HighImpactFlix 9-27-17… “The REAL NFL/National Anthem Story…” (or, “How ’bout we all stop falling for this BS”)

That’s not the full title (because I do not go along with “being infuriated”), but I watched this and I must say I do go along with his outlining of the entire message he presents about “anthems, honoring flags, bowing to leaders (gurus, anyone?), and blind patriotism”. See how this one hits you.

I would predict that this is likely the only thing I’ll post about the “NFL national anthem kneeling players protesting this or that but it’s a sporting event so the players should keep their politics to themselves but why the hell are we continuing to pay to watch events that are clearly a redux of the Roman Empire coliseum games and so on and so on and who the hell cares anyway”.


Published on Sep 27, 2017
Perhaps we should be focusing our attention and outrage on THIS instead! What do YOU think?

Before anyone accuses me [HighImpactFlix] of “not loving America,” I personally love this country SO much that I want to see it freed from the clutches of those who are systematically destroying it. It is the Money Masters who must be brought to their knees and held accountable for their many ongoing crimes against humanity. I we could pull our heads out of our asses, maybe we could all unite and become FANatics about something that REALLY matters for a change!! Peace to you and yours!!?

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