YouAreFreeTV 3-9-18… “#SERVED: Lawsuit to Make The Internet Great Again #MIGA #STORM” (with Truth Natasha) #IBOR

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[#IBOR = Internet Bill of Rights] So this video explains what a few people are doing regarding the internet censorship. Some great information here. At about 23 minutes they briefly talked about the 3-11-18 possible “events”.

Published on Mar 9, 2018
A massive lawsuit was filed against G00Gle, FB, Tw_tter and Ut_be on December 21, 2017, the same day that Trump signed the executive order to seize assets of those guilty of trafficking and massive corruption. Today we hear from the citizen hero who is making it rain on behalf of many defendants who have been c_nsored on this platform and the other big 5 techno-fa_cist platforms.

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Many thanks to everyone who supports this channel and who will make a contribution to Natasha V’s work on the incredible lawsuit that will help to restore all of our 1st amendment rights on the internet, or we can rightly call Big Net, as the technocrats are now one of the leaders in taking away our freedoms across the world.

You are Free and we Lighting the #FIGHT!