The Use of Jewish Pilpul to Cloud and Obscure Issues and Discussions

When one wades through forums and encounters “debate” the way I have, you can’t help but run into the annoying tactic of rhetoric called pilpulering. Usually it manifests itself in the form of constant bickering over every point, whether primary or secondary. The idea also is to distract from rational discussion. The method is so ingrained in the pysche of Jewish commentators that it behooves those in the counter movement to be fully aware of what we are dealing with.

David Shasha, director of the Center for Sephardic Heritage, explains how it works. It evolved from the rabbis, who controlled the discourse around interpretations of the Talmud, or what Shasha called reinterpretations. He writes:

What is thought to be the Jewish “genius” is often a mark of how pilpul is deployed. The rhetorical tricks of pilpul make true rational discussion impossible; any “discussion” is about trying to “prove” a point that has already been established. There is little use trying to argue in this context, because any points being made will be twisted and turned to validate the already-fixed position. …

The contentiousness of the Middle East conflict is intimately informed by pilpul. Whether it is Alan Dershowitz or Noam Chomsky, both of them Ashkenazim who had traditional Jewish educations, the terms of the debate are consistently framed by pilpul. What is most unfortunate about pilpul — and this is something that will be familiar to anyone who has followed the controversies involving Israel and Palestine — is that, since the rational has been removed from the process, all that is left is yelling, irrational emotionalism, and, ultimately, the threat of violence. It is this agitation that continues to mar a political process that has long abandoned the rational understanding of the issues involved in its construction.

In the Jewish Talmudic teachings, the term “pilpul” is basically referring to the art of mastering various bullshit debate tactics, which includes a number of rhetorical tricks allowing the pilpuller to interpret the Talmud in however many ways they want.

This was extended into Jewish thinking and argues/debates the etymology of words, meaning and so on in such a way that you can justify anything out of any context, even if the original context had nothing to with the latter justifications based on manipulative cunning, logical fallacies, ad-hominem attacks and straw-man tactics.

This was called the Lav Davqa Method. In English, we might call it the “not quite” way of reading a text. When a text appeared to be saying one thing, the Tosafot — in order to conform to the already-existing custom — would re-interpret it by saying that what it seemed to mean is not what it really meant.

Pilpul occurs any time the speaker is committed to “prove” his point regardless of the evidence in front of him. This hair-splitting leads to a labyrinthine form of argument where the speaker blows enough rhetorical smoke to make his interlocutor submit. Reason is not an issue when pilpul takes over. What counts is the establishment of a fixed, immutable point that can never truly be disputed.

The key to dealing with this is framing the debate and not allowing the pilpuler the full luxury of doing so. If you use low-hanging fruit in your arguments, say about the behaviors of specific named Judiacs, then you can use the nitpicking as a martial arts move that takes advantage of the pilpuller’s weight. Luckily, most of the time the pilpuller operates by rote and rarely comes up with anything very original.

Here is an example of such a duel pertaining to a New Nationalist article about the fraudulent Milgram and Zimbardo experiments run by dishonest Jews with agendas. The first dead giveaway that you are dealing with a pilpuller is that they operate as if they didn’t read the post. This of course is a manipulation to diminish the value of the post. The pilpuller is also trying to draw you into an emotional tar pit, hoping you might say irrational things. And people on our side of the debate fall for this trick all the time. If you do this, please keep in mind that this is a three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust ground long game. A pilpuller will not typically give you a home-run pitch, so keep your cards close to the vest. You goal is not to convince the pilpuller but to influence others who are more neutral.

The following is an example drawn from Reddit. The question that “richard golbes” poses is standard and rote. Note that if you wish to view how our posts are treated at Reddit or weigh in, the social media tab is at the end of the article. Just click the Reddit logo as seen below. Also, if you support our work, we don’t ask for money- just shares and upvotes. Since we are subject to organized brigading, an upvote from you keeps us in the que longer.


Why does it matter that Milgram was Jewish?

clovize [Notice that I am playing it close to vest and sticking to the low-hanging fruit elements of my post.]

Milgram openly claimed his bogus research explained why the Germans mindlessly bowed to authority and carried out the holocaust. As a Jew he was hardly an impartial scientist, and in fact his bias combined with dishonesty led to fake research.

In the case of Milgram and Zimbardo, I have the advantage that others have criticized their “research.” “richard golbes” is no dummy and knows that, so notice how he twists that reality to make my points irrelevant and not pertinent. Also, note how he “out of the blue” inserts the rote and emotionally loaded term “holocaust-denier” into the exchange. This is shifting the goalposts — but I am not going there, as my tactics involve a ground game, which requires framing the conversation the way I want.


