Charles Ward 8-19-20 VIDEO… “8 Questions with the Twitter Sensation Chris Pomfret”

This is a wonderful short video that answers eight questions commonly asked about things going on right now. In particular, Charles addresses the new quantum (blockchain) financial system, which is also related to the new quantum (blockchain) voting system, which Charles believes will be deployed for the 2020 elections.

Also note that x22Report Dave mentioned these quantum systems in his latest video.

Santa Surfing VIDEO 8-7-20… “Charlie Ward and Chris P with SantaSurfing – Talking GESARA and our Purpose” [this is “Part 2”]

[Kp update: forgot to mention that this is actually part 2. Here is a link to Part 1.]

Well, I’ve just started listening to this, and I continue to “get” that these people are bringing out very important news.

Quantum financial System (QFS) is in place and fiat system is ready to be closed down. Also they present stories of utility bills, mortgages, etc., being cleared. Bank of England shut down (temporary?), CEO of Bank of Denmark resigning, and no one assigned to take over. The group says this is an effect of the QFS being “in play”… not need to have bank CEOs when the QFS will handle things.

Regarding Trump saying “You might not see me for awhile”, Charlie points out that “We are in the END GAME!”

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Charlie Ward VIDEO 8-5-20… “Gold Backed QFS, NESARA & GESARA with Santa Surfing and Chris Pomfret – Part 1”

This was an excellent “highly full of intel” video. Apparently all three of them are under some type of “non-disclosure restriction”. Information has to be released when certain people say it’s okay.

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Charlie Ward VIDEO 8-2-20… “The Awesome Chris P and The Happy Hannah J with Cheeky Charlie Ward”

Very much “reveled” in this discussion among Charlie Ward, Chris P (aka, UK Patriot), and Hannah J. They are all very much on the same page regarding world events, and what is occurring right now.

This is fairly lengthy, but there are many intels in here, and their UP beat attitudes are what really attracted me to listen to them.

One key point… both Charlie and Chris have received (from separate intel sources) that the Quantum Financial system is now up and running.


Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast 7-25-20… “UK Patriot Chris P – Interview #2 Parts 1 & 2 – GESARA – Trump’s Global Power – Financial Corruption”

Well, here I am at 540AM, and I got up and somehow started watching part 1, then I am getting into part 2. Apparently the first shot at this interview was “taken down” by YouTube. So here we go again.

I am finding the data collected and presented by UK Patriot Chris extremely unveiling, and his story is extremely amazing how, via his doing his own research, went from “anti Trump” to “pro Trump”, and how Trump is the “master of the world situation”, and that the path to NESARA / GESARA is already laid out. We are just watching the show and awaiting the timing of the process.

Fascinating interview. Thank you Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast girl (she lives on Maui)!!