Jewish Georgetown Professor Tweets ‘Entitled White Men … Deserve Miserable Deaths’ — and University, Twitter Are Okay With That

Georgetown University Associate Professor Carol Christine Fair went on a Twitter tirade Tuesday in which she called U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Michael Kavanaugh a “serial rapist” and proclaimed that all “entitled white men” who defend him “deserve miserable deaths” and to have their corpses fed to swine.

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Twitter suspended her account following this tweet, which was probably the result of a automated ban by a bot. But then Twitter’s Jewish-led (((hate police))) quickly decided to restore her account once they realized she’s a fellow Jew and her hate-filled tirade was toward “white men.”

In response to reporters’ requests for comment, Fair’s employer issued this meek statement: “While Georgetown is committed to free speech and expression, we do not approve or endorse every statement made by our faculty members.”

Georgetown University Professor Carol Christine Fair. PHOTO:

Why the kit gloves? Why the special treatment? Who is this woman?

At Georgetown, Fair teaches peace and security studies, and “her work is primarily focused on counter-terrorism and South Asian topics,” according to Wikipedia. She’s a Chicago University grad who’s worked for the RAND Corporation and has published numerous books articles that defend drone strikes in Pakistan and criticize Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other humanitarian organizations.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald has called her writings “rank propaganda.” Other have called her work “simply false” and she has been accused of having a conflict of interest due to her past work with U.S. government think tanks, as well as the CIA.

And speaking of entitled attitudes, in January of this year, according to Wiki, Fair created a scene at Frankfurt Airport in Germany when her “bag was flagged for possibly containing explosives.” When German Federal Police searched her bag, she was told she would have to transfer her liquid deodorant to her checked bag or dispose of it. “Police stated that Fair was uncooperative, as she accused them of sexism and of being Nazis and thugs, and directed expletives at them. Fair was charged with slander under Germany’s defamation law,” Wikipedia states.

But Fair isn’t the only ridiculous faculty member at Georgetown University.

Georgetown University Prof. Michael Eric Dyson delivers keynote address for the American Libraries Association (ALA). PHOTO: ALA/Cognotes

Professor Michael Eric Dyson in his 2017 book “Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America” proposed the idea that white people should have an “Individual Reparations Account” to make donations to black institutions and individuals because of slavery. No, it doesn’t matter whether your a descendant of slave traders or owners. Nor does it matter if your ancestors were slaves. If you’re white, you’re guilty and must pay. If you’re black, you’re a victim and entitled.

As if this wasn’t outrageous enough, a student group at Georgetown University — which is a private Jesuit-Catholic college — may lose its funding for promoting Catholic beliefs.

The group, called Love Saxa, “promotes marriage as a ‘monogamous and permanent union between a man and a woman’ and opposes hookup culture and pornography,” according to its group’s constitution, campus newspaper The Hoya reports. It also encourages “sexual integrity,” which means remaining abstinent prior to marriage.

President of so-called ‘hate group’ Love Saxa at Georgetown University, Amelia Irvine. PHOTO: RT/Love Saxa/Facebook

Of course, this ruffled the feathers of other campus flocks, namely LGBTQ groups, PRIDE and Queer People of Color and a pro-abortion student senator. They accuse Love Saxa of “fostering hatred.” Even the aforementioned student paper targeted Love Saxa in an editorial titled “Defund Intolerance.”

All this makes one wonder who’s running the shit storm over at Georgetown.

Jack ‘The Goy’ DeGioia PHOTO: The Hoya/Alexander Brown

Enter Georgetown University President John “Jack” DeGioia. He serves as a member of the board of directors of the Carnegie Corporation of New York and is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Values, according to Wikipedia.

Despite his undoubtedly hectic schedule scheming globalist agendas and preaching “values,” DeGioia still finds the time each fall to teach Georgetown’s freshman seminar in which he encourages students to pursue “unique courses of study” inspired by Jesuit educational themes.

For his works, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) honored DeGioia with its 2017 Achievement Award. The Georgetowner reports:

… [it’s] the highest award bestowed by Washington, D.C.’s ADL, which said, “DeGioia has an unyielding commitment to civil rights, religious tolerance, and creating a community where all faiths are welcome and respected.

