Tracy Beanz 11-23-18… “MUST WATCH: Tim Canova – A Fight for FL District 23”

I found myself very “pulled in” to this video interview. It extensively goes into the many aspects of “voter fraud” which has gone on in Florida (at least in Broward County), as it relates to one candidate, Tim Canova, who ran vs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the 2016 primary, and the 2018 general election. It involves people on many sides of the fence(s), D, R, I, etc.

Excellent overview on how election results (votes) can be faked, changed, stolen, and/or destroyed. It appears Broward County (and Brenda Snipes) has become quite “expert” at it.

Published on Nov 23, 2018
This interview will definitely go down as one of the most important pieces I have done. Tim Canova has been fighting corruption and election fraud in earnest against Brenda Snipes and the machines of BOTH parties for three years. PLEASE watch and share this interview to raise awareness about what this amazing man has been doing to ensure elections with integrity for ALL of us.

To support Tim in his fight go to:

To see part of Brenda Snipes video taped deposition where she ADMITS to destroying ballots, please click here:

We are on different sides of the political spectrum ideologically, but we need to band together to fight the corruption and injustice we are seeing run rampant across the country. Thank you for watching, and sharing with your friends and family. It was an honor to spend this time with Tim, and I am blessed to have met him. I am committed to helping him in any way I can.

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