Thomas Wictor 12-23-20… “Not finished keeping promises” (or, “How digital evidence is collected & why they don’t have to physically have the server”)

I found this video “fascinatingly informative” for the “I did not really know that” part of my Mind Self. Full of info about communications, “setting things up”, etc.

Music: “Finding the Balance” by Kevin MacLeod.
Battlefield Digital Forensics:

VIDEOs from today (12-12-20) of potential interest

Well, most of these are from today, and all have some “interest points” that may (or may not) be yours.

Amanda Grace ~ Prophetic Booms for Dec 2020/2021 (Up Front In The Prophetic Radio & TV) (Kp note: there are a few very interesting predictions she has “received from Spirit” that I very much aligned with. 24 minutes was one time point I recall.)

A Message from President Donald J. Trump (The White House) (Kp note: note that at the beginning he apparently says “FISA”, not “Pfizer”… does this twice; is FISA the real vaccine?)

12/12/2020 – TRUMP Powerful Announcement! General Announced D-Day! Angel Anon Updates! (Santa Surfing) (Kp note: this is where I learned about the “FISA” not “Pfizer” deal; also goes in to the the SCOTUS decision regarding TX lawsuit)

12/2/2020 – The Sting Stings! McInerney says TREASON… (Santa Surfing)

Antifa and BLM Will Go to Guns Soon. Patriots Be Ready. Military Involvement Coming (Michael Jaco) (Kp note: goes into a few things about what might be happening, and includes clips from the foursome video below)

Monkey Business Ep Zero One Fiver” (Monkey Werx US) (Kp note: fascinating discussion among Monkey Werx, Mike Adams (Natural News), Scott McKay, and Hotel3; covers intel, troop movements, etc.)

The REAL Hammer is Donald J. Trump [re: the Battle of Tours] (Thomas Wictor) (Kp note: he likens the strategy of Charles Martell victory over the Umayyad Caliphate to what Trump is doing now, with the anons, and so on; very interesting)

Thomas Wictor 11-16-20… “Time for some de-brainwashing” (or, “Just because you don’t SEE something happening, does NOT mean it’s not happening”)

Well, this guy (Thomas Wictor) was introduced to me by someone I am familiar with in Mississippi. She said this particular video helped her through some challenges with “not seeing things happening”. After watching a few other videos from Thomas (YouTube channel), all I can say is I subscribed to his channel, as well as this one, I’ll say, “Wictor-y is mine!!”

See how you all resonate with this fellow. I find his messages quite “brilliantly different” from others, and quite fun (from my view) to hear and watch.

A de-washed brain is NOT dirty.