At Georgetown, Dr. DeGioia has helped create the pioneering Center on Jewish Civilization and has partnered with ADL to help establish the Bearing Witness program.”

The award came during reported instances of swastika graffiti on the university’s main campus.

Last but not least, let’s not forget Hawaii (D) Senator and Georgetown U. alumna Mazie Hirono, who last week — in response to a reporter’s soft-toss question about the Kananaugh accusations — stated, “I just want to say to the men in this country just shut up and step up. Do the right thing for a change.”

These are just a few examples of how one unfortunately high profile U.S. college is not only influencing the minds of tomorrow’s leaders of industry, institutions and government but shaping the very future of the country. Any questions, Judge Kavanaugh?

The Jewish War on White Australia: Colin Tatz and the Genocide Charge — Part 1 of 4

By Brenton Sanderson | 6 September 2018

OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER — January 26 is Australia Day, a national public holiday marking the date the first permanent British settlers (mostly convicts) arrived in Sydney in 1788. These thousand or so souls — transported to the other side of the world and told to fend for themselves — laid the foundations for one of the most successful nations in history. Traditionally a day to celebrate this remarkable achievement, Australia Day has, in recent years, been attacked by left-wing activists who, emboldened by the escalating anti-White rhetoric of the intellectual establishment, have rebranded it “Invasion Day.” Every year sees shrill demands for Australia Day to be moved to another date, recast as a day of mourning, or abolished altogether. Despite the growing agitation against Australia Day, two-thirds of Australians favor retaining the date as a national public holiday.

Speaking to an “Invasion Day” protest rally in Melbourne this year, Aboriginal activist Tarneen Onus-Williams, screamed: “Fuck Australia,” expressing her hope “it burns to the ground.” A statement produced by her organization, the so-called Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR), drew freely on the Cultural Marxist lexicon, insisting they “would not rest until this entire rotten settler colony called Australia, illegally and violently imposed on stolen Aboriginal land at the expense of the blood of countless thousands, burns to the fucking ground, until every corrupt and illegal institution of white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist settler colonial power forced upon us is no more… Fuck your flag, your anthem and your precious national day. … Abolish Australia, not just Australia Day.” Aboriginal activist Tony Birch insisted Australia “does not deserve a national celebration in any capacity,” while Onus-Williams later claimed “people who celebrate Australia Day are celebrating the genocide of Aboriginal people, waving Australian flags in our faces. It’s disgusting.” Aboriginal activist Dan Sultan likewise maintained that Australia Day marks the “day that started the ongoing genocide of our people.” A local councilor for the city of Moreland (in Melbourne) claimed that commemorating Australia Day is “like celebrating the Nazi Holocaust.”

Tarneen Onus-Williams at an “Invasion Day” protest rally on January 26. PHOTO: Occidental Observer

The origins of the “genocide” charge embedded in these comments can be traced (inevitably) to a coterie of Jewish academics and intellectuals including, most prominently, Latrobe University historian Tony Barta and Sydney University genocide studies professor and “anti-racism” crusader Colin Tatz. In collaboration with Winton HigginsAnna Haebich, and A. Dirk Moses, these Jewish intellectual activists have succeeded in ensuring that “genocide is now in the vocabulary of Australian politics.” The word “genocide” was first used regarding Australia’s Aborigines by Barta at an academic conference in 1984 in a presentation entitled “After the Holocaust: Consciousness of Genocide in Australia” where he proclaimed that “genocide had indeed occurred here.”[1] For Barta, a laudable focus on “the Holocaust” had “inhibited consciousness of the violent past that had enabled us to meet on ground named after the colonial secretary, Lord Sydney. The question was equally suppressed where I had settled with my family, the city named after Lord Melbourne.”[2] […]

‘Zimbabwe-fication’ Begins: Farmers Panic as South Africa Seizes First White-Owned Land

By Tyler Durden | 21 August 2016

TYLER DURDEN — South Africa’s white farmers have been desperately trying to sell their lands at record pace ahead of planned government land seizures, according to a local farmer’s unionHowever, there are no buyers.

As Ryan Martinez writes for PlanertFreeWill.comtensions among the country’s white farming community have been rising since the election of Cyril Ramaphosa who assumed office earlier this year and committed his African National Congress (ANC) to land expropriation.

