Gregg Braden – Fusion of Ancient Telomeres: We Don’t Know WHY, but We Know HOW It Happened

Suggested viewing by our friend Devon:


“Reflections on how humanity programmed itself with a focus on separation, competition, and survival frequency, in the Industrial working, and general living conditions of our present time.
Based on the definition of Darwin and his influence on the views and approach of science, in his time, with his theory “Origin of Species” in 1859.
His view on life as linear in its evolutionary steps, focused on matter, stating that this is all that matters ?
While, gradually, in recent decades, science begins to touch upon the factual existence of a Quantum field, with consciousness playing it’s part in all that matters, pun intended.
Should we begin to change our perception, and move out with that change of the tide? Metaphorically speaking?
In a 1 week old New Year 2022, I wish you, reader, resilience, and creative rejuvenation, with a shift in points of view, moving in and with the changes. As much within as without.
Blessed be, Devon”

Urgent Message to the Surface Population – Cobra Update


Situation between Russia and NATO is deteriorating fast:

The Light forces are asking as many people as possible to participate in our urgent meditation for peace (every 4 hours). Instructions are here:

Goddess wants peace and peace it will be!

Ascension Connection Call Thursday – What’s Really Going On?

Ascension Connection Call – Thursday, January 20th, 2021

What’s Really Going on?

10am PST/ 12 Central & Canada / 1pm EST

In a world where censorship is abundant and propaganda is everywhere, you have to put a lot of effort into finding the truth.  It takes going down the rabbit hole(s) and connecting the dots all while having your inner BS detector set to high.  There is still much room for error in determining who to trust to provide you with accurate information about what is really going on in this world.

Bullshit Detector: Image Gallery | Know Your Meme

Kim Goguen posted this video on January 12th and made some shocking claims.  Can this information be trusted?  Extraordinary claimes require extraordinary proof!

Q, tied to Trump, has also been a popular intel provider throughout the recent years.  It’s been over a year since his last post, but some people still have faith in what Q said and that Donald Trump will finish “draining the swamp”.  We’ve seen little proof of this in the mainstream media, but are we just watching a movie?


Join us for an open discussion on this topic this Thursday at 10am Pacific, 6pm GMT, 1pm Eastern. You can show up 15 minutes early, so we chat before starting.  To make it easier to determine the time (and date) in your area we’ve provided this time converter link for your convenience.

If you would like to join our lighthearted conversation, please send an email to request the zoom link to

In honor of Melissa’s title choice – A little something from the musical wayback machine – What’s Goin On?

In regards to whats going on in Russia - Meme Guy

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Situation Update and a New Cobra Interview


Since our Divine Intervention Activation, the war to liberate this planet on the non-physical planes has really escalated. While the dark forces are attacking whenever they can, the Light forces are clearing dark networks and have already managed to clear the majority of primary anomaly on the astral plane.

The main focus now is the clearing of the primary anomaly on the lower mental plane and the so-called Invisibles. Invisibles are Archontic entities which inhabit the lower mental plane around the surface of the planet and are the ones creating and manifesting the false ideas matrix. They are the beings responsible for ideas such as karma, prime directive, purposeful suffering, omnipotent God, purposeful duality, flat Earth, second law of thermodynamics as the ultimate truth, speed of light as the maximum speed, monogamy as the only choice, global warming, woke ideology, critical race theory, etc.

Invisibles are entities that are almost transparent, creamy opaque blobs, and are almost undetectable even for advanced clairvoyants on the mental plane. Since the Archon invasion in 1996, they have managed to invade the auric field of the mental body of almost every incarnated being on the surface of this planet.

The Light forces are estimating there are about 500 humans currently incarnated on the planet with their mental body fully intact, without Invisibles infestation. Everybody else is at least partially mentally possessed, ranging from small areas of the mind where the person acts irrationally, to the full possession where the person has almost completely lost free will and ability for common sense and rational thinking. The key here is to acknowledge the possession, which will be extremely hard to do for most people, expel the entities with decrees, purify the mental body with the violet flame, and reclaim lost mental abilities and exercise common sense.

Clearing of Invisibles network will continue with full speed for another month or so, and peak stupidity on the global scale is expected in about two weeks:

The Light forces will then begin to massively clear the energy imprint of the suppressed trauma complex of the surface humanity, and many situations that could not be healed before, will suddenly heal easily.

