To The Supreme Commander of the Joint British Armed Forces

By Anna Von Reitz

With respect to your published comments:
Our American Sovereignty derives from William the Conqueror; our claim of sovereignty is equal to or greater than any claim that Elizabeth Windsor (=Wind-sur) can make.
As your Queen holds authority delegated to her by us and you hold authority delegated by her, simple logic mandates that the management of the US Forces are our joint concern.
We should like to know by what plausible stretch of the imagination the failed military leadership proposes that they should assert authority under a delegated sovereignty in full view of the fact that they gained power by fraud and maintain power by fraud and have:
1. Failed to protect and manage our money since 1863;
2. Undermined the civilian government;
3. Bilked and embezzled their actual employers;
4. Promoted WWI and WWII and countless other atrocities;
5. Now offered us a QFS that works five minutes a day;
6. Proposed that all our economic affairs should be under their control;
7. Subjected our non-domestic population to exotic warfare tests;
8. Press-ganged innocent Americans under force;
9. Mis-characterized our people in violation of the Geneva Conventions;
10. Conspired against The Constitution of the United States of America;
11. Plundered public trusts created under conditions of constructive fraud;
12. Allowed our country to suffer nine decades of inland piracy;
13. Pretended that the word “benevolent” can ever enter into any of this.
This past week you have witnessed a silent, but we trust, effective demonstration of power and determination: World War III will not be allowed, nor will any continued Raj in America.
Most sincerely,
Anna Maria

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