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Joe Biden’s Diversity Lawn Party

June 12, 2024 Winter Watch Around the Web 0

This parody David Attenborough voiceover is worth it.

🔊 … 🤣

— Wall Street Silver (@WallStreetSilv) June 11, 2024

Joe Biden in less than a minute:

– Claims he was a professor at UPenn, which he never was
– Claims he taught a constitutional law class on the second amendment, which he never did
– Says that you couldn’t own a cannon when 2A was implemented, which you could
– And ends by…

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) June 11, 2024

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Shoes in Staged Deceptions and False Flags as Both Calling Cards and Black Magik

Scene outside Ned Pepper Bar “mass shooting,” Dayton, Ohio. PHOTO: via Twitter

Ole Dammegard is an intrepid researcher of staged Gladio II deceptions. He is subject to site attacks and censorship and is another individual who needs our support. His member-area research can be availed here by subscription. He has a closed Facebook group folks here might want to join and network. I participated before I made the decision to drop Facebook altogether.

Ole spotted something I’ve mentioned often on these pages: the existence of out-of-context photos of abandoned shoes at staged events. He feels these shoes are calling cards. I’ve always felt the staged images are forms of black magik, as it puts anybody laying eyes on them in a position to have to defy logic to accept them as real. If you accept them as real, you enter the trance.

Ole goes into some detail as to just how widespread the shoe calling card is — surprising even me. He thinks the Crime Syndicate may also have been using shoes as a mind-control trigger for some time. Ole believes these are made in Israel-Masonic psyops. I would say such imagery is certainly being used for some manner of social conditioning.

A basic Google search of the phrase “Freemason shoe” produced the following result, as well as numerous other entries:

Masonic Shoe: The Masonic shoe, which is also called the Blue Slipper, is symbolic of a physical confirmation of a spoken deed. To unloosen one’s shoe and give it to another person was the way of confirming a contract in ancient times.

Masonic Lodge 400 discusses the masonic shoe:

The best explanation of the Masonic Shoe is that it is “symbolic of a physical confirmation of a spoken deed or act.”

“Now this was the manner in former time in Israel concerning redeeming and concerning changing, for to confirm all things; a man plucked off his shoe and gave it to his neighbor: and this was a testimony in Israel.”

During the ceremonies of your Entered Apprentice Degree, you were instructed about the above passage of scripture from the Volume of the Sacred Law. The deed or act mentioned in this passage is meant to signify both the confirming of a contract, as well as the commitment to carry out the terms and conditions of that contract without fail. This symbolism, as far as Freemasons are concerned, is intended to express the sanctity of the contract made between yourself and the Lodge where you have taken your vows.

The Masonic Lodge of Education site tells us this is Judeo-Masonic symbolism (calling card) and even ancient Greek in origin:

Is the Masonic Shoe a Masonic symbol?  Yes.  But, once again, we find that the Masonic shoe is another Masonic symbol which did not originate with Freemasonry, but which was taken from traditions of antiquity as documented in the Holy Books.

The reference to the shoe in the First Degree is symbolic of a Covenant (a promise) to be entered into.

Ruth 4: 7-8: “Now this was the manner in former time in Israel concerning redeeming and concerning changing, for to confirm all things; a man plucked off his shoe and gave it to his neighbor:  and this was a testimony in Israel. Therefore, the kinsman said unto Boaz, “Buy it for thee.” So he drew off his shoe.

Pythagoras to his Disciples (in Greek) translated as: “Offer sacrifice and worship with thy shoes off.”

The Druids practiced the same custom whenever they practiced their sacred rites.

We dealt with the incredulous and ridiculous story of one Mason Wells surviving three terror attacks and ending up with a shrunken head in our post “Mason Wells from Brussels Blast: Head Shrinks After Miracle Recovery.” “Mason” has a book out called “Left Standing” and a calling card right on the cover shows him with his left foot shoeless.

August 5, 2019 Update: Dayton, Ohio, Ned Pepper Bar

Update: Stagecraft crew setting up the Ned Pepper scene?

March 14, 2019 Update: Christchurch, New Zealand Mosque Attack

Further reading:


In the 2017 New Year’s terror attack on an Istanbul nightclub, The Reina, 39 people were killed and dozens injured by a lone gunman. A large pile of shoes was photographed inside. Where are more obvious items like cell phones and purses? And not a drop of blood. Does this make any sense?

Biden Lost and Confused Once Again

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Slicing and Dicing Postmodern Intellectual Eggheadism with Alan Sokal

Any person that has a grounding in reason and reality can easily ascertain that postmodernists and deconstructive “scholarship” is dominated by a circle jerk of self-promoting empty suits.

In 1996, Alan Sokal, a physics professor at New York University and University College London, was curious to see whether the then-non-peer-reviewed postmodern cultural studies journal “Social Text” (published by Duke University Press) would publish a submission that “flattered the editors’ ideological preconceptions.” Sokal submitted a grand-sounding but completely and deliberately nonsensical paper titled “Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity.”