More and more members of the dark forces are beginning to realize that their defeat is near, and Chimera-controlled DARPA had no other choice than to throw Fauci under the bus:

Many independent sources are claiming that Omicron variant was developed by the positive factions to end this pandemic once and for all:

With the pandemic ending, the dark forces are left with their usual strategy of trying to manifest World War 3. Now they are trying to do this by engineering a conflict between Russia and NATO:

Russian top brass has already meet a few times this year with their Pleiadian advisers deep within the underground complex of Yamantau, built in the early 1990s and expanded in 1996, which is one of the two main Pleiadian contact sites for the Russian military:

Russian military has started developing trust issues against the Pleiadians towards the end of last year, when they begin to realize that Pleiadians are there not only to protect Russia against foreign invasion, but to actually and literally liberate the planet. This prompted Putin to search for stronger alliance with China, which is his first big geopolitical strategic mistake:

Now that things are getting serious, the Russian military is again listening to Pleiadians a bit more, especially since their last meeting on January 6th.

They have managed to abort a color revolution attempt in Kazakhstan:

And are now expanding Russian influence towards Venezuela and Cuba to counterbalance NATO:

The Pleiadians have communicated that nuclear escalation will NOT be permitted and all missiles will be intercepted, but they are still asking people to meditate for peace between Russia and NATO to avoid any unnecessary violence:

The Light forces are also asking for everybody who feels guided to participate in our monthly Divine Intervention Meditation at the exact moment of the full Moon on January 17th at 11:48 pm UTC.

Instructions are here:

And guided audio meditation videos in 39 languages here:

A new Cobra interview about Tachyon chambers has just been released by our French team.

A Youtube video is here:

Transcript in English is here:

And in French here:

Victory of the Light!


Have you figured it out yet? James Gilliland

From the newsletter of James Gilliland:

