To All White Hats Everywhere

By Anna Von Reitz

Our effort to restore our lawful government is being interfered with by low-level minions of bankrupt “states of states” who are still trying to prey upon Americans using their old mis-characterization and identity theft routine.  It is also being tampered with by “Homeland Security” and the British “Taskforce on Money Laundering” — both of which are trying to extort money from us and control our access to our own money and also trying to censor us using German affiliates. 

It is well past the time for these impediments to go away.  Please make sure that this message goes viral and is forwarded to President Trump. 

Destry Payne has been arrested again by “COUNTY OF” officials who have absolutely no authority to even address him.  

They need to be informed by the Governor and the President that their “County” is a corporate franchise of a failed governmental services corporation and that they have no cause and no authority to arrest any American for regulatory infractions that do not apply to them.  

85% of all the Acts of Congress do not apply to Americans or extend to the States of the Union and they are not published in the Federal Register as a result.  

Neither Territorial nor  Municipal franchises operating as “States of States” nor “STATES OF STATES” have any separate or greater or different authority than their parent corporations. 

So if you are not a Federal Employee or Dependent and you are not “knowingly and willfully” accepting enfranchisement as a Territorial or Municipal corporation, you are owed immediate statutory exemption. 

What we have here are the equivalent of Dairy Queen employees attacking and arresting Americans off our streets under the false presumption that the victims are also Dairy Queen employees who are out of uniform or guilty of some other “infraction” against company policy.   Oh, and add that the “Dairy Queen” in question is bankrupt. 

This is an unconscionable violation against Destry Payne’s Natural Person and against his guaranteed rights and freedoms and it doesn’t matter whether you address it as a constitutional issue under Article IV freedom from unlawful arrest and attainder, or under the Lieber Code and Hague Conventions or under the conventions of Law Merchant. 

Identity theft and the utilization of false legal presumptions as a result of identity theft is a crime in all venues and all jurisdictions. Period.  So the meatheads need to understand that and stop doing it.  


We are well-aware of the false “dossiers” that have been concocted by the IRS under the guidance of the IMF, which are made-up-out-of-thin-air totally fictional “stories” about each and every American.  According to these grossly falsified “Master Files” I am or have been employed as the manager of a rum distillery in Barbados and my husband has been selling guns in South America — all without leaving our kitchen table in Big Lake, Alaska. 

These criminal practices seeking to provide an excuse for false prosecutions and false presumptions against Americans have to stop. The whole damned “system” needs to be thrown out in the dung heap of history and replaced by the actual government we are owed without delay and any employee that doesn’t agree needs to be fired. 

That includes both Territorial and Municipal employees, agency personnel and departmental personnel, State of State and County Of personnel, too.  

We are restoring and “reconstructing” the Federal level of our Federal Government, a task that is long overdue.  If anyone doesn’t like it, they can find the nearest river and jump.  Mr. Trump knows what has to be done and the Queen has been given her marching orders. 

We expect: (1) all interference with our communications and attempts to censor our communications to stop; (2) all interference in our banking transactions and transfers of actual assets as well as credit owed to us to cease; (3) all “Company” personnel at the State of State, STATE OF STATE and “county” levels of all government service organizations to be fully informed and kept within the bounds of their limited jurisdiction. This includes “County of” Sheriffs and Patrol Officers and Judges. 

All Delegated Powers have returned to us by Operation of Law.  We have acknowledged and accepted the return of those Powers. Any 
other exercise of those Powers is extended on a month-by-month basis to President Trump and his Administration only.  

Proper communications are necessary to expedite progress and cessation of any infantile notion that we are “the enemy” must cease. We are the employers, owners, operators, underwriters, shareholders, and sovereigns and we are sick and tired of our employees being misdirected, misinformed, and allowed to run rampant. 

Please pass the word to the rank and file and up and down the food chain in both directions— and make sure that everyone is informed and understanding — or fired. 

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