Part 4: The Magical and Conscious Radish

Magical and Conscious Radish

The Magical and Conscious Radish

The magical and conscious radish is presented here, in part 4 of this series about magical and conscious foods.

In Part 1 of this series, Your Vegetable Garden Is Magical and Conscious,  we introduced you to Medical Medium, the quite unconventional book author and health consultant named Anthony William.  A mysterious man (named Compassion) has talked into Anthony’s ear since Anthony was four years old.

In Part 2 of this series, we presented the magical and conscious qualities of wild blueberries, onions, pears, and cat’s claw.

In Part 3 of this series, we presented the magical, conscious apple and artichoke and their little known, but powerful health benefits.

That Round Red Root: It’s the Radish

Radishes are really two magical and conscious foods, because they have two parts, each with its own healthy characteristics.  First, the root of the radish plant, what most of us call the actual radish.   This is the round, usually red, crunchy part– and it is loaded with substances that replenish the immune system.

The sulfur in radishes repels any type of pathogen it comes in contact with.  It is also a wormicide.  Sorry that we are talking about worms and how they might be inside you, but they might be inside you.   Yes, truly gross.  But! the sulfur in radishes kills off intestinal worms and other parasites.

Radishes are Food for the Heart

Meanwhile, the organosulfides in radishes help keep arteries and veins clean, and create a protective barrier in blood vessels, to ward off plaque from blood vessel linings.   Thus, those pretty red radishes are great for the heart and excellent in preventing heart disease.  They help increase good cholesterol and  decrease bad cholesterol.

And then we have the radish skin!   The radish skin helps repel virtually every type of cancer.  So these little red and purple vegetables are a go-to food.  They also help restore the kidney, liver, pancreas and spleen.

Radishes are ravishing.  Look at those beautiful colors! They’re at their peak in the spring.(Image:

The Radish Greens:  Eat Them

A lot of people throw out the radish greens.  Wrong!  The leaves of the radish are second only to wild blueberries in their power of prebiotics.    Radish greens hold a huge range of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxydants, phytochemicals, and cancer-fighting alkaloids.    The greens also possess antibacterial and antiviral properties.

The greens of the radish help repair the colon and other parts of the intestinal tract that have lost the ability to absorb nutrients.    Because radish greens’ nutrition can be absorbed into the most dysfunctional intestinal tracts,  all those nutrients in radish greens  are able to assimilate into the body.

Radish Greens Help You Win the Battle Against Heavy Metals

magical and conscious radish
Plant seeds, they turn into radishes quickly.   Keep those greens, too, and eat them.

Radish greens also help cleanse heavy metals from the body!   The heavy metals we are talking about are some of the worst substances that most of us are fighting.  The heavy metals are in our environment:   mercury, lead, arsenic and aluminum.   Radish greens are almost as powerful as cilantro in removing these heavy metals.   (And heavy metals are a main contributor to all kinds of problems:  tremors, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and Lyme symptoms.)

Radishes are Easy to Grow

We’re growing some radishes now and harvesting one or two each morning.  Pick them when the greens and radishes are young and tender, when their nutrition is at their peak.   You want to pick them before their skin gets tough, their flesh fibrous and before the greens are overgrown.   So plant those seeds,  tune into the radishes as they grow and pick them at the right time!   Rinse them in cold water, very lightly, before you eat them.   Rinsing them very lightly will keep the very tiny, health-giving elevated biotics on the radish leaves.

magical and conscious radish
Put whole radishes in your smoothies.

Radishes in Smoothies!

So here’s my little secret.  Radishes are great in morning smoothies!    We pick one or two when they look ready to be picked.   We wash them lightly to keep some of the elevated biotics intact, on the leaves.

Our smoothie recipe varies a bit each day, but usually it’s something like this.   Two whole radish plants come out of the garden and receive a light wash.  They  go into the blender with some  organic apple juice, carrot juice, and some cilantro (cilantro is tops for removing heavy metals).  Then we add some frozen wild blueberries (which I talked about  in Part 2 of this series),  some frozen blackberries,   tumeric (good stuff, that tumeric and more about that here) and some freshly cut ginger.   A fresh and delicious smoothie awaits you.

the magical and conscious radish
Fruits and vegetables, step up to the podium!

