Santa Surfing & x22Report 9-15-21 VIDEOs… “Some solutions for mandates!” & “Running Red, Track & Follow Events… Justice Is Coming” (and one about Chicago Bridge Lady, Veronica)

[Kp update: here is an article that has more details about what Veronica went through before she passed, plus what a new physicians’ alliance is doing to bring about a new system, plus references to help those that may need it.]

The Santa Surfing one has some solutions (legal and otherwise) for “mandates”, particularly in Hawaii.

Also I posted one of hers at the end, which, if you go to about 24:30, talks about Veronica Wolski, bridge lady, who held signs at an overpass over the Kennedy Expressway.

Notes from the x22 video are below:

The [DS] is now preparing the narrative, they are projecting everything onto Trump by using the Milley story. Was Milley a WH?. The timing of the story corresponds to Devolution. The [DS]/fake news are trying to make it seem like Trump was about to attack China, why. Is the projection timed with the forensic audit. Trump did say we were attacked and it worse than Pearl Harbor and 911. So who attacked us, was it China? Is China preparing for the fallout, is the [DS] preparing for the fallout, it starting to seem that way.

Link to related Santa Surfing article
Santa Surfing Rumble

Video with piece about Veronica, starts at ~24:30

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