UK Column News – Does the COVID-19 Vaccine create Immune Suppression?

UK Column News covers information about the statistics indicating that the COVID-19 suppresses the immune system. A whistleblower is interviewed and facts are discussed that show a major increase in elderly deaths after seniors, particularly nursing home residents, received the vaccine. The overall death rate from COVID -19 in the elderly prior to vaccine rollout compared to after the vaccine delivery is significantly higher. Discussion ensues with evidence indicating that the media seem to be trying to spin the narrative in order to deliver a scare in months to come that there is a different strain causing the deaths. All of these circumstances with regards to the safety of the vaccines has been predicted way ahead of time by some well know scientists including molecular biologists (Dr. Judy Mikovits) and bio-medical doctor (Dr. Dolores Cahill). And now, we see clearly that what they had been warning us about is happening. Time will tell if the government and corporate institutions will use the vaccine deaths to create the illusion of a  second wave of COVID-19.  Other information in this newscast includes lockdown feedback, information about the safety of the COVID swab tests and more.

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