Source of information for this article:   Medical Medium– Life Changing Foods, by Anthony William

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Peace Meditation Every 4 Hours: For Peace in U.S. Cities

The following is from,  which plans and communicates global, synchronized mass meditations to bring peace and harmony to earth. 

Step-by-step instructions for the meditation are at the bottom of this article.

We Can Meditate Now for Peace in U.S. Cities: Every 4 Hours

Meditation for Peace in US Cities

The Protests Regarding Mr. Floyd’s Death Have Turned Violent

On Monday, May 25th, George Floyd who was a 46-year-old black man was stopped by a number of police officers in Minneapolis. One of the officers kneeled on his neck for somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes while he cried that he could not breathe.

Mr Floyd died after officers arrested him.

The peaceful protests in Minneapolis spread across  the United States and in the last two days have become violent, with arson, looting and vandalism.  The Jesuits want to turn this once-peaceful protest into a civil war in the USA.

Latest Article in Zero Hedge:

Article in RT:

Article in Zero Hedge: meditation

Therefore, we are organizing a peace meditation for the USA every 4 hours from now on, so that peace can be restored in the cities of the USA and the plan of the Jesuits to engineer a civil war in the United States will be unsuccessful.

The meditation will begin on May 29th, at 4:15 PM UTC, and continue every 4 hours as follows until the situation is resolved.

12:15 AM UTC
04:15 AM UTC
08:15 AM UTC
12:15 PM UTC
04:15 PM UTC
08:15 PM UTC

Find your own time zone in the following chart.

You can also do this meditation in your own time as frequently as you feel guided.

Here is the link to the Facebook event for this meditation:

Guided Audio Here

Here is a link to the guided audio YouTube playlist for this peace meditation. This guided audio is a peace meditation and it was originally recorded to help harmonize the conflict in Iran.    You can simply focus on the United States and replace the phrase “the situation in Iran” with “the situation in the United States” in Step 2 of the meditation instruction, as well as replacing the phrase “the Iranian conflict” with “this situation in the United States” in Step 4 and 5.

Guided Audo Link: for Peace

Step By Step Instructions for the 15-Minute Meditation Every 4 Hours

Instructions of this meditation: (Suggested time for this meditation is 15 minutes)

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness

2. State your intent to bring peace and healing to the United States.

3. Visualize a pillar of pink Light, emanating from the Galactic Central Sun and then descending down through your body and deep into the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize this Light flowing through your heart and then through your hands directly to everybody in the United States, harmonizing everyone and bringing peace. Let the pink Light then flow onwards, healing all other conflicts worldwide.

5. Ask the Goddess presence (the divine feminine) to direct energies of peace and harmony to everyone in the United States. Let these energies then flow onwards and heal all other conflicts worldwide. Allow these energies to continue to flow through your heart and then through your hands into this situation in the United States for a few minutes.

Goddess wants peace and peace it will be.


Part 2: Four Magical and Conscious Foods

vegetable garden
Those vegetables: they’re on to you.

Today, we’re on to four magical and conscious foods that heal in unexpected ways–wild blueberries, onions, pears and cat’s claw.  You might be meeting cat’s claw for the first time.

In Part 1 of this series, Your Vegetable Garden Is Magical and Conscious,  I introduced to you Medical Medium, the book author and consultant named Anthony William.  Anthony has been listening to a mysterious man (named Compassion) talk into Anthony’s ear since he was four years old.    The man diagnoses peoples’ illnesses and lets Anthony know how to help them, usually with natural foods, herbs, wild plants and vitamins and minerals.

I chose these four foods from Anthony Williams’s book,  Medical Medium:  Life Changing Foods.

The Wild Blueberry: Magical and Conscious

basket of wild blueberries
Wild blueberries in North America are usually from Eastern Canada or Maine.

The first of the four foods that are magical and conscious are wild blueberries.  Don’t confuse wild blueberries with those slightly larger and perfect-looking plump, cultivated blueberries. Wild blueberries are from places like eastern Canada and Maine, if you’re in North America.  If you live outside of North America, you can still find the wild blueberries where you live and try them.  Wild blueberries hold ancient and sacred information from the heavens that goes back thousands of years. The ancient wild blueberries have thrived through every fluctuation in climate over the millenia.  They seem to be really smart — they have adapted and over 100 strains of them exist around the planet.

