The Science That Will Change Your Future | Dr. Bruce Lipton

The Science That Will Change Your Future Dr Bruce Lipton

Science That Will Change Your Life Forever

This video sums up everything I’ve been learning about since I awoke over 3 years ago. It’s beautiful and amazing because of its intrinsic truth! It’s only 10minutes long and will likely be the most inspirational and motivational video you’ll have seen.

There are only two root emotions in life, love and fear. All others stem from these two. Love is of a higher vibration and fear is of a lower vibration. If we don’t love ourselves we’re sending the fear signal throughout our body. Which signal do you want your body to absorb and emit?

There are more cells in your body than there are star’s in this Galaxy and Andromeda combined! You’re never alone, in fact, you’re the master of your own little universe.

A massive thank you to Dr Bruce Lipton for providing this information and to the content creators who created this amazing video.