A Few Videos of Possible Interest from 7-22-19 (with PrayingMedic, Mark Taylor, Dave Janda, Judicial Watch)

These are three of the videos I watched (most of each), and felt some might find interesting.

Qanon July 22 2019 – Traitors One and All (PrayingMedic)


Monday Night Spiritual Smackdown Mc/Mark Taylor – The Spirit Realm Is A Blazing And What’s Ahead


Kp Notes
This is essentially a spiritual “battle”. On other dimensions aside from 3D.
Strange weather in Florida.
501c3 churches are acting as “sanctuary churches”; that 501c3 system is coming down.
26:00 Tom Hanks to play Mr. Rogers in movie?? Really?

Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe Dissect The Deep State’s Illegal Surveillance (Dave Janda)

In this segment from the Operation Freedom radio show, which airs live each Sunday from 2-5PM EST on WAAM1600 / Davejanda.com, Dr. Dave chats with two of the most prominent voice in digital surveillance: Bill Binney & Kirk Weibe. Additional information is revealed as well as more dissections made on methods used to illegally surveil american citizens.

KY Set to Remove Up to 250K Inactive Voters as Part of Court Consent Judgment w/ Judicial Watch