Milgram’s research isn’t taken very seriously in the scientific community.

As for the Nazis: did they not mindlessly bow to authority? Or did they wholeheartedly believe in what they were doing? Probably a combination of both. Unless you are a Holocaust-denier, in which case the Milgram thing is just a red herring.

As my whole article is there to be read by anybody observing (my goal), I simply use “richard golbes’” own weight and agree about the lack of credibility of the Milgram research. But I also point out the obvious observable fact: that this wasn’t always the case.

And I also answered his assumptive question directly and tried to stretch it to a double by effectively agreeing the research was not just lacking in credibility, but was evil. At this point, there isn’t much here for a pilpuller except for repetition, or another goal post shift, which at this point would largely reinforce my low-hanging fruit points. All this was done compactly and without getting bogged down into the long-winded rhetoric and razzle dazzle of the pilpurer. Try to keep it short and sweet. And oh, keep an English dictionary handy to deal with doublespeak and newspeak. 


I am glad to hear his research not longer is given much cred. But at the time his (and others like it) were widely publicized and in turn implanted into the public consciousness.

To broad brush with fake research a whole people as carrying out crimes because they “bow to authority” is just out right dishonest and evil. In reality criminals are specifically selected for dirty deeds, then and now.

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Jewish Center Bomb Terrorist Kadar Convicted, Fake Jihadist Goldberg Sentenced

The story concerning the conviction this week in Israel of psyop-terrorist Michael Ron David Kadar had limited coverage in the western lugenpresse. It follows on the heals of the sentencing of another Jewish basement-dweller psyop, one Joshua “Dindu” Goldberg.

An Israeli court found dual U.S.-Israeli citizen Kadar guilty Thursday of making bomb threats targeting airports and Jewish community centers and schools in the United States from 2016 to 2017.

Kadar was accused of making active shooter and bomb threats to several Florida Jewish community centers, as well as the Israeli embassy and Anti-Defamation League in Washington, D.C. Additionally, he stands accused of cyber-stalking and conveying false information to Georgia police.

“As a result of these threats, planes were forced to land in different airports, schools were evacuated and emergency forces were alerted,” Israeli state prosecutor Yoni Hadad said. “He essentially created panic, terrorized many people and disrupted their lives.”

Several Jewish schools in the U.K. were targeted in February 2017, as well as the Jewish Museum in London, which was evacuated due to bomb threats attributed to Kadar. He also made threats towards British Airways flights between New York and London.

Kadar was convicted Thursday for his fake bomb threats for hire scheme. Targets were 2,000 Jewish communities and centers in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. PHOTO: Avshalom Sassoni

The 19-year-old, arrested in southern Israel last year, forced evacuations across the U.S. and contributed to accusations that President Donald Trump’s election win had sparked a wave of antisemitism. Consequently, because of this and other terroristic hoaxes, Jewish organizations raised record amounts of money to “fight antisemitism.” South Carolina passed a vague anti-antisemitism measure in the midst of the uproar, which mostly seemed directed at the Boycott Divest and Sanction Movement (BDS), which targets Israel for its human rights abuses.

Kadar was found guilty of acts he committed after he turned 18, which was in August 2016. The court said he had committed around 2,000 threats by phone and email using identity-masking technology since 2015.

Kadar’s parents, the Dindunuffinsteins, chimed in:

The fact that they determined that he was fit to stand trial was a lie and a conspiracy against a helpless person. We have been raising this child for 18 years,” his father said in a Thursday hearing. “He is incapable of telling good from bad. His discretion is horrible. There is a conspiracy here.

Yes, Kadar was brought up to represent the essence of his culture. He knows how to be a good psychopath and to always blame his victims for his criminality.

Others involved, but who? Payoff to Kadar was Quite Substantial

Federal authorities claim Kadar was paid by someone to make some of those threats, recently unsealed court documents reveal. The man advertised his bomb threat “services” through a major so-called “dark Web” marketplace recently shutdown by the Justice Department, according to court records.

Unsealed court records now claim that Kadar was running an online threat-for-hire service and show prosecutors may try to pursue criminal charges against one of his buyers.

“That ongoing investigation has identified a suspect believed to have ordered and paid for at least [sic] of the bomb threats made by Kadar,” federal prosecutors explained in one court filing. “The FBI and local authorities in California intend to pursue criminal charges against the suspect.”

New details on Kadar’s “possible co-conspirators” only came to light in July 2017 after a federal judge in Washington agreed to unseal the search warrant application describing how the FBI reviewed emails, call records and other images found on a thumb drive found among his belongings at home. Federal prosecutors explained in the court filing that authorities needed the warrant unsealed because they may now need it to pursue the California suspect.

