David Wilcock 3-13-20 Tweets… “VERY HARD rains in California… an Alliance counter-move?”

This recent Tweet (from David Wilcock’s Twitter page) points to the rains in California as possible evidence that the “weather machines” are now in control of the Alliance.


Tweet 8:09 AM · Mar 13, 2020

It started raining VERY HARD in California yesterday — freakishly hard — and it is now predicted to stretch on for 2 weeks. Rain clears particulates from the air. Is this an Alliance counter-move over a major population center?

12:22 PM · Mar 13, 2020

Replying to @cptyler150… The Alliance now has control of the majority of them, and this therefore appears to be a proactive use of the technology to minimize the spread of the virus. This is NOT normal weather AT ALL. It is the first publicly obvious counter-move we are seeing, most likely.