The staff published it in the “Science Wars” issue as a relevant contribution. Shortly thereafter, Sokal revealed that the article was a hoax arguing that the left and social science would be better served by intellectual underpinnings based on reason.

In his book Fashionable Nonsense Sokal examines the allegedly incompetent and pretentious usage of scientific concepts by a small group of influential philosophers and intellectuals.

In reading the literature of eggheadism, one aspect stands out in their sparring: Criticism is deflected by claiming that their approach has been “misunderstood.”

A key tenet of the Sokal message is dear to my heart: “If the text seem incomprehensible, it’s for the excellent reason that they mean precisely nothing.”

Another key Sokal tenet ties into Orwellianism that uses pseudo-scientific and double-think terminology without bothering much with technical meanings – aka “making shit up.”

Read: The Prescience of George Orwell — ‘1984’ is Here

Also, in Sokal’s words, “manipulating meaningless words and phrases and displaying superficial erudition by using technical terms where they are irrelevant is to presumably impress and intimidate non-specialist readers” (aka “blowing your pipes.)

And be weary of self-assurance on topics far beyond the competence of the author by exploiting the prestige of science to give their discourses a veneer of rigor.

For example, the nonsensical Belgian feminist Luce Irigaray is criticized for asserting that E=mc2 is a “sexed equation” because “it privileges the speed of light over other speeds that are vitally necessary to us”; and for asserting that fluid mechanics is unfairly neglected because it deals with “feminine” fluids in contrast to “masculine” rigid mechanics.

This all reminds me of sessions with several of my brighter friends back in the day. We called it “free associating.” We would go off on fashionable nonsense ad nauseam, usually under the influence of Mary Jane or mushrooms. Disparaging words were discouraged. One had to cheer-lead. And sometimes, it seemed, brilliant observations were made. Later, after sobering up, most of the absurdity was laid bear.

It seems this postmodern eggheadism overlays the drug culture and like-minded agenda driven cheer-leading quite closely. It can be fun, but a sober mind isn’t such a bad thing after all. I’ve tried a version of this game with my son, but now I just get annoyed. There must be a scientific reason for this.

Winter Watch takes this eggheadism a step further and holds it’s an aspect of the cartoon world black magik and spells being hoisted on the general public through the “intelligentsia.”

Read “The Use of Jewish Pilpul to Cloud and Obscure Issues and Discussions”

The realists, like Sokal, argued that large swaths of scholarship, amounting to a rejection of objectivity and realism, had been influenced by major 20th century post-structuralist philosophers (such as Jacques Derrida, Gilles Deleuze, Jean-François Lyotard and others), whose work they declare to be incomprehensible or meaningless.

Takeaway: If you try to digest those philosophers, you will find this assertion to be correct.

In particular the strong program, or strong sociology, was in the cross-hairs. This school of thought is so arrogant that it holds that a scientific community bound together by allegiance requires a shared paradigm as a prerequisite for “normal” scientific activity. Social factors or conditions, such as cultural context and self-interest, predominate.

The strong program has adhered to a form of radical relativism. It argues that – in the social study of institutionalized beliefs about “truth” – it would be unwise to use “truth” as an explanatory resource.

Sokal highlights that in the rising tide of cognitive relativism, there are no objective truths but only local beliefs.

Solipsism is the philosophical idea that only one’s own mind is sure to exist. Anything outside one’s own mind is unsure; the external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist outside the mind. In the extreme position, the solipsist believes himself to be the only true authority, all others being creations of their own mind.

Bruno Latour got to the heart of these issue: “Scientists always stomp around meetings talking about ‘bridging the two-culture gap,’ (Takeaway: notice the controlled Hegelian dialectic) but when scores of people from outside the sciences begin to build just that bridge, they recoil in horror and want to impose the strangest of all gags on free speech since Socrates: Only scientists should speak about science!”

Christian Zionist Finds Out Chosenites Despise Her

June 11, 2024 Winter Watch Around the Web 1

Christian Z*onist finds out how the chosen ones feel about her…

— ADAM (@AdameMedia) June 10, 2024

Looks like quite the tourism opportunity.

🇮🇱 Zionists SPIT on Christians and attack them with PEPPER SPRAY in the West Bank!

— The Saviour (@stairwayto3dom) May 28, 2024

Jewish youths in Jerusalem are attacking Palestinian shops in the Old City, forcing them to shut down.


— Dominic Lee 李梓敬 (@dominictsz) June 9, 2024


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  1. Despite JFK, RFK, Liberty, 911, the americunt redneck wasps that constitute a majority of the 65m zionist Christians are as beholden as sloppy joe. Only a new general Ulysses out of Kentucky can save them from the deception of hagi & co infiltrators into the baptist community.


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