Note that wild blueberries have the highest level of antioxidants of any food on the planet. When you eat them, their innate intelligence searches out potential disease and monitors your stress and toxicity levels.  In fact, wild blueberries figure out the best way to heal you. No other food does this.  Also, wild blueberries are great at helping rid your body of heavy metals and helping restore the liver.

Look for wild blueberries in the frozen fruit section of your store– often near other smoothie ingredients.  Freezing wild blueberries actually increases their nutrients.

Onions Tamp Down Bacteria

Red, yellow and white onions
The many-colored onion.

Onions are more magical and conscious than you would suspect.  Did you know they are highly medicinal? That upset stomach you might have after eating onions is because they are not irritants. Rather, the stomach distress is caused by unproductive bacteria that has taken up residence in the digestive tract.  The onions work to eliminate that bacteria and the resulting die-off contributes to your discomfort.

Onions keep down bacterial overgrowth in the body, such as strains of Streptococcus A and B.  There could also be strains of E. coli, H, pylori, Staphylococcus, and varieties of fungus, (excluding Candida, a natural fungus that we need).   Also, onions contain sulfur.   Sulfur  helps alleviate joint pain, degeneration, discomfort, and it’s good for repairing tendons and connective tissue. Too, onions help regenerate the skin, so they help you look younger.

Perhaps you’d like a food that helps you with negative emotions.  Then put onions in your life, because they will help you deal with chronic frustration, anger and aggravation!  They’ll help you purge anger from your body and help loosen up resentment.

And if you’re eating food from elsewhere and are concerned about picking up a flu or other virus, or getting food poisoning, order something with onions. If you order a salad, order it with onions to kill off any contaminants.  Sometimes, you absolutely must eat a hotdog because you’re at the baseball stadium.  Then put onions on it!

Pears Soothe the Gut

Many pears of different colors
There are many colors of pears to choose from.

The third of our magical and conscious foods is pears.  Pears are one of the healthiest fruits, and they are great for the pancreas, an organ that absorbs a lot of the body’s stress.  In fact, pears help rejuvenate the pancreas and help prevent pancreatic cancer. Also, pears help out in a bunch of ways with digestion. They are antispasmodic and help soothe the linings of the stomach and intestines.   In addition, pears feed beneficial bacteria.  Pears also help to starve and kill unproductive bacteria, parasites and fungus.  Linings of the gut that have been damaged by bad bacteria also are helped by pears.

Trace minerals make pear juice high in electrolytes and they help stabilize the blood sugar, so they are great for weight loss. Eat one before dinner to curb the appetite and give you a stomach tonic so you won’t overeat.   When a pear is hard and crunchy, it has a lot of fiber.   The fiber helps lower bad cholesterol and sweeps out debris from the intestines. When the pear is soft and juicy, it is easy to digest and has a lot of glucose, which helps your brain function.

Blended, ripe pear is ideal for anyone recovering from food poisoning.   Pears are a blessing when a person is ill and having trouble eating.  Pears cool the liver and pancreas, and thus help unsettled emotions, such as frustration, irritation or a general lack of peace. Go eat a pear!

Cats Claw: The Tropical, Anti-Viral Vine

cat's claw: yellow flowers on a green plant
Cat’s claw is found in the Amazon and tropical areas of South and Central America.

Cat’s claw is a magical and conscious,  tropical vine that primarily grows in areas like the Amazon rain forest and other areas of Central and South America.   As it turns out, cat’s claw can help nearly every symptom, from neurological to digestive.  It has bioactive pharma compounds that are better than synthetic pharmaceuticals.   Cat’s claw is not to be taken by pregnant women, however.

the curvy thorn on cat's claw bark
The curvy, sharp thorn on the cat’s claw bark gives the vine its name.

Cat’s  claw works like an antibiotic, but pathogens cannot become resistant to it.  Parasites such as babesia and the bacteria bartonella (often associated with Lyme) cannot withstand the wrath of cat’s claw. The herb eliminates these and other bugs without the so-called Herxheimer die-off reaction.   The Herxheimer reaction is common with standard antibiotics. The herb is able to regulate the rate that it destroys pathogens, so people can tolerate the die-off more easily.