ANC chairman Gwede Mantashe sparked panic last week when he said:

“You shouldn’t own more than 25,000 acres of land. Therefore, if you own more it should be taken without compensation.”

“People who are privileged never give away privilege as a matter of a gift,” he continued.  “And that is why we say, to give you the tools, revisit the constitution so that you have a legal tool to do it.”

Mantashe comments were condemned by both white and black farmers, with unions predicting such a move would lead to job losses and a situation in which South Africa may no longer be able to feed itself. […]

The New York Times Admits It’s Stoking Racial Division in America

That purveyor of fish wrap, The New York Times (aka The New York Slimes), once again demonstrates its true colors. “Somebody” in NYT’s human resources department recruited and hired an extreme bigot, an Asian woman named Sarah Jeong. But apparently Jeong’s overt open racism is okay, because it’s directed at white people. Jeong, an “oppressed” Harvard grad, is one of the NYT’s “newest in a fab group of recent additions” to its editorial board of empty suits.

The Daily Caller’s Amber Athey notes that Jeong previously wrote for The Verge and authored an inverted book about online harassment and free speech titled “The Internet of Garbage.”

It seems some “online harassers” have done us the service of collecting a sampling of this “fab” new influencer’s tweets.

Now, you might be thinking that maybe the NY Slimes simply overlooked these tweets when hiring her. Nope. She was hired not despite her racist tweets but BECAUSE of them. The Slimes admitted, “We had candid conversations with Sarah as part of our thorough vetting process, which included a review of her social media history.”

In fact, demonstrating for all to see why the Slimes deserves our “full-blown Lugenpresse” label, a lame statement was issued that claimed that she was “counter trolling” and “imitating the rhetoric of her harassers.” This is shadow language for engaging in online shit storms with those she pissed off with her bigotry on social media.

Yes, “I imitated Internet commenters” is really the kind of editorial decision-making fit for America’s self-proclaimed “top” newspaper.

In the Slimes’ statement on the matter, note that they claim that it was “the fact she is a young Asian woman” that drove trolls to target her, not the obvious evidence that she is a extreme anti-white bigot. The Slimes defines this racist bigotry as “her journalism.”

At this stage, you could be cut some slack for suspecting the Slimes of playing a key role in The Anti-White Conspiracy. If you do some additional research, you will quickly find that more shit storms are spewing forth from Jewish twitter “opinion makers” and from Jewish-owned media outlets.

A collection of tweets in support of Jeong shows that a cadre of usual suspect Jews wholeheartedly support and promote anti-white sentiment, lending further credence to the Conspiracy. The truth, as the saying goes, is antisemitic.

Additionally, came a slew of tweet parroting the neo-Marxist meme that it’s impossible for minorities to be racist.

Austin City Report on Confederate Monuments Suggests Renaming City

By Morgan Gstalter | 28 July 2018

THE HILL — A new report from Austin, Texas’s Equity Office about existing Confederate monuments suggested changing the city’s name.

The report identified several neighborhoods and 10 streets named in honor of the Confederacy or William Barton, a slave owner dubbed the “Daniel Boone of Texas,” that could be changed, The Austin American-Statesman reported Friday.

Austin’s namesake, Stephen F. Austin — also referred to as the “father of Texas” — opposed efforts by Mexico to abolish slavery in the Tejas province, saying freed slaves would become “vagabonds, a nuisance and a menace,” the newspaper noted. […]

Russia to Offer Refuge to 15,000 South African Boers

There is a story in Russian-language media that looks very promising to hard-pressed Boers in South Africa. If it materializes, then Russia deserves a lot of credit for both a humanitarian step and as a smart national investment. Russian reproduction rates are low, so this demographic infusion makes great sense.

The story comes from this source and this is the translation:

The descendants of the Dutch colonialists of Africa – the Boers – can migrate to the North Caucasus as refugees in the near future. Representatives of this people in the near future plan to visit Stavropol and find out how you can move to the region.

In the beginning of July, the delegation of the Boers headed by Dr. Jan Andrian Slebus is scheduled to visit in the North Caucasus, the Komsomolskaya Pravda was told by the press service of the Ombudsman’s Office in the Stavropol Territory. Guests from South Africa want to talk with the Cossacks, with the local population, Stavropol politicians and religious figures.

