Where We Go 1 We Go All 9-10-19… “Breakdown of AE9IIT WTC7 Report”

This will be the only post I make related to the 9-11-01 affair.

This video goes through the Institute of Northern Engineering report, A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7. Since WWG1WGA guy is a structural engineer (or something like that) himself, he goes through some technical points about the original NIST report on the collapse of WTC7, and points out its many shortcomings.

Perhaps this INE report will start some type of ball rolling, as far as full disclosure, to the public, about what really happened.

Recall that Donald J. Trump had pointed out, shortly after 911 happened, that the WTC structures had to have been brought down with explosives (video; related Kp blog post).

I align with all of this video except where, at the end, he presents video clips which seem to imply that it was “Islamic terrorists” that caused 911, or that it was “Osama bin Laden’s” operation. OBL was a patsy. The 911 job was a multi-faceted operation carried out by innumerable deep state operators, including CIA, Mossad, etc., etc. (my view).


Published September 10, 2019
Architects and Engineers for 9II Truth released their 4 year report on the Collapse of The Salomon Brothers Building last week and Ive been going through it ever since. Here are the parts the stood out to me above all else and my thoughts and analysis of the report/Info it contains on a whole.

The Report:

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