Thomas Williams gives an update on the World Trust

By Anna Von Reitz

There is a treaty that Trump has deliberately been kept unaware of, but so what? ALL of this is rooted in fraud.  If all those making a treaty are factually and actually acting in fraud and within an over-arching matrix of fraud—- you tell me what such a treaty is worth?  Why should we care and who will honor it and on what basis?  A presumption of honesty among thieves?

This is all preposterous nonsense being offered as an explanation for evidence of vast planetary-wide crime that has played out over many, many generations. 

The origins of the crimes committed here did not begin on Earth and the solutions will not come from Earth, either. 

For the last sixty years world leaders have been looking at the “heritage of Marduk and his son, Satan, and his grandson, Lucifer” trying to come up with some way to excuse it and explain it away, but when you look at millions of metric tons of gold amassed for no apparent earthly use or reason– what do you say? 

 Interdimensional beings — renown psychotic criminals who can live for thousands of years- came here to collect souls and steal gold? 

Or do you make up other less terrifying stories–of which there have been plenty already?  Karen Hudes and Wolfgang Struck, for example.  Or now it’s Kim Goguen and Thomas, claiming to own the so-called “umbrella trust”?

Does it matter if they call it the Global Debt Facility, the Global Collateral Accounts, the Unum Sanctum Trust, or Manna World Holdimgs Trust?  

The plain fact of the matter is that off-world pirates — thieves and criminals — amassed all these vast storehouses of gold, all these intricate fraud schemes, all these unholy “laws”— Marduk, the Grandfather and original creator of all this is dead, his son, Satan, is bound and will be bound for 1000 years, and grandson, Lucifer, is still at large. 

So, there you have it, and along with it, the mind-bending reality that these things that have served as symbols of wealth — gold, silver, etc., are actually in over-supply while millions of people needlessly suffer— and the governments of the world are bankrupt and stymied.

Hello? Helluva party we’ve got going on here….

So that is why we have all these self-professed saviors and “philanthropists” showing up and claiming that they are the long-lost Trustees and Owners– which means the same thing—wanting to begin sharing out the misbegotten wealth back to the people and countries it came from. 

It’s a noble enough desire to the extent it is motivated by a desire to end suffering, but all these efforts so far have come with strings attached– and those strings may not be obvious. 

This most recent round would have us agree that these entities had a valid claim against us, but they generously released their claim to Donald Trump— when I say, get behind me, Lucifer.  You, your Father and your Grandfather have no claim here; this world belongs to the one faithful and true, our righteous redeemer. Not to you. 

These beings claim what is not theirs, even to give it away. And what do you have when you receive it, but receive stolen goods? 

Any Christian should know better. 

I repeat– these troubles did not begin on Earth and the solution to them will not come from Earth, either. 

Be patient yet, a little while, and borrow in your heart what you need, for He is gracious and kind and gives you all that you need so long as you ask the true Lord who has fought for you –and do not steal from Him or think you can just do as you please. 

We all need to face facts and stop listening to nonsense and excuses and stories of the kind they use to delude children.  Such stories may be comforting, may be what you wish to believe, but they are not the truth and they cannot form a foundation for us to go forward. 

So– listen to the small, quiet voice and know the truth. This is just another version of what we have already heard and seen. 

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