If You Voted for Joe Biden, You Voted for This: Abortion, Oppressing Religion, Transgender Kids, Face Masks, Lockdowns, Illegal Immigration, Etc.

The soul of America is tainted. The tens of millions of Americans who voted for Joe Biden, have just voted to: Support abortion and infanticide under any circumstance; Smash religious liberty via the Equality Act; Prosecute the Little Sisters of the Poor, and any other Christian organization or person of faith seeking to follow their consciences; Make “transgender rights” the number […]

New Bill Will Criminalize Christian Teaching On Sexuality

The government of Canada is becoming more Communist than Socialist at this point. If a new bill, C-6 becomes law, parents could be subject to ‘criminal prosecution’ for private conversations with their children about sexual orientation. by Brandon T. Ward Life Site News explained that: Bill C-6 outlaws so-called conversion therapy, which it defines as “a […]

Trudeau’s Parental Prosecution Law Must Be Stopped

(LifeSiteNews) — On October 28, the Trudeau Liberals succeeded in passing 2nd reading of Bill C-6 by vote of 308 to 7. Sadly, many Conservatives joined with the Liberals to vote in a politically correct manner so as to avoid being called “homophobic.” We thank the seven M.P.s who voted with honor and integrity against […]

Biden Pledges to Gut Religious Freedom Protections, Saying They Give ‘Hate’ a ‘Safe Harbor’

Joe Biden made no bones about it: If he wins the presidential election, he will gut religious freedom protections that allow faith-based homeless shelters, charities, and small business owners to act according to their consciences. Specifically, he will shove LGBT ideology down the throats of religious Americans in the name of fighting “discrimination.” On Wednesday, […]

Kids Are Turning to Blackmarket Sex-Change Hormones for Secret Transitions

(LifeSiteNews) – As the number of children identifying as transgender skyrockets — over 4000% in the United Kingdom — experts are beginning to highlight the fact that the relentless promotion and mainstreaming of gender identity theory is triggering a social phenomenon. In fact, many children are not even willing to wait for an overly-willing gender […]

Wisconsin Parents Sue School Over Policy That Allows Children to ‘Socially Transition’ in Secret

Over a dozen Wisconsin parents are taking their local public school to court over a controversial policy they say allows children to live under their preferred “gender identity” without parental knowledge. by Elizabeth Johnston According to the lawsuit, which was filed on Tuesday, Madison Metropolitan School District’s policies allow students to “socially transition to a […]

Victims of Childhood Transgenderism Have Spoken Out – Listen Up, Joe Biden!

During Joe Biden’s ABC News town hall Thursday night, the Democratic presidential nominee expressed support for the radical idea of young children changing their gender. by Michael Austin “I’m the proud mom of two girls, 8 and 10,” Mieke Haeck from State College, Pennsylvania, said during the event in Philadelphia. “My youngest daughter is transgender.” […]