What About Firearms That Saved Lives Last Month?

The Media lies by omission and poisons the public mind against firearms. This article at the New American puts the lie to the gun control crowd’s propaganda.  
Media hysteria over recent mass shootings just reached new highs. Rather than rehashing the ghastly atrocities committed over the past weeks, the Associated Press instead recounted the number of shootings committed since the first of the year and loudly lamented in its headline: “U.S. Mass Shootings This Year Nearly Reach 2018 Levels, and It’s Only August!”
It proclaimed: “Just seven months into 2019, the U.S. has experienced almost as many mass killings as occurred in all of 2018.… Mass killings so far this year [totals] 23, leaving 131 people dead. There were 25 mass killings in 2018 … according to a database complied by the Associated Press, Northeastern University and USA Today.”
The AP went on to explain how it defined “mass killings” — now apparently no longer referred to as “mass shootings” — “as killings involving four or more fatalities, not including the killer. What the AP failed to explain is how they missed reporting on those incidents where firearms were used to prevent injuries and killings.
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And Donald J Trump has this one entirely wrong.
Read this one and be sitting down when you do.

After El Paso and Dayton, are we about to unleash the thought police on the American people?

And as usual Chuck Baldwin has this one completely right.

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