Two (2) VIDEOs I’ve viewed today, 11-16-21 (Santa Surfing / Clif High)

I’ve seen a ton of videos recently, and these two resonated to post today (11-16-21). Please note that I did the Clif High one was to be posted, with the caveat that his messages are often seemingly “darker”. Yet I found a lot of helpful information there (although I don’t go along with many of his dark “predictions”). We must use our individual powers of intention to help ease us through this time.

The only note I will add is that I always follow Higher Inner Discernment about any of these videos.

NOTE: I found it much easier to view the Santa Surfing video using the Ugetube link rather than the video embedded on her website. The Ugetube has arrows where you can R or FF 10 seconds, whereas her website does not.