The Nature of Truth, and How to Manipulate It — Learn to Master Your Mind and Discernment

(Daniel) “Truth” is one of those peculiar concepts that cannot be precisely defined. The typical dictionary will state, “conformity with fact or reality.” So you look up “fact” and find out that it is “something that is true” and end up running in circles. And we all know that “reality” is  just an illusion, anyway.

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Q Anon Follower Arrested and Used by MSM to Paint Truth-Seekers as Crazy — Exposing Reputation Attacks, and What We Should Do About It

(Justin Deschamps) The following is a mainstream media piece discussing William Douglas, a Q Anon follower who was arrested by the FBI this week for cyberstalking and making death threats on social media. Douglas has a YouTube channel where he discusses Flat Earth, Q Anon, Pizzagate and various other Deep State conspiracies. Douglas was enraged by what he described as a censorship campaign on the part of YouTube. 

The post Q Anon Follower Arrested and Used by MSM to Paint Truth-Seekers as Crazy — Exposing Reputation Attacks, and What We Should Do About It appeared on Stillness in the Storm.

Do Dark Matter and Dark Energy Exist? — Examining Scientific Assumptions and The Evolutionary Nature of Discovery

Dark matter map of KiDS survey region (region G12). Credit: KiDS survey

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) For those who've plumbed the depths of scientific study in modern times, it becomes obvious that there are major problems that have yet to be addressed. One being that—seemingly as a result of the infusion of advanced mathematics and the assumption the universe is a mechanistic and material creation at its foundation—scientists across all areas often confuse their models and formulas about reality with reality itself. It is an understandable circumstance when one considers that philosophy—the backbone of science—has been deliberately purged, or at least corrupted, in the halls of academia and higher education. Without working knowledge of philosophy, particularly epistemology and the study of what knowledge is and how we acquire it, the scientist is left wandering in the dark, groping for insights that they likely won't completely comprehend even if they are fortunate enough to find them. One example of this is the theory of Dark Matter and Dark Energy that emerged out of astronomy in the mid 20th century.
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Know Your Propaganda – Straw Man – The Art of Misrepresentation

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) In the following article, Shem from Discerning The Mystery offers some great insight about the straw man fallacy. While this might seem like some obscure academic reference, I can assure you that almost everyone succumbs to this kind of thinking from time to time. Briefly, raw information combined with interpretation produces a subjective experience of any data set—the automatic aspect of our philosophic nature. Facts or information alone are devoid of meaning, but when a fact or data point enters the field of our awareness, the automatic aspects of consciousness (the subconscious and superconscious) go to work. This "personalizes" the fact, producing emotions, insights, and inferences. For example, a batch of cookies baking in the oven often produces good feelings, and a desire to eat them. The smell of the cookie itself is the raw data, the fact, which is interpreted subjectively to produce secondary sensations that we normally associate with that smell. What this means is that our subjective experience acts as an intermediary between objective reality and what we perceive. We make decisions and choices from our subjective experience, not reality directly. As such, ensuring our perceptions, interpretations, and conclusions are accurate is incredibly important. In most instances, confrontations about ideas is not specific to the fact itself, it's focused on our inferences of the objective fact. We tend to confuse our interpretations with reality itself, which can lead to unproductive conversation if we aren't humble and thinking critically.
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Why Studying the "Wrong" Makes our Mind so "Right" — Self Mastery Philosophy (Video)

by Justin Deschamps

In our search for truth, we might fall into the trap that says "Well since I can't be sure something is true, there's no point in trying." Or that "there's no value in exploring untrue or wrong ideas." But this isn't actually the case. The fact is, the more information we review at a personal level, the greater our discernment skills become. The more wrong information we consider, the better we know the right information we've gained throughout life—the better we'll know thyself.
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Anna von Reitz: Definitive Reply to H.E. HRH Earnest Rauthschild — RE: "THE ROYALS," Issues Cease and Desist Order to Cabal: "THE KEEPERS"

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Several days ago, we posted an article on this site, discussing a man with the name Ernest Rauthschild, who published a document effectively warning the Cabal to stop in their insidious actions. Rauthschild claimed to be a representative of a group called The Royals, directing his statements to a group called The Keepers. Needless to say, the document was hotly contested by many, including myself. The claims made within the document can't be confirmed. Who is this Rauthschild? What valid authority does he have—if any? And why would The Keepers, or whoever these people are, listen to him? Anna von Reitz offers some colorful commentary about this situation below. 

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