Note that cat’s claw is incredible at fighting viruses.  Eventually medical research will discover a group of antiviral adaptogens, and scientists will realize that cat’s claw is at the top of that list.   If you use cat’s claw as a tincture, use a nonalcoholic version, because the alcohol cancels its therapeutic effects.  You can also use cat’s claw powder and put it in hot water and lemon and raw honey and make a tea out of it.

So, wild blueberries, onions, pears–you’ve probably eaten at least two of these for years. Next, you can put wild in your life with wild blueberries and  also check out cat’s claw.

garland of fruit

Source of information for this article:   Medical Medium:  Life Changing Foods, by Anthony William

Megan Edwards has written other healing and health articles for Prepare for Change including     Part 1 of this series, Your Vegetable Garden is Magical and Conscious;   A piece about healing with tachyon healing energy:  Tachyon Chambers:  The Big Upside to Tiny Tachyons;  and that spice, tumeric:   How Tumeric Kills Cancer and How to Optimize Curcumin Absorption.

Your Vegetable Garden Is Magical and Conscious

Rows of vegetables in garden
The healthiest solutions come from nature.

An interesting source of healing information to come along in recent years is “Medical Medium.”  He says your vegetable garden is magical and conscious.

Medical Medium is a American whose real-life name is Anthony William.   When he was four years old, a man appeared to the young Anthony and started talking to him. Nobody else in Anthony’s family could see or hear this man.  The man has continued to talk to Anthony for decades and decades.  Among other things, Anthony has taught thousands of people that vegetable gardens are magical and conscious.  In other words,  healing, consciousness and love comes out of that soil!

The man who told Anthony his name is Compassion is almost never visible. He does, however, talk into Anthony’s ear all day long.  Compassion diagnoses people and tells Anthony how to lead people on the path to health.

Two hands hold red hearts: compassion
A man named”Compassion” has been talking in Anthony William’s ear since Anthony was four years old.  Literally.  Talking.  But nobody sees or hears him but Anthony.

Over the years,  Anthony’s information has helped thousands of people heal and has helped doctors pinpoint with greater accuracy patients’ diagnoses.

Viruses Plus Heavy Metals Are Often the Problem

Anthony’s books discuss many common but mysterious illnesses.   The illnesses are as varied as multiple sclerosis, Lyme, Parkinsons, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid issues and psoriasis.  And many others.   The books explain that these illnesses are, in most cases,  the result of the body dealing with various strains of viruses plus an overload of heavy metals.

Epstein-Barr and Shingles Viruses Plus Mercury and Lead

You have probably heard of these viruses:  Epstein-Barr,  shingles, and strep.   Anthony William has said that most of the population is struggling with these viruses and others also.  There are many strains of each of these viruses.  Each strain itself has multiple stages in its development.  The viruses get virulent when heavy metals come into play.    Almost all of us deal with a range of heavy metals in our bodies, including mercury, lead, aluminum and copper. And others.

“Medical Medium: Life Changing Foods” covers the beneficial nutrients contained in the most powerful fruits, vegetables, herbs, vitamins and minerals. These foods  help the body battle viruses and the effects of heavy metals.    The book also talks about the spiritual and emotional aspects of foods.   Who would have thought the humble onion can soothe frustration?  Or kill bacteria?   And which fruits and vegetables work against viruses?

Below are a few morsels taken from the book.  The information is unconventional and fascinating. Maybe it will resonate with you.

Medical Medium: Life Changing Foods
“Medical Medium: Life Changing Foods,”  by Anthony William

Your Vegetable Garden Is Magical and Conscious

When you plant the seeds or start the plants for your own fruits and vegetables, the food grows for your specific needs. You plant, water and weed, and you are around the fruits and vegetables, and they come to know you.  A kale seed that you have nurtured grows into a plant that knows exactly who you are.  The plant figures out what you need on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. (Imagine that!).  In fact, your vegetable garden is magical and conscious.

garden of kale
When you grow veggies yourself, the vegetables grow up knowing you and exactly what you need on your physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

The kale develops exactly the nutrients that are going to help you. So when you turn the kale into a salad, it becomes the most health-giving salad available, delivering tailor-made nutrients to you.