By James Gilliland
Have you figured it out yet? The global elite, billionaire eugenicist have teamed up with the CCP, The Communist China Party to take down America. America must fall to usher in the New World Order. Their motto is order through chaos. They have infiltrated almost every aspect of government with bribes and blackmail. They created and funded the gain of function research that created the pandemic and have been very vocal about population reduction goals. To be specific in their own words they want 13 out of 14 people dead as written in their doctrines and on the Georgia Guide Stones.
What is unfolding has been written in detail previously in their game plan. The covid and all the variants were known and written about verbatim years before they appeared.
The real pandemic and threat is not covid which has a 99.98% recovery rate, it is in the experimental gene therapies, a witches brew of carcinogens, toxins along with an operating system that can be accessed externally. There are actually three different vaccines so as to maintain a healthy group to say I got the vaccine and had no side effects. One was a saline solution, the other the MRNA gene therapy, the third was the kill shot. The booster shots will eventually finish off the survivors, they are on a timer. Have you researched what is in the vaccine? Why do the vaccine companies want the information of what’s in the vaccine sealed for 75 years? Why are the triple vaccinated flooding into the hospitals with covid and variants? Why do the triple vaccinated have to wear masks? Why do they ignore herd immunity that has already occurred when the unvaccinated that came down with covid have 13 times stronger immune system than those vaccinated including protection from the variants.
Did you know China owns the WHO and the United Nations? The CDC, the NIH and the FDA are run by the vaccine companies who own and profit from patents on covid and the treatments. These organizations are revolving doors for China backed CEOs, and CEOs of big pharma. Did you know the CCP shares a lab in Wuhan china where gain of function, bioweapons are created financed by the NIH with your taxpaying dollars? All evidence points to gain of function research at the Wuhan lab is where the pandemic originated. Whistle blowers in China and America with firsthand knowledge and top officials in the alphabet agencies have made this clear. Some regardless of death threats. Did you know the protocols for treatment, remdesivir and ventilators are a death sentence falling right into the depopulation agenda? Did you know they packed the rest homes and senior care facilities with people infected with covid. They are still using remdesivir receiving huge kickbacks from big pharma which has a 30% fatality rate? Now they are asking to use remdesivir for all the elderly as pre covid treatments. How can you make sense out of any of this without factoring in some kind of maniacal plan that goes far beyond incompetence into the realm of genocide?
Did you know Yaweh is written in your DNA? It is the temple within. Did you know the MRNA in the experimental gene therapies invades and alters your DNA? Did you know the majority of the global elite are Satanic/Luciferians with trans-human agendas? If you take the jab you are no longer human, you fall under their patents. Have you wondered why you cannot get these agencies to protect the people, give the true statistics on vaccine injuries and deaths, why the news is covering this all up, mainstream and social media? Do you know why they are censoring the lead scientists in the vaccine companies, Noble prizewinning scientists, frontline doctors and nurses that are going public with the censored crippling and deadly consequences of these vaccines? The very makers of the vaccines are screaming do not get them, the inventor of the PCR test said do not use it due to a 90% false positive as admitted by the CDC. Hospitals were given bonuses to write covid-19 as the cause of death, paid to prescribe remdesivir and ventilators. The cold and flu season disappeared, heart attacks, stokes, cancer all mysteriously disappeared falsely labeled as covid deaths.
Did you know the mandated vaccine is experimental and not approved by the FDA, the approved version is not out yet? Did you know to coheres or force medical procedures is in direct opposition to the Nuremberg Codes, the Constitution, International laws and treaties. Would that fall under conspiracy to commit murder, premeditated murder, genocide, sedition or treason? Are those who coheres or force the mandates immune from the Nuremberg trials, do they fall under the same immunity of the vaccine companies or are they liable? Those coercing and forcing mandates are liable under the law and have no immunity! Did you know the vaccine company’s immunity is based on no willful misconduct? Would keeping safe, effective, inexpensive early treatments away from the public fall under willful misconduct? Would the prior knowledge of crippling and deadly side effects, paying politicians, governors and school boards to force the mask and vaccine mandates, lockdowns, destroying small businesses and the economy fall under willful misconduct, child endangerment, conspiracy to commit murder, treason? Have these politicians, governors, school boards, accepted money from China, the global elite, misappropriated government funds like Project Care which has already misappropriated or found missing 100 billion dollars? How many politicians are heavily invested in the vaccine companies? Have the majority of the democrats, some republicans engaged in decisions and actions extremely detrimental to America, is there collusion?
Defunding and firing police, firefighters, first responders, doctors and nurses during an extreme crime wave and pandemic makes no sense unless you want total chaos and to destroy the very foundation of America. Is coercing and forcing young soldiers to get a vaccine with crippling and deadly side effects who are at little risk in the best interest of national security especially having no idea of the long-term risks? Let’s apply the same logic to children who are at little risk of getting it and almost zero risk of dying from it. The children merely are a category on the vaccine companies charts to add to their already billions in profits. What happened to the military leaders who have sworn an oath to protect the people and the constitution, in charge of keeping the troops healthy and fit, on the ready? What happened to the Hippocratic oath, has the allegiance shifted from the patient to the vaccine companies, big pharma, profit driven science?
What if officials are informed and continue to coerce and mandate masks, experimental non approved vaccines would that fall under sedition and treason? What would grounding our military pilots due to blood clots do to our national security, the ability to travel with commercial pilots? Has the CCP vaccinated all their troops and pilots with the same vaccines? They have not.
Have you connected all the dots yet? If you knew the original plan which was made public redundantly by the global elite it is very easy to connect the dots and understand what is unfolding. Some will never connect the dots, continue in denial and march lockstep willingly or in ignorance to their own enslavement and demise. Some will take their children with them.
The freedom loving Americans and their constitution stand directly in the way of the New or One World orders plans for world domination and control. This included extreme population control. The majority of the global elite are Satanic/Luciferians, a death cult which explains their lack of empathy and moral fiber. They care nothing for you, your children, or the future. They lust for power and wealth at any expense and desire total domination, total control, chaos and abject poverty. Order out of chaos. Their God, Satan or Lucifer reveals in pain, suffering and death and demands it from his followers.
Now you can think of what was the unthinkable, the unimaginable and understand what is unfolding in front of your very eyes. They have infiltrated and control the highest levels of government, the music and movie industry, hospitals and health industries, mainstream and social media with their independent fact checkers and censorship. Did you know the independent fact checker most used, are heavily invested in the vaccine companies? They were forced to admit in court they don’t use facts and their facts are just bias opinions. Wait till it is made known how many high-ranking politicians, leaders in business, icons in the music and movie industries, even religious institutions are connected to Epstein. Child sacrifice, trafficking, pedophilia, is epidemic. The Weiner and Hunter Biden lap tops are undeniable proof of this. Where are they?
In summation history be told a group of billionaire eugenicists created bioweapons followed by what they call vaccines “experimental gene therapies, operating systems filled with carcinogens, deadly toxins, parasites and nanotech, graphene oxide” in a depopulation program lockstep with bribed and blackmailed mainstream and social media politicians and agencies. They used the Care program to further bribe officials including school boards to carry out their mask and vaccine mandates. The critical thinking, research impaired, socially engineered what they call useful idiots marched themselves and their children, “who statistically were never threatened by covid or the variants” in to get jabbed while virtue signaling shaming and attacking the unvaccinated. They demanded the unvaccinated get the jab which has proven to have crippling and deadly side effects and ineffective in protecting against the covid and its variants. The only thing effective concerning the jab is to reduce the population. It is now proven the unvaccinated due to herd immunity which has already kicked in have an immune system 13 times stronger than the unvaccinated with no crippling or deadly side effects. The masks are for compliance and control, an experiment to see how much they can control the masses and who will in ignorance be their brute squad. The virus is .125 microns, the NK95 mask filters out down to .30 microns. Wearing 5 masks is like expecting a chain link fence to stop a fart. Walk out on a cold brisk morning and watch the steam flow through the masks, out the sides, rise and spread rapidly. Research at major universities have proven the masks to be ineffective, the Co2 build up creates brain damage, organ failure, the re-inhalation of toxins and viruses creates bacterial pneumonia and compromises the immune system. There is no real science behind the mask or vaccine mandates, only political profit driven junk science supports the mask and vaccine mandates.
The awakened, the unvaccinated and their children are our last hope for the future if we want to have a future, maintain our God given and Constitutional rights, avoid the abject poverty, water and food shortages, enslavement, plagues and deaths planned for us by the global elite and the CCP. We are going to have to wake up and rise up. Find the courage and impeccable integrity within. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the children. If you have gotten the jab willingly, in ignorance or from coercion forgive yourself and do not wish your mistakes on others. There are solutions to mitigate the damages. As they say in Hawaii, do not comply and resist for the Ohana, the family and the Kieki, the children. Do not do the bidding of the global elite, do not enforce the draconian mandates or comply with them. This is an IQ, courage and an integrity test. How are you doing so far?