The FBI warrant also provides a glimpse into how federal authorities believe Kadar marketed his services on AlphaBay — a massive underground marketplace shutdown in July 2017, which U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions called “likely one of the most important criminal investigations of the year.”

Authorities described uncovering on Kadar’s thumb drive an AlphaBay advertisement for a “School Email Bomb Threat Service,” posted by a vendor believed to be Kadar, offering to email a bomb threat to a school for $30 and adding another $15 to “frame someone for it,” according to the search warrant.

According to the conviction, the Kadar charged $40 to call a private home and threaten a massacre, $80 to threaten a school and $500 to bomb threat a plane.

He received the equivalent of 873,179 shekels ($240,000) in the electronic currency bitcoin for the threats, the court said.

At least one user posted the following feedback on the vendor’s profile: “Amazing on time and on target. We got evacuated and got the day cut short.” The date and time stamp of the user’s posting matched media reports about the evacuation of a school in March 2017, according to the warrant.

Joshua Goldberg

The Notorious Joshua Goldberg Sentenced This Week

The other Jewish fake terroristic operative, one Joshua Goldberg, showed even greater operational sophistication.

On Dec. 20, 2017, Goldberg pleaded guilty to attempted malicious damage and destruction by an explosive of a building in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. According to the plea agreement, Goldberg also claimed to have been planning a terrorist attack in Melbourne, Australia. Last week, Goldberg was sentenced to 10 years at the Federal Correctional Complex in Butner, North Carolina.

Just a few among Goldberg’s numerous exploits include getting a Canadian professor suspended for antisemitism. The fake image, using cartoonist Ben Garrison, was planted on professor Anthony Hall’s Facebook page. The Canadian B’nai Brither then falsely blamed Hall — who had no knowledge of the image — and used the scandal to push for Hall’s dismissal from the University of Lethbridge. Caving to the B’nai Brith’s pressure, university president Mike Mahon suspended Hall without pay.

Mainstream media outlets, including CBC and the Lethbridge Herald, readily accepted B’nai Brith’s false narrative that Professor Hall was responsible for the image Goldberg planted.

In the lead up to the Jewess Pamela Geller’s agitprop “Draw Mohammed” cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, Goldberg, using his “Australi Witness” online persona, tweeted the event’s address and urged Muslims to go there with weapons, bombs or knifes. Fortunately, the FBI arrested Goldberg before inciting a “jihadist” pressure-cooker bomb attack at a Kansas City 9/11 memorial event.

Using the alias “Australi Witness,” Goldberg posted a 50-page guide online on how to join the terror group ISIS and later posted a list of synagogues in Australia, ostensibly to encourage his supporters to attack them. He communicated that he was planning an attack in Melbourne to an FBI informant, who posed as a jihadist. A 17-year-old, who pleaded guilty to planning a Mother’s Day 2015 bombing in Melbourne using pressure cooker and pipe bombs, which was never carried out, was found to have been in contact with Goldberg.

Image result for "joshua goldberg"

Goldberg reportedly also set up a fake account in the name of Australian Muslim preacher Junaid Thorne. Additionally, he created a number of fake jihadist accounts, which interacted with the fake Thorne account, and he then sent screen grabs of the fabricated interactions to journalists, at least one of whom published the fake interaction in an article of The West Australian in April 2015.

CARTOON: Twitter

On Reddit, Goldberg made thousands of racist posts under the neo-Nazi persona “European88.” Under this persona, Goldberg created and moderated many controversial Reddit communities that were racist in nature, including being a moderator for the “r/CoonTown” subreddit. One well-known article by this persona regarding how to recruit people from Reddit (particularly the “r/conspiracy” and “r/Europe” subreddits), described as “fertile ground for recruitment” was commented on by the gullible neurotic Jew Sam Biddle in a Gawker article.

Goldberg has been identified as the person behind “Philosophy of Rape,” a subreddit that advocated corrective rape against “whores and feminazis” and offered tips on how to do it without getting caught.

Goldberg was also skilled enough at hoaxcraft to infiltrate and convince white nationalist website DailyStormer to run some of his articles.

Then, showing tremendous instinct for inciting Jewish paranoia, Goldberg even went so far as to steal the identity of a Israeli blogger to spread racist venom under the blogger’s name and try to pin it on white nationalists. The blogger, in turn, was given a pulpit in the U.K. Guardian in which to kvetch about his “experience” at the hands of said “white supremacists.”

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