Switzerland to Hold Referendum to Strip Government of Power to Impose Lockdowns

(LifeSiteNews) — Taking advantage of a unique provision in their constitution, campaigners in Switzerland have garnered sufficient signatures to force a national referendum aimed at stripping the government of its powers to impose pandemic-related lockdown measures. The group Friends of the Constitution solicited 86,000 signatures requiring a nation-wide vote on whether to repeal the government’s […]

Biden Signs Executive Order to Begin Testing COVID-19 Vaccine Passports

Newly installed American President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Thursday imposing new travel restrictions and also begin testing the feasibility of COVID-19 vaccine passports. In remarks delivered by President Biden on his administration’s COVID-19 response and other presidential actions, he said: “In addition to wearing a mask, everyone flying to the United States […]

Australia Considers Quarantining Citizens with COVID-19

by JD Heyes What is going on with Western “democracies” in the age of COVID-19, a virus that does, indeed, cause deaths but not in 99 percent of people who get it? We’re seeing an extremely disturbing trend among democracies in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere: Creeping authoritarianism leading to extreme measures, and all being justified […]

New ‘Detention Camp’ Bill Gives NY Governor Power to Detain People Suspected of Carrying a Contagious Disease (Like COVID)

by Divina Ramirez (excerpt) Lawmakers in New York cried foul over a new piece of legislation that would allow state leaders to detain those identified as a “case, contact or carrier” of a contagious disease in the interest of protecting public health. The legislation in question, Bill A416, was sponsored by State Assemblyman Noah Perry. […]

MD on Pandemic: We Are Reaching an Unthinkable ‘Level of Totalitarianism’

(LifeSiteNews) – Following a September 2020 interview with LifeSite’s Jim hale, Dr. Leland Stillman this time speaks out against the “dark collusion of government actors … and corporations,” which is stifling dissent among medical doctors and scientists, as it pertains to pandemic policies. Back in September, the young doctor had spoken out against forced vaccinations. […]

Germany to Put COVID Rulebreakers in ‘Detention Camp’

Germany is set to put COVID dissidents who repeatedly fail to properly follow the rules in what is being described as a ‘detention camp’ located in Dresden. Yes really. In order to try to increase compliance, violators are told that if they receive both a warning and then a fine, a court will decide whether […]