Cobra Update: Divine Intervention Activation Report – 3rd January 2022

Our activation was a big success, with over 250,000 people participating in the meditation on December 21st and over 190,000 people signing the petition.

This is far more than the Guinness world record claimed by Deepak Chopra:

And is one of our most successful meditations up to date:

Pleiadians were very much present during the activation on December 21st and many people felt wonderful energies:

The process of signing the petition was much more tumultuous. The Cabal has interfered with the signing process on the first petition website a few times and finally deleted the petition page, so we had to migrate to the second petition site.

As soon as the first petition site was deleted, the Pleiadian High Command contacted top brass in the Russian and US military, telling them that a critical mass of Galactic Codex principles has been violated, because people’s ability to state their free will about the extraterrestrial contact was severely obstructed. The Pleiaidian High Command has then revealed one part of their intervention plans to the top brass in the Russian / US positive military factions. This has triggered strong reactions within the military, as the Russians felt that First Contact goes against the territorial sovereignty of the Russian state, and many within the US top brass felt this intervention goes against their religious beliefs. This has led to the following development:

The signing process continued on the second website, and a critical mass of 144,000 signatures was reached on December 11th.

The very next day, many cloudships appeared across Japan:

After the critical mass of signatures was reached, the Pleiadians have communicated that the legal basis for their intervention on the surface of the planet is now established.

They will start contacting first the individuals who are participating in the Contact Dish project:

Since Galactic Law overrides local laws, this contact will be established regardless of the local laws in the countries where people will be contacted. The Pleiadians have stressed that they want to initialize the contact as soon as possible, but will NOT contact anyone until the basic safety of contacted individuals can be assured, and for this the Dark forces on the physical plane need to lose more power. They do not wish to say when the contact sequence will start, but when it starts, it will start suddenly without warning.

