Internet Trolls May be Trained Government Agents According to Leaked Document

(Brian Shilhavy) Glenn Greenwald, a journalist, constitutional lawyer, commentator, and author of three New York Times best-selling books on politics and law, has been working with NBC News in publishing a series of articles on how covert government agents infiltrate the Internet to “manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations.”

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Hope Girl Bi-Annual Trolling Defense Statement

hope girl qeg trolls scam defense

Every now and then I feel it’s a good practice to put out a brief statement to refresh some folks on the battle that we fight every day.  This is good for anyone who might be new to the work we do, and I hope it brings about some clarity.

I have a been a prime target for organized criminal trolling networks for at least the last 4 years. This network has created a lot of extremely offensive and slanderous information on the internet targeting myself, my family, our business, and our projects.  We have devoted a lot of  time defending against such things in the last 4 years, all of which can be found in our materials.

However, after giving it my best, I realized that there really isn’t much more I can do to stop this activity. The organized criminal network I am speaking of obviously has a lot of money to fund their network.  Recently I decided to completely stop looking at any of their propaganda, something I’m calling a “troll fast”. (this was a fantastic decision!)  Just prior to this I did some research into this network, below are some of my findings.

  • The constant stream of attack (through blog posts, forums, YouTube videos, Facebook, anonymous comments and emails)  would not be possible without and immense amount of funding behind it.
  • The activities and tone show every indication of COINTELPRO, paid opposition reminiscent of the propaganda and tactics used against innocent people in Nazi Germany.
  • Likewise, the tone and activities are scripted with the intent of implementing psychological warfare to mentally torture people
  • Furthermore, some of these groups are openly involved in the occult, ritual abuse, and are practicing Satanists.


After these revelations, I’ve decided to no longer engage at all with these things, as these operations run 24/7 without ceasing.  Instead I am focusing all my effort on creating new content and building businesses that might actually help people in the long run.

Myself and my family are human beings who have put our names and our faces out there to represent the work that we are trying to do. We do not hide behind anonymous profiles in dark cyber alleyways. We work extremely hard every day and in many ways we are just average ordinary people who are doing our best.  We have already answered all the questions that have already been asked of us openly and honestly in our materials and have made these answers freely available to everyone.  We have also put a lot of effort into the quality of the content that we put out, which we feel shows that we are sincere in the work that we do.

We can only ask everyone to please exercise discernment when viewing any of the propaganda about us that is out there. I will state for the record that at least 99 % of it is a bold lie, an inflated figure, a fabricated story, or a partial truth that has been twisted to meet a malicious agenda.   The propaganda material is tabloid like in nature, is offensive, uses abusive language, and is also extremely juvenile.  Almost all of it is done anonymously, and in some cases, it is carried out by visible individuals that are engaging in slander and espionage.

We try our best to make ourselves open to folks in the safest way possible. We get a lot of emails, comments and facebook messages every day and we try our best to answer them, but this is not always possible to do.  We immediately delete any harassing or abusive toned messages that may come across our platform inboxes, in most cases we don’t even read past the first few words before clicking the delete button. So as long as a person is decent, we are more than happy to do our best to try to get back to folks.

So there is my bi-annual trolling defense statement.  To those that read my blog and follow my work I wish you all a fabulous day and once again I want you to know how much I really appreciate all of you and your kind words and your incredible support.  It’s for the positive folks like you that my family works as hard as they do. And we are going to do our best to see that we can keep doing it with a positive attitude, because that’s what the word needs more of right now.

All the best,

-Hope Girl and Family



Lawsuit Accuses Monsanto of Hiring Online Trolls to Attack Critics

A recent lawsuit accuses biotech giant Monsanto of hiring an army of online trolls to attack critics of their glyphosate-based herbicide, RoundUp. [1]

The allegations came to light after a judge for the U.S. district court in San Diego ruled that pretrial documents from 50 pending lawsuits against Monsanto could be released.

The plaintiffs in the cases allege that exposure to RoundUp caused them or loved ones to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma, while the company hid the risks. The company behind such wholesome substances as Agent Orange (or the “former Monsanto Company,” in this case) even started a program, titled “Let Nothing Go” to leave nothing – not even Facebook comments – unanswered, according to the suit.

Let’s break down some of the plaintiffs’ other allegations:

  • Monsanto pays people to pose as “regular” citizens with no industry ties to post positive comments aimed at defending the company and its products on news articles and Facebook posts. [2]
  • The company silently funnels money to think tanks, like the Genetic Literacy Project and the American Council on Science and Health – organizations intended to shame scientists and highlight information beneficial to Monsanto and other chemical producers. The plaintiffs’ attorneys note that similar methods were used by tobacco companies in the past.
  • Monsanto uses ghostwriters to author its scientific papers using language favorable to the company. This particular allegation is backed up by a batch of e-mails. Monsanto VP of global strategy told Science that ghostwriting was an “unfortunate” term and “an inappropriate way to refer to the collaborative scientific engagement that went on here.”

Read: EPA Official Accused of Helping Monsanto “Kill” Glyphosate-Cancer Link

One of the e-mails reads:

“A less expensive/more palatable approach might be to involve experts only for the areas of contention, epidemiology and possibly MOA (depending on what comes out of the IARC meeting), and we ghost-write the Exposure Tox & Genetox sections.

An option would be to add Greim and Kier or Kirkland to have their names on the publication, but we would be keeping the cost down by us doing the writing and they would just edit & sign their names so to speak. Recall that is how we handled Williams Kroes & Munro, 2000.” [3]

Monsanto took a famous, but failed, stab at silencing “bad” science in March 2015, when the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared glyphosate “probably carcinogenic.” The chemicals and GMO company immediately hit back, calling the report “biased” and demanding that it be retracted.

Source: Columbia Science Review

We here at Natural Society have had more than a little bit of experience with biotech trolls. We even have our own “lounge lizard” hanging in the comments. =]


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[2] U.S. District Court – Northern District of California. Case No. 16-md-02741-VC

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