and training on how to use internet automation to build their Mint Builder organization just like we are doing every day.

The Endless Bonus competition is over, but there are more major promotions coming shortly.

We got the confirmation yesterday and here is the announcement from Matt Barkes, the CEO of Mint Builder.

Congratulations To The Top Endless Bonus Leaders!

MintBuilder Upgrade 2.0 
Pete Olsen & Paul Stramer 
Both of these leaders personally brought in an amazing 25+ subscriptions during the promotional period! The amount of incredibly hard work that they put forth to achieve this massive milestone will now pay off.

Thank you both and everyone else who participated in this promotion! Because of everyone’s effort more people are now preserving their wealth and earning a larger income!

Keep up the good work you guys! By following their great example of leadership it will soon be your turn. The next promotion will be announced very soon! 

Matt Barkes
So if you are in Mint Builder and you want action in your downline like we are doing, then you need to call me at 406 889 3183 between 8 AM and 2 PM and then 4 PM to 8 PM weekdays in the Mountain time zone.
We can and will teach you how to do this, and remember we have created all this advertising for you. It’s all working 24/7 for us and will for you also.
Paul Stramer
The top personal sponsor in Mint Builder, using internet automation to do it.
Remember:  People Love to Buy, But they Hate to be Sold!   406 889 3183
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