People who do not own land will be contacted also, but for that contact they will need to be in nature at least 60 meters/yards away from the nearest human being to avoid implant / biochip interference, and as far away as possible from the local military bases.

As soon as this contact happens, and even before, it will trigger strong emotional reactions among the surface population. Remain calm then, and use common sense.

The critical mass reached for our meditation on December 21st has started the planetary grid reversal process. This practically means that now the Light Forces are reverting the energy fields around the planetary surface from the inverted negative energy grid, created during the Archon invasion in 1996, back into the Light grid. This means a full offensive of the Light forces on the non-physical planes around the Earth surface, removing entities, dark technologies, anomaly, everything at once:

It is now a full scale war there, and Lightworkers / Lightwarriors are seriously attacked, but this is the final battle which has now reached the surface of the planet, at least on the non-physical planes, and it will lead into full liberation.

Planetary grid reversal process will clear all anomaly that made dark forces and evil possible and eradicate the cause of evil and darkness from this Universe forever.

The Light Forces are now focused on clearing the primary anomaly on the astral and lower mental plane. On the astral plane, they are clearing the so-called “jealousy network”. Nothing more can be said about that now, just two hints:

Removal of the primary anomaly on the astral plane will start removing the cosmic cause of negative emotions such as anger or fear.

On the lower mental plane, they are clearing the so-called “invisibles network”. Removal of primary anomaly on the lower mental plane will start removing the cause of false ideas matrix. False, erroneous ideas right now form more than 90% of the thinking processes of the surface humanity.

As a result of this clearing, people are beginning to be aware of the mind virus, as both Musk and Putin have stated publicly:

On the physical plane, this final offensive of the Light Forces is clearing all remnants of the dark force fleet in the Solar System, and all negative subterranean bases. All captured dark beings are offered a “surrender or die” option. If they surrender, they need to accept the Galactic Codex, accept the Light and repair the consequences of their past actions. If they are unwilling or unable to do so, they are taken to the Galactic Central Sun for restructuring via the Ganymede sorting facility.

The final offensive of the Light Forces on the physical plane on the surface will NOT be initialized until the danger of excessive violence is removed, and both non-physical planes and primary anomaly need to be substantially cleared to achieve that.

On the quantum level, the Light Forces have managed to clear all black wormholes that the dark forces were using for secure quantum communication, and as a consequence, secure and unhackable communication network of the dark forces has fallen apart. Top Chimera leaders now have to use encrypted communication that can easily be hacked by the Resistance. As a side effect to this, there were significant developments in the creation of the positive quantum financial system (QFS).

All Black Stones and all Chimera spiders on the surface of the planet, including those in the Urim base, have been removed.

On the surface of the planet, there are many legal initiatives that go parallel to the Planetary Liberation Petition, and are slowly but surely building legal infrastructure for arrests of the Cabal during the Event and their subsequent trials.

Disgusting deeds of Anthony Fauci are finally being exposed:

Fauci is fully exposed in this excellent new book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr:

Klaus Schwab is exposed here:

These people are not safe anymore, and 2021 was peak Davos:

The bunkers will not help them, as the Resistance is waiting for them deep below:

Covid virus was created by the Chimera-controlled DARPA and released as a mechanism against the progress of the Light Forces towards the liberation of the planet:

Panicked, the dark forces are now using the pandemic as a tool to impose a worldwide totalitarian state in their last ditch effort to control the surface population. They are doing this by inducing mass formation psychosis:

By keeping the people in perpetual state of confusion, hopelessness and fear on purpose:

Leading to the death of science:

Reliable intel about covid is hard to find, but here are some pieces.

About the end of the pandemic:

About lasting immunity against covid:

About ivermectin:

About covid tests and DNA data harvesting by China:

And about vaccines:

This brilliant interview with Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology, sums it all up:

This might be the beginning of the end of the official mainstream covid narrative:

People worldwide are organizing into peaceful non-compliance, and here is a link to resources:

Happy New Year:

And Victory of the Light!



An American Call to Power

From Guest Author Shamus Howard:

Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back towards disease and death.



