12-14-19… “A Variety of ‘Posts of Interest’ from the last couple days” (The next few weeks are going to be YUUUGE!)

Thanks to a variety of people who sent these links to me, one way or another.

ZetaTalk Newsletter: Melania’s Christmas Message, China Sub Accident, New Madrid Explosions, Bibi Indicted

“Melania released a video, a walk-through of the White House beautifully decorated for Christmas. It was full of symbolism. Q seems to be featured, with a domino that has 17 dots. The White House model at first has two windows without wreaths, then Melania puts a wreath in one, then at the end the model is shown with no open windows. Why is one branch heavy with snow, Melania adding yet more snow to it? Most puzzling are the Gold roses, with the card “roses from New York”.

“Melania’s Christmas decoration vid is laden with symbolism, as many suspect. She is speaking of the past as well as looking to the future. Q is definitively featured, as Melania’s personal motto “Be Best”. She is saying that Q is valid, has integrity, as does her husband, the 45th President. Wreaths are popular at Christmas but also decorate tombstones. Closing the last two open windows of a model White House with wreaths means two ex-Presidents have or soon will die. This is of course Obama, and soon to be Clinton, whose crimes as a Cabal member are many.”

Congratulations, Boris Johnson! — Sierra (NZ)

“Boris Johnson’s landslide victory in the UK election is also a massive victory for the Alliance. Are you tired of winning yet?? Phoenix from PIR has done an excellent summary of the major wins for the Alliance this week. I consider his videos essential daily viewing

“Jupiter in Capricorn is exactly trine Uranus in Taurus on 15th December (the affects last five days either side). Jupiter is the planet of blessings, abundance and expansion…Capricorn is an Earth sign so it’s about manifestation…Trine is a positive aspect in astrology…Uranus is about quick unexpected changes…and Taurus is also an Earth sign, another sign of manifestation and grounding something into reality.

“As Phoenix says, the last time this happened was at the end of the Great Depression when we saw big global financial changes.

Hold onto your hats, my friends. The next few weeks are going to be YUUUGE!


Internet is on fire about the situation in Virginia!

“This situation has the potential to get out of control. At last count, 80 of 90 counties in Virginia have declared their counties as sanctuary zones for the Second Amendment. The democrat state officials are saying they will send out troops to arrest citizens for new gun law violations and seize guns door to door. At no time in US history have I witnessed a more polarizing event happen in the US. I wasn’t sure there would be an event like this so clear to the people that would so effectively ignite the flames of liberty…

“The gatherings of people in county and city meetings is getting hundreds of thousands of people in an uproar. And the patriotic citizens in other states are ready to bring their guns to Virginia and march on the capital. That is how hot this issue is.”

Space Force is a Go as Congress Gives its Approval

“The official creation and launch of Space Force in 2020 will be a momentous event. It will enable the official disclosure of many advanced aerospace technologies that use exotic propulsion and energy systems based on electromagnetic principles not thought viable or possible by conventional scientists. Some of these exotic propulsion and energy systems were recently disclosed in a series of US Navy patents showing their feasibility, and how they can be applied in ways that revolutionalize the aerospace industry.”

USAF Secretary & Congressman want to Declassify Secret Space Programs

“On December 7, attendees at the Reagan National Defense Forum held at the Reagan Presidential Library were told by the Secretary of the Air Force, Barbara Barrett, and US Congressman Mike Rogers, that they are in favor of declassifying information about the Air Force’s secret space program in order to get the public to support a US Space Force. Their comments confirm that the US Air Force is on the verge of disclosing the truth behind rumors of a secret space program and that the Space Force is a vital part of a series of stunning disclosures that lie ahead.”

Gabbard calls for congressional inquiry over Afghanistan war report

“Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), a Democratic presidential candidate and combat veteran, is calling for a congressional inquiry following a report saying U.S. officials misled the public about their progress throughout the 18-year-old war in Afghanistan.

“”First of all I’m putting legislation in to call for a congressional inquiry,” Gabbard, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, told Hill.TV on Tuesday. “There has to be accountability for the lying and the wasting of American taxpayer dollars.””