Was Georgia Sen. Nancy Schaefer Assassinated for Exposing Child Trafficking?

Nancy Schaefer (28 June 1936 – 26 March 2010) was found dead at her home in Turnerville, Georgia on March 26, 2010 with a single gunshot wound to her back along with her husband of 52 years, Bruce Schaefer, who was found with a single gunshot wound to his chest.

Nancy Schaefer was a Georgia State Senator from 2004 to 2008 and was believed to be in possession of damaging and dispositive information associated with prominent people in Georgia who had participated in and “benefited,” in one form or another, from activities involving a “human trafficking” operation centered on Child Protective Services.

When she tried to get this problem exposed and addressed through the Georgia legislature, the Republican senator’s fellow legislators acted to silence her efforts and, as promptly as possible, cause her to be defeated in her third term re-election effort. Undeterred and understanding the gravity of this unpublicized epidemic and the deep damage it was doing to children and families and our country, Nancy became president of the Georgia Eagle Forum and continued her efforts to get the issue addressed.

Even before the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) stepped in, media outlets began pronouncing that the Schaefers’ death was a “murder-suicide” and shut off most public comment posting on their websites. The narrative centered around Bruce Schaefer murdering his wife. When doubted, the use of weasel words and shadow language — “conspiracy theory” — quickly prevailed in the media regarding this story.

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GBI made the case file summary available under Georgia Open Records Request laws. Source of following observations: Garland Favorito.

The Schaefers were not killed with the small caliber gun that the family knew they owned. They were killed with a higher caliber, untraceable weapon that no family member had ever seen before. The weapon was originally shipped to a dealer in a remote part of southern Florida in 1982 and the ownership records have since been destroyed. The case file was unable to establish how the Schaefers, who lived in Georgia during the 1980s, acquired the murder weapon. It also contains no explanation as to why Bruce would not use the gun he already owned to commit the crime, but instead acquired another gun that just happened to be untraceable.

A double killing with an untraceable gun should have automatically triggered a normal murder investigation that would have considered all possible scenarios.

The scope of the case file includes no forensics study of the interior of the house to determine if blood, fingerprints or other substances might indicate, or otherwise rule out, foul play. It does not explain what was analyzed to determine there were no visible signs of forced entry.

The final investigative summary cites the extensive, detailed suicide notes found at the scene. But the case file shows that the GBI performed no handwriting analysis to authenticate those printed notes as originating from Bruce Schaefer. 

Case file evidence mentioned in this report illustrates that the GBI was unwilling to investigate the case to the point where they could rule out professional assassination. They also destroyed all items seized or created at autopsy so now their actions can never be reviewed or questioned.

It is particularly ironic that the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) chose to quote State Sen. Don Thomas in their March 26 article about Sen. Schaefer’s death. The AJC portrayed him as a friend of the couple even though he lives on the other side of the state from the Schaefer family and was diametrically opposed to many of their core beliefs.

Sen. Thomas, the Chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee, immediately propagated and expanded the “murder-suicide” theory without any first-hand knowledge or evidence. That is very disturbing considering it is his committee that should have been helping to clean up the corruption at DFCS.

Activists supporting Sen. Schaefer explained that he constantly advocated increased power and authority for DFCS in spite of the evidence showing the organization was misusing that authority.

In Schafer’s own report (link below), which she calls on a video interview a scathing report, she pointed out the strong and vicious opposition that she encountered.

There is ample evidence since and before that the FBI has sadly not intervened to the point of halting and preventing the thousands of trafficking victims in the U.S., then their bias against investigating this subject becomes clear, and in fact shows a predilection for protecting traffickers. Accordingly, the FBI quickly proclaiming this was murder-suicide was problematic.

“You hardly ever saw one without the other,” said Robert “Buster” Smith, whom Bruce often visited when Nancy came to town from their Clarkesville home to get her hair done. Smith saw Bruce Schaefer on the last Tuesday of his life when he stopped by Smith’s furniture store. “He seemed like his old self,” Smith said. “I have a hard time believing it happened like it happened.”

A friend, Garland Favorito, wrote:

  • The Schaefer’s were receiving death threats that had accelerated.
  • There was no indication from Bruce Schaefer of him being under any kind of stress that would cause him to commit such an uncharacteristic act right up to the eve of their death.
  • Nancy Schaefer was completing a video exposing  the lack of oversight in Georgia’s Department of Family and Child Services (DFCS) as well as Child Protective Services (CPS) nationally.
  • Friends of the family corroborate that Bruce had complained of investment losses, and they had just received a foreclosure notice on the magnificent home they owned. They had put their home up for sale a couple months earlier, but had been unable to sell it or another property in such a down-market.
  • Still, why would Bruce consider the couple’s financial situation so severe when their assets still appeared to exceed their secured property debt by several hundred thousand dollars?

