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A 90-Year-old Tortoise Becomes a Father For the First Time With his Wife of 29 Years


Mr. Pickles, a 90-year-old radiated tortoise and the oldest animal at the Houston Zoo, became a father for the first time last week. Mr. Pickles and his 53-year-old partner, Mrs. Pickles, welcomed three hatchlings that could live for up to 150 years if well taken care of. Native to southern Madagascar, radiated tortoises are Critically […]

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One step at a time, hand in hand, we are walking out from the globalist society they are trying to enslave us into

Every Sunday at 8pm London time, a new step will be announced.
The idea is to gradually strive to disconnect from the globalist agenda. Each step will empower ourselves, and each other, to become more independent, self-sustainable and in control of our own destinies.
ANYONE from ANYWHERE, no matter their lifestyle, can participate in the walkout to whatever extent they feel comfortable with.

Build enough momentum to create roadblocks in the globalist agenda.
When millions of people worldwide act in unison, we will become an effective force that cannot be ignored.

With enough numbers, the global walkout family can start to engage in significant actions that would encourage corporations and governments to take notice and consider our perspective.
If our actions can directly affect the back pockets of the globalists, they might have no choice but to listen.