Age of Aquarius Activation Final Update

Time is approaching our Age of Aquarius activation and the energies are rising as more and more people have made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum. We have a real possibility of reaching the critical mass.
Next 60 hours will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact our activation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide. Youtube videos are the easiest way to make this viral and many short version promotional videos and longer guided meditation videos have been created in over 40 languages:
The main page with instructions for the activation is here:
Many people are supporting our activation.
Corey Goode here: 

Alfred Labremont Webre here:

Christina von Dreien here:

Magenta Pixie here:*F 

Stillness in the Storm here:

Kauilapele here:

Sementes das Estrelas here:

Waking Times here: 

A blogger from mainland China has made a blog post about our activation, and it has reached amazing 1.7 million views until now:

Another influencer has mentioned our meditation on Tik Tok and received 1.5 million views and over half a million likes:

A comprehensive post with all information, videos and memes for our activation is located here:
Exact time for our Age of Aquarius meditation is here: 
Activation of Versailles vortex will begin on Tuesday June 30th at 7 am sharp at undisclosed location in Versailles. Those who wish to participate can contact , and they will receive an email with all instructions tomorrow evening when all details are finalized.
Let’s do this:
Victory of the Light!

Age of Aquarius Activation Update

Over 40,000 people have participated in our Booster meditation at the moment of the Solar eclipse and this has greatly improved the probability of reaching the critical mass for our main meditation on June 30th.
Few days before the Booster meditation, our Taiwanese team has seen this Pleiadian cloudship which was doing gridwork preparation for the activation of Dragon vortex in Chiayi:
The Dragon vortex was successfully reactivated after more than 200 years of dormancy and our Taiwanese team has taken this photo mosaic of the annular Solar eclipse close to the location of that vortex:
Some people feel that nothing has been achieved in our April 4thmeditation. That is absolutely not true. Without that meditation, Jesuit plans for world domination would be in a far more advanced stage than they are now.
Also, coronavirus pandemic has been contained to a great degree. On the graph below you can see that the spread of the pandemic peaked exactly on April 4th and then its speed receded for at least a month and a half. Blue line on the graph shows the most probable spread of the pandemic without our meditation, indicating that we would have tens of millions confirmed cases by now:
Also, our meditation on April 4th had a huge effect on the planetary plasma field and on the Schumann resonance:
So if we reach the critical mass on June 30th we can expect a far better future. Although there will be no immediate big physical effects, our collective timeline will go into a far better direction and many negative scenarios will be prevented:
Light Forces have communicated that at the moment of our activation, double Paris/Versailles Goddess vortex needs to be reactivated after more than 200 years of dormancy.
We would need a person with purity of heart and strong leadership qualities from Paris who would be able to organize reactivation of that vortex and then to hold regular weekly physical Sisterhood of the Rose meetings in Paris. If you are such a person and if you feel so guided, you can contact for further instructions as soon as possible, as everything needs to be organized in the next few days.
Another short update about our Age of Aquarius meditation is coming in a few days.
Instructions for our meditation are here:
And videos in over 30 languages here:

Victory of the Light!

Tough talks ahead for Putin-Trump summit

Putin will meet with Trump amid heightened tensions over Syria and the US election hacking controversy in the US [Xinhua]

The Kremlin on Tuesday confirmed that a high level meaning between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump would indeed take place on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg Germany this Friday.

While Russian officials provided little details about the agenda for the first meeting between the leaders of the two world powers, there was rife speculation that Putin and trump would discuss the crisis in Syria, how to combat global terrorism, and the situation in the Ukraine.

Trump is also facing domestic pressure to raise the issue of alleged Russian cyber-hacking in the US electoral system and what some Democrats have said was the planting of fake news on social media to improve his chances of election.

Russia has strongly denied any involvement in the cyber-meddling controversy. Putin has said the “groundless” accusations of Russian involvement in the US electoral election are designed to prevent a thaw in bilateral relations.

Official bilateral summit

In the meantime, both the Kremlin and the White House confirmed that the meeting would be a full fledged bilateral summit rather than and informal meet and greet as had been previously announced.

According to the TASS Russian Press Agency Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said: “It is planned as a fully-fledged, ‘seated’ meeting.”

With North Korea’s surprise missile launch on Tuesday in which Pyongyang claimed that it had successfully tested and intercontinental ballistic missile it is likely that the two presidents will discuss security in the Asia Pacific.

A number of Russian Media pundits have accused Washington of hyping up the North Korean missile crisis from the first day that Donald Trump Whitehouse as a pretext to increase military presence in the Asia Pacific region.

The Pentagon has already deployed advanced anti missile systems known as THAAD to South Korea.

Both China and Russia have expressed grave concerns about the deployment of the advanced missile system and South Korea and said that it would spark and arms race in the region.

Collision course: Syria?

However, it is the Syrian crisis that is likely to prove to be the most contentious point discussed between the two leaders as tensions have risen dramatically in the past few weeks with both sides accusing the other of adding fuel to the fire.

On June 19, Moscow halted its deescalation cooperation – known as the Memorandum on the Prevention of Incidents and Ensuring Air Safety in Syria – with the US military after US-led coalition forces shot down a Syrian SU-22 as it was carrying out a mission over the Islamic state stronghold of Raqqa.

According to Russian media reports, Moscow condemned the shoot-down as a dangerous violation of Syria’s sovereignty.

The Russian military says the US did not use the the deescalation cooperation utility even though Russian Air Force jets were in the vicinity at the time.

The Pentagon said it shot down the Syrian warcraft because it was targeting the Syrian Democratic Forces militia, which is backed by Washington and its allies in the region.

Last week, Russian Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu said that US actions – which he called provocative – in Syria served only to embolden terrorist activity in the region.

The BRICS Post with inputs from Agencies