Talk to Your Conscious Veggies (yes, you read that)

You can’t always grow all the fruits and veggies you need.  In fact, most of us rely on the farmers and our grocers to supply us with our groceries.   Maybe you are saying it’s THEIR vegetable garden that is magical and conscious, but I don’t have a garden!    Not a problem!  You can still orient those fruits and veggies to what you need.   Bring your produce home and put it in the refrigerator, or put it on the kitchen counter. A few times each day, take a moment and stop and run your hands over the fruits and vegetables to connect and make contact.

Talk to the produce with kind words such as, “You were grown for me. We were meant to be together. There was a bit of a delay in the process, but now we’re finally united!”    Before cutting into a fruit or vegetable, herb or spice or wild food, hold it in your hand for 30 seconds.  You’ll then let it attune to who you are and what you need.  Or…. hug them, if you are so inclined.

Little girl, arms full of oranges
If you want to give your oranges a hug, they won’t turn it down.

We are expecting this to be the first in a series of articles about the latest in food, technologies and methodologies for healing.

Source of information for this article:   Medical Medium:  Life Changing Foods, by Anthony William

Megan Edwards has written other healing and health articles for Prepare for Change including  Tachyon Chambers:  The Big Upside to Tiny Tachyons about tachyon healing energy  and    How Tumeric Kills Cancer and How to Optimize Curcumin Absorption.

garland of fruit
The orange is now approaching the microphone.  ?



Knowledge Does Not Automatically Equal Awakening: Take Action on What You Know

(Catherine Cates) Being awake or conscious does not mean having a lot of knowledge about the universe, manifesting, psychic phenomena etc. You may well have such knowledge, but that does not necessarily mean that you are awake. It’s great to know about universal laws, but can you apply them? It’s interesting to know about angels, but does that help you wake up?

The post Knowledge Does Not Automatically Equal Awakening: Take Action on What You Know appeared on Stillness in the Storm.

Ascension Series Interview: Adrian Vallera Activating Ascension Keys

Prepare for Change releases our sixth interview from our Ascension Series Interviews done at the Portal to Ascension Conference – this one with activist and organizer Adrian Vallera of DisclosureFest and the Mass Meditation Initiative.

We discuss doing the Good Work to activate your Ascension Keys. Adrian uses his experiences that he learned in the Music Industry to organize activists in his charity work which organizes beach cleanups, homeless encampment cleanup, rivers and streams and work with children in their Starseed Initiative. He explains that each area of work that the organization works in aligns with chakra tuning.

We interviewed Adrian at Portal to Ascension Conference in Irvine in October. Vallera also explains how doing this type of volunteer work is great for clearing out traumas to be able to better receive Ascension Codes.

Learn more about Adrian and the DisclosureFest initiatives at:

Our Ascension Series of Interviews took place this past October when Prepare for Change attended the Portal to Ascension Conference in Irvine, CA put on by The weekend conference focused on speakers that presented information about different aspects of Ascension from its historical significance, the cycles of time, what it means to humanity, how it will lead to changes in consciousness, how to discern claims, and more fascinating topics.

We held interviews with seven presenters of the conference including Rey Hernandez of the Edgar Mitchell FREE FoundationBilly CarsonJohn DeSouza, Rob Potter, Drs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak, and Adrian Vallera. We also sat down with Neil Gaur who founded Portal to Ascension and who has been organizing the conference for the past few years. 

Prepare for Change and Portal to Ascension have been pleased with our series and the reactions to our videos. The Ascension Series Interviews with conclude with interviews with Neil Guar on January 7. Gaur, the driving creative force behind Portal to Ascension. The Portal to Ascension brand was created to help humanity navigate through the range of awareness regarding consciousness, human empowerment and the paradigm shift of our society. Through live and online events and a library of webinars viewable at, Neil with help from wife Sol, present many thought leaders in the Ascension, ancient history, consciousness, and ET fields.

It is with great pride that we join together with Portal to Ascension to present these “Ascension Series” interviews for our Prepare for Change and Portal to Ascension community members and the public. Please like and share when they come online.

