Why Did Twitter Censor an Eminent Infectious Disease Expert for His Opinion on COVID Vaccines?

Martin Kulldorff, one of the world’s preeminent and most cited infectious disease epidemiologists from Harvard University’s School of Medicine has experienced what many others in the field have experienced during this pandemic, censorship and ridicule. Kulldorff has been quite critical of the response to COVID by multiple governments, including the measures put in place to […]

A Colossal Coverup of Countless Covid Vaccine “Coincidences”

(Natural News) Back in February, CNN did a “hatchet job” on us. It was nothing but utter lies and nonsense and personal attacks. Then in March, the “Center for Countering Digital Hate” (CCDH) posted their ‘Top 10’ list of Anti-Vaxxers that need to be removed from Facebook and Instagram.

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European Database of Adverse Reactions Following COVID-19 Vaccines: 10,570 DEAD & 405,259 Injuries

by Brian Shilhavy The European database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, which also tracks reports of injuries and deaths following the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.” Here is what EudraVigilance states about their database: This website was launched by the European Medicines Agency in 2012 to provide public access to reports of suspected side effects (also known as suspected adverse drug reactions). These […]

Wyoming Becomes 11th State To Ban Vaccine Passports

by Steve Watson The Governor of Wyoming has banned vaccine passports, issuing a directive that states no person should be denied access to any places or services based on their vaccination status. Republican Mark Gordon’s directive outlines that “Vaccine passport programs have the potential to politicize a decision that should not be politicized.” “They would […]