x22Report 2-19-19… “Barr & Placeholders Activated, S/M Blackout, Think EAS” (and deep state attempts to ‘false flag’ #Q and #MAGA supporters)

The primary reason I post this one is for what he says about the Smollett “attempted lynching” deal (link to three ZeroHedge articles about it). I’d never heard of him before, and clearly (to me, at least) is a “false flag” attempt by Smollett himself, and/or deep state handlers (after all, he is an actor). At about 2:55 he talks several minutes about this, and also lists example after example of people attempting to accuse #MAGA people of crimes, but were proved to be false.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg recent “appearance” is discussed (debunked) at about 14 minutes.


Published on Feb. 19, 2019
The Jussie Smollett case is falling apart, the entire attack is a hoax and it was planned out.
RBG has been spotted and photographed but there are some questions.
McCabe is in trouble the [DS] wants him to take the fall alone.
Trump says US will not be socialist country. Q drops more bread, say everything is active, the push is on.
The [DS] will counter but countermeasures are in place.
Comey tweeting and talking in code, the CIA will not help him, he is isolated.
The clock is ticking.

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Two Illuminative (re: #Q #QAnon) 2-15-19 VIDEOS: An x22Report and an iPOT (one more, with koala, butterfly, AND dancing cats!!)“

Well, these are ones that “hit” my Higher Innards. They both go through recent Q posts and point out various items of possible interest.

We are in Phase III, which apparently is where all has been set up, all protections (for the cabal) are being (have been) removed, and now Phase III where for sure BIG things may soon become visible.


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez creates bill to stop Trump’s NE.
Maduro has secret meetings with US. The MSM is starting to realize this movement in Venezuela is not what it seems.
Troops are being withdrawn from key areas in Syria.
Q drops more bread, anons knew about the NE. Trump during his speech explains what happens next.
Q explains that [HRC] protection is gone.
Barr moves forward with the mission. Phase III begins, [DS] is in a panic, pain, justice is coming.
There was coup planned when Trump came into office, the truth is about to come out.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.


x22Report Spotlight with Robert David Steele 2-8-19… “Massive Swamp Draining, Fed Takeover, 16th Amendment Rescinded”

This is the second interview of RDS by x22Report Dave (link to previous one). Very enlightening. One of the points below (about the likely 30 day shutdown) may be useful reminder to keep supplies on hand in case things get “tight”.


Today’s Guest: Robert David Steele… Website: https://robertdavidsteele.com

Points that stood out (I may add more later):

  • Gold backed dollar is coming.
  • Watch what occurs on Feb. 15… important marker date.
  • 30 day shutdown is very likely, along with an RIF (Reduction in force).
  • Central banks around the world are likely to be gone
  • Trump, Putin, Xi of China are working in harmony to
  • Clinton (HRC) “sold” Syria, Yemen, to Saudi Arabia, Libya to France, for kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation.
  • Trump (and Alliance) de-nuclearized Korea. The Middle East is next.
  • “Russian collusion” is (to quote Elaine from Seinfld) “Fake, fake, fake, fake”.
  • Public realizes now that the FBI is a joke (relating to Roger Stone’s FBI “assault”).
  • RDS recommends cutting bureaucracies to 30%, combine departments.
  • At end he puts forth some ideas about what Trump could do to improve situation in the government.

x22Report 1-31-19… “Trump Just Projected Into The Future, Did You Catch It”

[Kp note: some may want to check out the “Burn Notice” Twitter thread he goes through, at about 20 minutes. This is all scripted, just like a play or a movie.]

I’m listening to this now, and I feel there are some informative messages here. Some may also wish to check out x22’s financial report video, which indicated that, one step at a time, the Fed/IRS is being dismantled.


Published on Jan 31, 2019
Lindsey Graham wants answers over the arrest of the FBI.
Judge order Buzzfeed to release the sealed letters about the Steele Dossier.
Another person on Mueller’s team worked for the Clinton Foundation.
Trump is changing the 9th circuit court by appointing more judges.
The battle for the wall is on, Pelosi says there is no funding, but this doesn’t matter because Trump will build the wall with out it.
Saudi Arabia cracks down on corruption. We are watching a show and the patriots have the script and are the directors.
Trump hopes RBG gets better, is he projecting.
Q gave us hints about this.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

x22Report 1-27-19… “Boxed In, No Escape, Watch, Everything Is About To Change, Wait For It”

I am not often “pulled” strongly to a message from a video, but this one was such a video. Most high-pointing to me was the reminder that the Alliance (Trump, et al.) is sending mis-(dis)-information to the deep state people so that it will expose them and (likely) set them up for a “take down” (whatever exactly that might mean).

It also points out the value of “being patient” (viz., in the title, “Wait For It”), which kind of relates to the “Nothing much seems to be going on” recent Kp message.


Published on Jan 27, 2019
Trump warns there will be more layoffs in the news industry.
Trump and the patriots have been leaking information to the fake news, they are in the process of being setup, the [DS] players are being let down a path and they don’t even know it.
Pelosi and the [DS] are now pushing their plan to create a minny [mini] DOJ and push impeachment, this will fail, the senate was the key.
Trump has trapped the [DS] on the wall issue, no matter which path they choose the wall will be built.
Trump and the patriots are pushing their agenda in Venezuela, think NK, Syria etc… He is giving them what they want, or is he.
Voter fraud has been revealed and Trump will use this during the 2020 elections.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.

A couple of 1-25-19 videos illustrating how some msm outlets are starting to fall apart…

Q 1794: “Re: MSM… Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself”… That may be what’s going on here.

These two examples give some indication of how the MSM agenda is falling apart (perhaps slowly, but at least it’s happening), one step at a time. They’re doing it to themselves. Several msm media outlets have been laying off employees. We’ll see what happens.

And please note that I do not necessarily align with all the language in either of these, but at least they’re illustrating how “blowback” (aka, “karma”) is occurring with the msm-ers.

Some may also wish to check out the beginning of x22Report video which illustrates some possible reasons why “Covington” may have been “targeted”.



This x22Report video (at the beginning) also sheds some light on why the “Covington” name may be what’s being “targeted”, and how it is related to an “anti-Trump” theme.

x22Report 1-14-19… The Shutdown: “Draining the Economic Swamp in Government”

This video really helped point out many things about the current “government shutdown”, how Trump (the Alliance) is using it to “Drain the economic swamp”. And it’s also related to the “central bank (aka, Fed)” system. Very illuminating.


EU is willing to extend the BREXIT but will not change the agreement. What the EU wants is for May to convince her government to go along with the deal. The government shutdown might not be what everyone thinks it is. Trump promised to drain the swamp, this is the economic swamp that is a burden on the American taxpayers. Government is to big, to bloated, and many who are in government are part of the [DS] apparatus that’s been building for years.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.