Many of the couple’s friends question whether their financial condition was really severe enough to warrant such an uncharacteristic and drastic action. Burning psychological questions remain such as:

  • If Bruce was under financial stress why wouldn’t he seek help from any or all of his five grown children who loved him and would have wanted to help?
  • Why would Bruce decide to deprive both he and Nancy of seeing the grandchildren who they loved so dearly grow up?
  • Why would Bruce knowingly take a drastic action that would devastate the children and grandchildren who loved him so much?
  • Bruce’s problem with cancer was corrected and under control so there was no reason to end his life and certainly that of his wife.
  • Why would Bruce, who was so highly supportive of Nancy’s efforts for decades, including her CPS/DFCS work, decide to kill her just at the peak of one of her most important works? If Bruce himself was truly suicidal why involve his wife?
  • Why would Bruce commit such an act that was so against his faith and completely out of character for him according to those who know him best?
  • Why would Bruce jeopardize any chance of the family collecting life insurance benefits by committing suicide and killing his wife?
  • Nancy and Bruce, have five children and more than a dozen grandchildren who they would not choose to leave behind so abruptly.
  • Nancy or Bruce would not likely agree to commit such an act that violates the fundamental principles of their Christian faith.

Nancy may have known more about State-sponsored kidnappings than any other politician in the United States before she was murdered. Before her death, she published and promoted “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services”:

The department of child protective has become a protected empire built on taking children and separating families. This is not to say that there are not those children who do need to be removed from wretched situations and need protection, however, my report is concerned with the children and parents caught up in legal kidnapping.

Having worked with probably 300 cases statewide and hundreds and hundreds across the country and in nearly every state, I’m convinced there is no accountability in Child Protective Services. I’ve come to several conclusions, two or three are, one, that poor parents, not always, but often times, are targeted to lose their children because they do not have the wherewithal to hire an attorney and fight the system.

The case workers and social workers are very often guilty of fraud, they withhold and destroy evidence, they fabricate evidence, and they seek to terminate parental rights unnecessarily. That the separation of families and the snatching of children is growing as the business grows, because state and local governments have grown accustomed to having these taxpayer dollars to balance their ever-growing budgets.

That the bureaucracy is huge, look at who is getting paid, state employees, attorneys, courts investigators, guardian ad litem, court personnel and judges, there are psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, foster parents, adoptive parents and on and on. All are looking to the children in state custody to provide job security.

That the Adoption and Safe Families Act set in motion first in 1974 by Walter Mondell, and later in 1997 by President Bill Clinton, offered cash bonuses to the states for every child they adopted out of foster care.

Nancy Schaefer speech:

20090811 Nancy Schaefer World Congress on Families 1

20090816 Nancy Schaefer World Congress on Families 2

Since the death of the Schaefers, evidence continues to mount that CPS has been infested with dubious characters. Some examples:

KSL TV 2022: “Ex-attorney for Utah AG’s Child Protection Division now accused of producing child porn” 

Child Protection Services (CPS) staff member William Shaffer was arrested in July 2013 for purchasing nearly $7,000 worth of child pornography (aka rape and torture). According to the criminal complaint against Shaffer, “A 1987 police report alleged Shaffer sexually molested a boy between the ages of 8 and 9. The police report alleged the incident happened while Shafer was a Child Protective Services employee.”

News Punch 2017: In one of the most horrific examples of state-sponsored child abuse in recent history, a lawsuit alleges that Arizona’s Department of Child Safety placed a toddler with a man who ran a “pornographic pedophile ring” out of his home. According to the lawsuit, the foster mother burned her with scalding water over 80 percent of her body.

Chicago Tribune 2019–A serial pedophile’s employment in Chicago Public Schools has remained “largely hidden,” according to a report. At one point, CPS even denied the man ever worked for the district, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Thomas Hacker, who died in prison in June at 81, sexually abused hundreds of children in Illinois and Indiana as a Catholic church employee, a scout leader and a park district employee, according to the report.

Hacker was then hired by CPS in 1970, and remained in his position for 10 years, despite being convicted of sexually abusing boys twice during his time there, the Tribune reported.

Big League Politics 2019 — The Department of Justice crackdown on suspected child predators within government child protective agencies is picking up steam.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey announced: An Atlantic County, New Jersey, man who was previously employed by the N.J. Department of Child Protection and Permanency (NJDCP&P) was charged today for allegedly receiving, distributing and producing images of child sexual abuse, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced.

Kayan Frazier, 27, of Somers Point, New Jersey, is charged by complaint with one count of producing visual depictions of a child engaged in sexually explicit conduct, one count of receipt of child pornography and one count of distribution of child pornography. Frazier is expected to appear this afternoon before U.S. Magistrate Judge Karen M. Williams in Camden federal court.

News Punch 2017 — The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office in New Jersey has charged 55-year-old Charles Borrelli, a senior employee of the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, with third-degree possession of child pornography.

Investigators say that during the search they seized multiple digital devices from his residence that all were found to contain child pornography.

Another CPS employee and former Utica cop, Stanley Dorozynski, 53, was arrested in December 2010 and convicted with two counts, one each, of possessing and receiving child pornography.

Ex-attorney for Utah AG’s Child Protection Division now accused of producing child porn

KSL | Sept. 15, 2022

Just three weeks after an attorney who used to work for the Child Protection Division of the Utah Attorney General’s Office was arrested and accused of possessing child pornography, he was arrested again and accused of producing child pornography.

