Two Capitols, Three Kingdoms

By Anna Von Reitz

A few days ago I observed that there are two Gods in the Bible.  

It should come as no surprise that there are also two capitols of Israel, neither one of which is Tel Aviv. 

Bethlehem, not Jerusalem, is the City of the Kings.  

Is it not apparent that this same little town was the birthplace of King David?  And also the birthplace of Jesus? 

Bethlehem is the source of all glory and honor and love and life and truth. 

And what comes forth from Jerusalem?  Just the opposite. 

Jerusalem is the place of death and reckoning and scheming, jealousy, lies, and hatred. 

So how can you think that Jerusalem should be crowned?  Except that you are deceived?  

Jerusalem is Satan’s capitol in the land of Israel.  

The “New Jerusalem” spoken of in the Bible is not a re-make of Jerusalem.  It is a new city, one that is not built on misery and blood. 

Likewise, our capitol is Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, not Washington, DC.  

Tiny Assisi is the true capitol of Italy, not Rome. 

All around the world, it is the same.  We have the capitol cities of the True God, and the capitols of Satan.  They belong to two separate kingdoms. 

This should not surprise anyone, yet it does. 

Now comes a Third Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven.

We must learn to think with new thoughts and see with new eyes, or we will all be in a constant state of paralyzing amazement, even though everything has been foretold for thousands of years and has been here in front of us the whole time. 

As the Kingdom of Earth is restored and the Kingdom of Heaven takes root and grows, the Kingdom of Satan is naturally overthrown and taken over, because Mankind is no longer deceived and makes new choices accordingly. 

Suppose that we were all afflicted with some strange delusion and we all believe that dog poop is wonderful food.  When that delusion ends, the truth is bound to come as a shock, but would you rather continue to suffer the delusion?  

It is the same way with our condition now.  

The waking up isn’t entirely pleasant, but we are set free by it, and enabled to make new choices. 

For many generations you have been taught that the Kingdom of Heaven comes like a thief in the night, which is true.  It is already here, already taking form.  There is no big thunderclap, no announcement. 

Our Father doesn’t talk a lot about doing things. He does them. 

Soon, miracles will become common place, and the new capitols of the new kingdom will appear.  Don’t be surprised or dismayed; be grateful and rejoice.  

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