This is Your Flag, Too

By Anna Von Reitz

Designed in 1799 by Oliver Wolcott, the second Secretary of the Treasury, to fly in peacetime. It’s the flag that should be flying right now, if you are an American.
Yet, this beautiful flag of peace has flown only twenty-two years in our whole history. Why?
The answer is that our European “Federal Government” Subcontractors have kept us embroiled in an endless stream of commercial mercenary conflicts.
These illegal and often immoral conflicts have been called “wars” when they are commercial mercenary conflicts instead.
And our war flag, Old Glory, has been dredged in innocent blood, ours and the blood of many other nations, for the sake of nasty old men in the Vatican and sitting around in their leather club chairs in the Inner City of London.
It’s time we all put an end to this abuse and misuse of our country and our resources. Fly the Peace Flag. to order yours and learn the history.
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