Gary Lee Bell, 66, of Spanish Fork, was arrested Tuesday by Utah County sheriff’s deputies for investigation of 12 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, aggravated sexual abuse of a child and sodomy on a child.

In August, detectives with the Utah County sheriff’s Special Victims Unit arrested Bell after they said they found images depicting child pornography on electronic devices owned by Bell. This occurred after detectives received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that child pornography was being downloaded.


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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is being accused of election interference after threatening to use “tools” if the wrong election result is achieved in Italy’s national elections, set to take place this Sunday, Sept. 25. She added that those same tools are already being used against Hungary and Poland.

“We will see the result of the vote in Italy,” said von der Leyen. “If things go in a difficult direction — and I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland — we have the tools.” Von der Leyen made the comment after a journalist at Princeton University in the United States said that there were candidates in the Italian elections “close to Putin” and asked her how the EU would react if they were elected.


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New American | Sept. 22, 2022

This week, according to “Dilbert” comic-strip cartoonist Scott Adams, Lee Enterprises — which has nearly 100 newspapers in the United States — has decided to suspend the use of his comic strip in their papers. The cancellation, Adams said, has had a “substantial” negative impact on his finances.

Why did Lee Enterprises ditch “Dilbert”? Because, in a September 20 comic strip, Adams dared to poke fun at the “woke” culture that has became so pervasive in American society.

ESG — environmental, social, and corporate governance — is a framework designed to be integrated into an organization’s strategy to create enterprise value by expanding the organizational objectives to include the identification, assessment, and management of sustainability related risks and opportunities in respect to all organizational stakeholders (including but not limited to customers, suppliers, and employees) and the environment.

To get a good ESG “score,” companies are expected to promote the view that climate change is real, that it is being caused by human activity, and it is a threat to the planet, needing a massive increase in the power and scope of government to combat it. They are also expected to abide by the progressive principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Finally, membership on corporate boards should have a certain ethnic diversity.


Y’all show some respeck now! English professors DEMAND instructors give up on teaching ‘standard English’ in favor of ‘Black language’

By Michael Rectenwald | 3 September 2020

RUSSIA TODAY — After scholars decried English as ‘anti-black linguistic racism’, the nation’s leading academic language association acceded to the demand that black students no longer have to think about proper English, let alone use it.

The Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) has released an official statement demanding that “teachers stop using academic language and standard English” and teach the “Black language” in college classrooms.

In the statement, titled, “This Ain’t Another Statement! This is a DEMAND for Black Linguistic Justice!,” a group of US English professors issued a long series of overlapping and somewhat redundant demands regarding language use and teaching in higher education, including the rejection of “standard English,” and that “teachers, researchers, and scholars put some respeck on Black Language.”

The announcement, the drafters note, comes on the heels of the Black Lives Matter protests and riots, as well as the Covid-19 pandemic, which they say disproportionately afflicts black people. Listing over 25 previous statements and resolutions already issued by the CCCC on diverse language practices, the writers claim that these do not go far enough in promoting “Black linguistic Consciousness to decolonize the mind (and/or) language, unlearn white supremacy, and unravel anti-Black linguistic racism!” […]

Was Aaron Swartz Killed by a MIT Satanic Child Porn Ring?

Nicholas Negroponte discusses his effort to provide $100 laptops to children in the developing world. PHOTO: wbur/AP

By Yoichi Shimatsu | 15 January 2012

RENSE NEWS — Let us start by dismissing the prosecution’s ludicrous charge that any programmer as talented as Aaron Swartz would dedicate his life to stealing an archive that dispenses its academic papers for a few dollars apiece to the public or for free to students under department accounts. MIT professors, who are so full of themselves, are the only ones who might take seriously such a fool’s errand as a worthy objective for the brilliant and rebellious Swartz or the law suit as the cause of his so-called “suicidal depression.”

The mass media have been fed, and eagerly swallowed, the unpalatable lies hurled against a courageous young man whose guilt lies solely in his disgust at the online filth from “respectable” Internet paragons who have deviously corrupted the morals of his generation. America’s leading center for computer science has unleashed a campaign of slander against Swartz, who cannot defend himself through the media or in the docket now that he is dead.

My personal regret is that he had to act alone without the guidance and support of those faraway people including myself who have been fighting against the same vile pedophile elite. In American society where tens of thousands of children disappear every year without any serious investigation or public concern, the young man assumed the burden of justice on his own and paid the ultimate price for it. Using the JSTOR issue as a mere cover for his covert investigation into MIT wrongdoing was an immature tactic, which now undercuts his reputation postmortem.

As a traditional journalist and editor, I have never before supported Anonymous and their hacking activity, but the untimely death of Swartz changes the rules of engagement. Striking at the nerve center of the military-corporate-pharmaco-porno complex is an ethical duty not a crime, one of few available means to defend constitutional law. To the morally reprobate professors and administrators at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I say unequivocally: You have started a war that will end when you fall on your swords. […]