Unraveling the Spider’s Web

By Anna Von Reitz

I think we have finally done it. And I am the original skeptic.

Usually, I am the one standing silent in the back of the party room whenever someone announces that they have nailed the problem and located “the” answer to the spider’s web.

And it’s true that I am not jumping up and down, not pouring champagne over my head. In fact, I look and feel rather grim.

Think of George Washington’s mood just BEFORE he crossed the Delaware.

To the best of my knowledge and belief, we now have the answers, but they are not easy answers and it will require considerable money and effort and manpower to exercise and prosecute the answers.
It’s show time. O-dark-thirty.

We need everyone to Push on every level. We need everyone to correct their own political status records. We need everyone to join their State Assemblies. And God knows, we need donations.

All the work is being donated already, but this is one big wad of work in front of us, to be done against highly paid, highly skilled, and very well-financed opponents.

Underdog strikes again.

Someone commented tonight that “faith is how things get done”. It is certainly how everything I have done got done. So why change anything at this point?

I am talking out loud to our Father in Heaven and to you, just sayin’ — this is what we are up against, and we are in need of Divine Providence. We are in need of the understanding and support of every American on both sides of the fence.

Please donate toward the court costs and diplomatic outreach and educational efforts if you can. My Paypal is: avannavon@gmail.com, and the snail mail is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.

And yes, Grandma is still the Paymaster, Chief Cook, and Bottle Washer.


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