210809 Kp Driving Messages VIDEOs playlist… “Driving into the Storm”

This series of 5 videos has quite a few “Higher D connected messages” in them, I feel.

In the 4th video I mentioned that I knew I was supposed to be there, and that I felt I was drawn to go go “directly into” the storm area. when I called in “Higher Protection” for myself and for those in the area, the heavy rain I was experiencing, immediately stopped. And, yes, there was a tornado (see the video link below).

To me, this was an indication that we are “IN the storm” right now. This video playlist was from the day prior to the Mike Lindell 3-day symposium (LindellTV.com, FrankSpeech.com), and that is a “storm” of major proportions… bring “the dark” into “the Light”.

Here’s a link to a WGN TV article (and video) about the tornado.

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