Check out all the interviews at our YouTube channel, found here.

Telegram from The Tachyon Chambers

Astral Voyage painting by Josephine Wall
“Astral Voyage” by Josephine Wall

The energy in a tachyon chamber seems to work in concert with the energy of the earth and the solar system and our stars.   People have reported they feel the powerful but gentle energy of the tachyons as they lie in the tachyon chamber, but that it feels like it changes each time they lie down in it.

Earth’s Energy Changes as We Head Into Autumn

A meditation teacher who is no longer with us, taught years ago about the changing seasons. And now, we’re heading toward the Autumn Equinox. In the northern hemisphere, the energy is gradually dropping, until it hits rock bottom around the first full moon of November. As we head into Autumn, we’re moving toward the “go within” and the “rest and relaxation” (R&R) time of the year, when we can slow down with our emotional lessons, relax more and integrate our learning from the growing season of spring and fall.   (People in the southern hemisphere right now are experiencing an upturn in energy, as they head into spring).Purple sparkles

Tachyon Chambers Help You Adjust to the Energy

Tachyon chambers, as described at, support these shifts in energy and help us adjust to the new energy as we move from one season into the next.

Tachyons are guided into each tachyon chamber through a satellite uplink,  which directs and geolocates the tachyons to each specific tachyon chamber around the world.

Tachyon chambers let you receive tachyons, which are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. Tachyons influse physical matter — you — with spiritual light. Changes and improvements occur on the subatomic level. Because tachyons decrease entropy (they decrease the breakdown) of physical matter, they reverse the aging process and strengthen the human immune system.

red and blue sparkles
The tachyons pour in, guided by a satellite uplink that geolocates them into each tachyon chamber.

So let’s hear it for tachyons!

The Quantum Flux Resonator

There is another device that assists with healing, too. This device is the quantum flux resonator (QFR). The QFR calms down the quantum field and this helps the tachyons work without any interference. It is explained at  that the QFR is not tachyon technology — the QFR approaches the quantum field from a different angle.

Some of the tachyon chambers have a QFR that goes along with the tachyon chamber.   People who have been clients at the tachyon chamber in Petaluma, California told me the tachyon chamber feels more powerful now, with the QFR. They simply feel the additional power when they lie down in the tachyon chamber.

There are now seven tachyon chambers in the United States, available to the public. The full list is of tachyon chambers around the world is here:

Greek columns and reflecting pool
A Grecian setting with columns and a reflecting pool

Unusual Beings During a Tachyon Chamber Session

Recently some clients also at the Petaluma, California tachyon chamber have reported experiencing “unusual interactions” with beings that are communicating with them while in the tachyon chamber. The beings are generally described as “there to help us heal.”   One person reported that she lay in the tachyon chamber and felt herself  taken to a very Grecian feeling room that contained a lot of tall beings in it,  there, making contact with her.    You can read about her experience here on the Testimonials page of the Petaluma, California tachyon chamber’s website.

3 Pleiadian beings
Maybe Pleiadians look sort of like this.

Emotional and Spiritual Improvement Occur

Besides the healing that we generally think of as physical healing  (such as healing from chronic pain or from another type of physical injury), the tachyon chamber is helping people figure out emotional situations and relationships.   One person mentioned recently that he figured out some people who had been in his life a long time, who were, unfortunately, attached  to unhealthy behaviors,  could be released from his life.    Others have made strides in figuring out life goals and making big decisions about where to live.   “It’s okay if we sell the house,”  decided one man, who had been tortured with indecision for some time.

Art: relaxing man and woman
Art by Josephine Wall

List of Tachyon Chambers, Worldwide

Find a tachyon chamber near you and make an appointment!

The following are the tachyon chambers available to the public in North America.

And you can read the full list of tachyon chambers worldwide, here:

Waynesboro, Virginia, USA contact
Eagle Butte, South Dakota, USA contact
Scottsburg, Oregon, USA contact
Petaluma, California, USA contact
Los Angeles, California, USA contact
Sedona, Arizona, USA contact
Georgetown, Texas, USA contact
Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada contact
Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada contact
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada contact