American cultural society now exists in times of high paced change in a World in turmoil. There is a palpable, societal hum, a cultural current under America’s feet, a buzzing in the air. We know it. We feel it. We are bathed in systemic corruption, lies, and dysfunctional, insane agendas, now in plan view for all to see more than ever before. For decades we have operated our lives in a fabricated matrix of media, social, and political conditioning. Americans have been hard pressed and trapped in a dense web of social engineering so cunning, so interpenetrating, we have now been forced (and assisted) to see our very existence in a clearer way.


Having been hoodwinked and coerced so egregiously, so thoroughly, the very ground we walk on seems completely malleable to the winds and whims of corporate, financial, governmental, and economic forces. Our warm sensibilities, our tender longings, the aliveness of our dreams, have been assaulted from every angle. We, the good people of this Country, have been fed violence, fear, hatred, anxiety, terror, injustice, and ignorance. We had been laid awash with layer upon layer of high security terrorist state indoctrination.


Desensitized and fret with anxiety and estrangement, we had relinquished our Power to the few who propagate and perpetuate the insane climate in which we now find ourselves. We have been robbed of our livelihoods, our homes, our pride, and our integrity. We had been used like sterile automatons answering to omnipotent overseers who linger behind a vague veil of vile corruption.


The dark one’s aim has been to destroy the American Soul and the American Heart.

They assume a contiguous stream of authority and power, available to them by the subjugated  American public. This has been their assumption; that Americans will, would, continue to hand over their Power to malevolent overseers.


Had we lost our identity, our dignity, our true American Spirit, we would now be virtually non-existent as a Nation of people, an American People. For True Americans, we have not allowed these travesties, we have preserved our Hearts, and have stood up straight and have preserved, indeed strengthened, our American Soul.  Yet, there is much to be done.



Power is of two Kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent than the one derived from the fear of punishment.

Mahatma Gandhi


In knowing that We the People have the power—we are the power, the preservation of our Republic, and the freedom of our nation and the world is succinctly predicated upon the individual and national use of power; in that, the consciousness of the people.


The dark ones have strategically manipulated Americans (and the rest of the world) through age old means—and their methods offer nothing new under the sun. The have created a matrix, have weaved a dark fabric, a spellbound acculturation, passed along through each generation as a work of interminable social engineering. Through insane tyrannical leaders, historically, many nations and governments of the world have had these maniacal figures, creating a fabricated, controllable, culture and consciousness to the detriment and/or death of the people.


Some examples include the following: Calgula, the perverted Caesar (Rome 37 AD to 41 AD); Genghis Khan (Mongolian Empire, 1206 to1227); Henry the Eighth (English King, 1509 to 1547); Ivan the Terrible (Russian Tsar, 1533 to 1584); Maximilian Robespierre (de facto ruler of France, 1793 to 1794); Joseph Stalin (General Secretary, Soviet Russia, 1922 to 1953); Adolf Hitler (German Chancellor, 1933 to 1946); Augusto Pinochet (President of Chile, 1973 to 1990).


To name only a few, the most prolific and evil of dictators and their minions have been responsible for unconscionable atrocities in recent history: such as with Mao Zedong, 49-78 million deaths; Josef Stalin, 23 million deaths; Adolf Hitler, 17 million deaths; Leopold II of Belgium, 2-15 million deaths; Hideki Tojo of Japan, 5 million deaths; Ismail Enver Pasha of Turkey, 2.5 million deaths; Pol Pot of Cambodia, 1.7 million deaths; Kim II Sung of North Korea, 1.6 million deaths; and Mengista Haile Mariam of Ethiopia, 400, 000 -1.5 million deaths; ad nauseum.



Power will intoxicate the best hearts, as wine the strongest heads. No man is wise enough, nor good enough, to be trusted with unlimited power.

Caleb C. Colton


In Robert Green’s historical volume on three thousand years of the history of Power, the author offers a thorough explication and summation of 48 Laws of Power. Greene describes many Laws of Power exemplified today:     Law 3—Conceal your intentions, “…so they cannot prepare a defense…”

               Law 17—Keep others in suspended terror: Cultivate an air of unpredictability.

               Law 27—Play on people’s need to believe to create a cult like following.

               Law 31—Control the options: get others to play with the cards you deal.

                Law 32—Play to people’s fantasies.

Law 44—Disarm and infuriate with the mirror effect.


