x22Report 12-14-18… “Carpet Bomb Just Dropped, Did You See How It Works”

[Kp note: I’m republishing with the correct title.]

There’s a stepwise process going on to prepare “the public” for what will be coming down the road, and this video goes into how this is occurring.


Published on Dec 14, 2018
Trump cancels the White House Holiday party for MSM. Strzok and Pages texts were wiped on purpose, but nothing is truly deleted. Clinton Foundation whistleblowers testify in front of congress. [HRC] under oath says email system was used for convenience. Huber absent, but not needed, this was a carpet bomb. The push is on, people will be pulled out of their slumber. Yemen is talking peace. Blackeye is revealed from Q’s post.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

An x22Report and iPOT 12-3-18 video about the recent #Q #QAnon posts

These both hit home with me today. The x22Report video covers the more recent posts, and the iPOT video, most of yesterday’s. x22Report’s report also covers the strange “planetary ringing” that occurred a couple days ago, and relates it to possibly being connected with certain satellites being taken down (go to about 17 minutes for that). The message from his video is also very clear: We are in a great space… things are really happening.



An iPOT and x22Report video 11-21-18… “…Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming…”

These videos go along with the prior NeonRevolt post.



Watch CA, people arrested for election fraud. Assange leaked indictment is nothing more than projection to counter what is coming. North Korea destroys lookout towers in the DMZ zone. Q drops more bread, tells us the plan is much larger than just arrests, it’s about restoring the power to we the people. D5 is on its way, nothing will stop it. It all begins on Dec 5.

x22Report 11-18-18… “Think Projection, Time Is Up, Haiti Op Underway [C]?”

I’m posting this, in part, because he talks a bit about the “Haiti operation” that appears to be going on (go to about 18 minutes in), and reported in this recent Kp blog post.


Published on Nov 18, 2018
MSM is attacking the Trump administration to make it look like there is chaos and people are quitting or being fired. Investigations now being moved to the Senate. MSM pushing indictment conspiracy, then turns around and says Mueller has sealed indictments. The deep state leaked the Assange sealed indictment, they are using projection for what is coming. Trump makes a spelling mistake when he tweets Schitt, or is it a spelling mistake, no coincidences. There is an operation in Haiti going down, groups controlled by the [C] are removing certain individuals to cover their tracks. North Korea returns a US citizen.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

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x22Report 11-16-18… “Future Proves Past, 3:02, 53-47, Coincidence? Mathematically Impossible” VIDEO

This is about the only video I’ve looked at the last 24 hours that hit some points for myself. There’s a lot of choices out there for information, but I’m just going to post this one.


Published on Nov 16, 2018
Judge grants CNN a temporary pass into the White House. GOP gains were not counted because they arrived past the deadline, two minutes late at 3:02. Rubio has proof of election fraud. Trump warns of caravan, bad people are intermixed in the group. Sen. Lindsey Graham is now the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee. The indictment against Assange accidentally was leaked to the public. House block an amendment to end the war in Yemen. Q dropped bread a while ago about 3:02 and 53-47, this was in the past, today we get confirmation of these numbers.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

A Couple of 10-24-18 videos (x22Report / Jordan Sather) about “The Bombs” sent to deep state players…

There’s lots of “bombs” being discovered (and going off) these days. “Bombs of Light” is how I view them. Yes, these videos get into the apparent “bombs deliveries” to deep state people, but as we are now in the time of INTENSE Apocalypse (unveiling), all attempts to hide “the Truth” and cover one’s own defects of character, misdeeds, et al., are failing, and will fail.

The quote mentioned by Q post 1794 seems to be apropos here:

“Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.”

And although many wouild not view any of the “deep state” beings as “enemies”, in the end, each of us eventually must face “the enemy (adversary) within”. Sometimes we have to let that “enemy (adversary)” come out so it may be faced and dissolved.


We really shouldn’t be surprised, anons warned us this was coming. But the blatantly absurdist nature of the targets is what’s most shocking. It’s a who’s who of deep state criminals and the exact same names we have been demanding be indicted and tried for their sedition and in some cases, treason. And the fact that CNN continues to refer to George Soros as a “Democratic donor and businessman” is really just the cherry on top of this prop bomb fable.



Two 10-12-18 videos… SGTReport, “PROCESS & PLANNING, Law AND Order [& GITMO]” (and bombshell info about) & “Internet Blackout Warning For Next 48 Hours”

These two videos really “struck home” for myself today. The first also goes through the (famous) Q post 2381, and then he speaks about an inside source (a Navy admiral) regarding Gitmo (that starts at about 8:47 of the video).

The second covers a possible internet outage for some users during the next 48 hours.


Published on Oct 12, 2018
Don Lemon has a melt down over Kanye’s visit to the Oval office and once again proves that he’s a racist mockingbird. And one of the most dramatic Q posts to date in which Q says, the unwinding of the entrenched deep state blockade takes time, but rest assured, the wheels of justice are in motion. AND a bombshell bit of information I just learned about GITMO. Thanks for tuning in.


Published on Oct 12, 2018
Fusion GPS author Steele will plead the 5th. The Hill puts up an article of why [RR] must recuse himself. The Senate approved a package for judicial nominees. Obama and the deep state were prepared to if Trump didn’t concede his loss during the election and now they are preparing to take steps if Trump doesn’t abide by the impeachment ruling, this is never going to happen. Facebook, Google and Twitter are hacked and mllions upon millions of user personal data has been stolen. Trump celebrates the release of Pastor Brunson from Turkey. Trump wants to get to the bottom of the missing journalist in Turkey. Warning for the next 48 hours, the internet could go black or portions of the internet could go black. Q warned us of an internet blackout.

x22Report 10-11-18… “Swamp Being Drained, Hint Of A Time Line”

Found this one useful, and helpful in connecting with the message of Q post 2380 (related Kp blog post).


Published on Oct 11, 2018
RR will not hand over the subpoenas and will not testify in front of congress. Judicial Watch has court date to get the emails from the Clinton server. US arrests a Chinese spy has been stealing the US secrets. Israel tells Russia they want the Golan Heights. Coalition forces (deep state) is sending military equipment to the Kurdish area. Q hints a timeline.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.