If the regional authorities approve and support the Stavropol Region, more than 15,000 Boers may be resettled from South Africa for farming, which is not acceptable for modern living conditions in their homeland. It is also planned that in the case of the success of the first batch of settlers, other Boers may settle in the Crimea , the Krasnodar Territory and the North Caucasus republics.

Since 2007, the Union of Slavic Communities of Stavropol — which emerged from a split within Russian National Unity — has been active in coordinating Russian-nationalist initiatives, supporting the actions of militant Cossacks and opposing ethnic Cau­casian migration into the Krai.

Increasingly, Russians are questioning whether they want the North Caucasus republics to remain as part of the Federation. According to a 2011 poll, a fifth of the Russian population supports separating the North Caucasus republics from Russia and almost half of Russians believe life would improve in the country if the North Caucasus republics were to become independent. The ethnic Russian population is less than 4 percent in Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia.

Stavropol Krai is increasingly seen by some in the country as the last bastion of Russia in North Caucasus. It is 81% ethnic Russian, and the assumption made is that Afrikanners/Boers as migrants will appreciate the gesture from Russia and be loyal citizens. That is precisely how immigration policy should work — and it’s a lesson the U.S. and Europe should adopt. Stavropol Frai has a population of 2,786,281.

Australia has had an excellent experience with white South African immigrants and is pushing for more. Turnbull Attorney General Christian Porter pledged in April to help at-risk farmers applying for visas, telling the Australian newspaper, “The more South Africans in our local community the better.”

Porter’s own Perth electorate of Pearce had more than 5,000 South African-born residents at the last census, which recorded 2,656 Afrikaan speakers living in the seat. Now he wants to welcome more.

“More than any other place in Australia, South Africans have made their home in the north coast of WA, in my electorate. They are hardworking and make a huge contribution to our local community,” Porter said.

With Cyril Ramaphosa in control in the Republic of South Africa (RSA), time may be running short. There has been an increase of late in murders and attacks on white farmers in RSA. As is typical of any hidden ethnic cleansing, the data is convoluted and difficult to ascertain. To put this in proper perspective, it appears that attacks run under a thousand a year and murders under a hundred. However, the threat of land seizure without compensation has been made by government officials, including the president.

With abuses and basic rights violations against whites increasing in South Africa, the concept of “right of return” has been put forth. The alternative term is “right of abode.”

Hat tip to Russia and Australia for generating a strong policy response. Where is Europe, especially countries like the Netherlands, Germany and England — the original places of origin for the Boers.

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For the 1st Time in US History, White Deaths Outnumber Births in Majority of States

By Tyler Durden | 20 June 2018

ZERO HEDGE — Deaths now outnumber births among whites in more than half of the United States, according to demographers at the University of Wisconsin in partnership with the University of Texas at San Antonio. Meanwhile the birth/death ratio among blacks, asians and latinos remains robust.

Notably, the number of white deaths increased while births diminished between 1999 and 2016, signaling what could usher in a faster-than-expected transition to a future in which whites are no longer the majority in America.

With significantly fewer white births and a rising number of deaths, natural increase (births minus deaths) actually ended in 2016. In that year, for the first time in U.S. history, data from the National Center for Health Statistics showed more white deaths than births in the United States. –

It’s happening a lot faster than we thought,” said Rogelio Sáenz, a demographer at the University of Texas at San Antonio and a co-author of the report, which covers the period from 1999 to 2016 using data from the National Center for Health Statistics. Sáenz said he initially thought that the results must be a mistake. […]

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Will ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Be Added to the Banned Book List?

By Isa | 25 June 2018

POLITICAL COWBOY — You know you’ve reached peak political correctness when you’re stripping one of the most celebrated American autobiographers of her laurels over “stereotypical attitudes.”

What does that even mean?

Laura Ingalls Wilder, the author of the “Little House on the Prarie” series, one of the most popular and delightful series in all of American children’s literature, has had her name stripped from a literary award over “racism concerns” about the way the author wrote about black and Native American people.

Again, this is an autobiographical series, meaning she was writing about her own life and what she observed growing up in the frontier days.

The series has long been a staple of childhood reading lists due to the engaging stories and valuable insight into such an interesting period of American history. I’m not entirely sure why no one noticed there was potential to find offense in the series until now, but it’s 2018 and people are running out of things to be offended over. […]

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