These few examples of outward manipulations of power are seen daily regarding the ongoing Covid vaccine tyranny. This power playbook is seen in America today,  planned for decades, and is the underlying fabric of the controlled and paid for MSM, the woke corporate world, the debauchery of so called social media, the socialist politic, the Covid debacle, along with the educational system, the entertainment, film, and music industries, and so called popular culture of 2021 America—all a highly tuned acculturation aimed at the destruction of American ideals, values, families and traditions. These fabrications are indeed self evident.  As an American People, we now know them well and recognize them clearly.


Power is the central and perpetual theme seen in all that is being played out now. As I write this in December 2021, the dark agenda, the dark ones, attempt to accelerate their fury and their vile plans.

In owning the real power in this country, we the American people decide how to use that power. For the dark ones, to divest our power from them, withdrawal our energy and attention, is key.


We call back our power as a people, as a Republic. We claim it, own it, and work to preserve our divine right, our self governess, and define our sovereignty. That takes power.  Turn away from their speeches, their plans, their advertisements, their broadcasts, all things they produce. Refute their claims. Ignore them. Then they have no power, as they have perceived power only to the degree that we give our power to them. You see, they have no real power, they need ours.


In his book, Power vs Force, David Hawkins, MD, Ph.D contrasts [real] power with force.  In discussing the self evident source of power, he states that power stands alone, needs nothing from outside of itself, and is total and complete. Power energizes, supports, supplies, and gives forth. Honor, faith, trust, health, life, compassion, pride, honesty, truth, are examples of self evident power. True power according to Hawkins emanates from consciousness itself—from symbols that represent great concepts of meaning and organizing principles that already exist within us. We embody them.



                                    All power and glory lie within my harmlessness, which is of God.

                                    My practice today will take one simple direction: I will hurt no one in my thought or in my life. Let me be honest in this and also in assessing its effects.

                                                                             Hugh Prather—The Quiet Answer


Power resides, reigns, and lives and breaths within us. Absent of fear, we exude power when we embody what we value most in life, what raises our mood, and tunes our body to high vibrations. Positivism, altruism, freedom, sovereignty, empathy, constructiveness, clarity, beauty, balance, acceptance, gratitude, enthusiasm, joy, excitement, adventure, generosity, integrity, persistence, purposeful productivity, forthrightness, Love,…are all just a few examples. These qualities exude Power.


When we decide each day, one day at a time, to live with Heart, see with eyes of Love, practice resilience, care, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, gratitude (create your own list), you then own your power.  As you live with strength, clarity, action—these things empower.


For the dark ones: Tune out, turn away, turn off, and ignore. Finding great humor in their ridiculous display and presumption of power, and affirming their insanity, dispels their sinister influence. What little power they believe they have will dwindle to dust.


However, withdrawing your power from them is only the beginning. Next, you must claim, learn about, and exercise the use of your own power as a steward of the planet, a parent, a patriot, a citizen and sovereign individual, a student, a family member, or a young person. Join together with others so you may empower each other. Stand for truth, faith, and country. Stand up, speak up for what is right, assert yourself, step into strength and clarity and be the warrior.


In moments of woe, or in moments of grief and dismay, the discouraged and disheartened might appeal to a Higher Power. This power is the ultimate source of good orderly direction, healing, courage, strength, inspiration and guidance, found within We the People. You are the missing Peace for which the world is waiting. You are the Love you seek; you are Love itself.


When using this power, the world around us responds, tunes-up, and a vibratory wave enfolds onto the greater consciousness field—the ocean of Life we inhabit and to which we contribute. The God spark, the Love light within each one recognizes and knows itself through authentic Love, strength, bold action, courage…given and received from one to another. We are these forms of true power.


This Christmas season, may we as a nation, as world citizens, ready ourselves for the New Earth. It is here now. Placing one’s intentions for knowing good, doing the next right thing, being guided by truth and beauty, for the natural splendor of our planet restored, for healing technologies, we then create these possibilities and rich potentials. The old earth dominated by the dark ones is dying away.  By placing our attention upon the New Earth, the restoration of our Republic, sanity, morality, Love and Honor for family, our country and for each one attuned with us, our countrymen and women, we use our Power.


This Christmas season may we look into each others eyes with gratitude and forgiveness. May we embrace and acknowledge this New Earth, and in humility, with great vigor and enthusiasm plan our role for our contributions to it.



Shamus Howard