To Monroe

By Anna Von Reitz

This is for William Monroe: 

“I have become expendable…. and that offends my sense of justice.”

Yes, it offends our sense of justice, too

We love you, William, Resolute Protector.  Always and forever. 

It is by your sacrifice and by your love that all the others have been saved. 

By the grace and the love of the living may all be redeemed. 

And may Thomas Deegan (Monroe) finally know for certain that his love and his heritage is honored, here among the living and the dead. 

Here among the Honorable Dead and among those living may our bequest remain: 

Your free will.  Your justice. Your love. 

Let these remain. 

And the love and justice of all good men and all good women, too. 

There are those who would not stand with The Truth.  There are those who would not honor the sacrifices made. 

Let us never forget. Let us never turn aside. 

Let us never fail. 

God bless, William Monroe. 

We are here tonight to say that our lives and our substance have been saved by prior generations of good men and women, who have not turned aside or made excuses.

Their testament is here, and it still remains. 

And anyone or anything that would stand between us and our Honorable Dead, let them be consumed by their denials of what is righteous and what is true. 

And may their names not be remembered. 


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