HATJ: Xi Jinping’s Threats to Hong Kong

Subject RE: Xi’s Threats
Date: October 14, 2019 at 9:20 PM

Xi needs no help splitting/ruining China… he does it so efficiently on his own…and his Ancestors and family “throw him under the bus” now… with even more enthusiasm than those that threw Parker Still under the bus… no more cushioned “landings”… and Xi, et al’s “…everlasting confusion is never forgotten.”

My eternal love, compassion, gratitude, and heartitude to all and for all, all ways always.


From: Terran
Subject: Xi’s Threats
Date: 10/13/2019 8:06 PM


Washington Examiner

Crushed bodies and shattered bones:’ China’s Xi Jinping threatens dissidents amid Hong Kong protests

by Joel Gehrke
October 13, 2019 06:03 PM

Chinese President Xi Jinping raised the specter of a violent crackdown on protesters against the Communist government, as Beijing rebuffs international condemnation for human rights abuses.

“Anyone attempting to split China in any part of the country will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones,” Xi said Sunday, per state-run media.

That warning was issued from Nepal, where thousands of Tibetan Buddhists have taken refuge from Chinese Communist rule. But the blanket threat is likely a message to the protesters in Hong Kong and Western-allied leaders of Taiwan, whom Chinese officials regard as “separatists” and advocates of “secessionism” from the mainland government.

“And any external forces backing such attempts at dividing China will be deemed by the Chinese people as pipe-dreaming,” Xi also said.

Hong Kong has been rocked by protests for months, as dissidents were outraged by the Beijing-backed local government’s attempt to pass an extradition bill that would allow mainland Chinese authorities to take custody of Hong Kong residents based on flimsy evidence. The proposed bill tapped into deeper suspicions that China is trying to undermine the autonomy that was promised to Hong Kong when the United Kingdom relinquished sovereignty over the former colony in 1997.

“We’ve seen over two million people come to the streets standing up for freedom, standing up for democracy, and standing up against the oppression of the Chinese Communist regime,” Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said Sunday while traveling in Hong Kong. “I think it is very much in the United States interests to support the people of Hong Kong. I’m here, I’m dressed in all black standing in solidarity with the protesters.”

Chinese authorities have accused the United States of orchestrating the protests, but local activists have been pleading for American support for months.

Xi Jinping to build “Hades”

Chinese President Xi Jinping told Chinese scientists in April to to do something never done before.
“We are the road,” he had said. File Photo by Stephen Shaver/UPI

Terran note: I don’t post a lot of articles these days but this was just too funny to not post it.

From: Terran
Subject: Xi Jinping to build “Hades” LOL
Date: Nov 26, 2018 at 1:37 PM

ROTFL!!! Just wait until the Christian fundamentalists get a hold of this!

Xi Jinping is hilarious!

“The project is named after the ancient Greek underworld of Hades and was launched at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.”

The worst project name in history!

This isn’t from The Onion! OMG!!! Lol

PS only one reason you put a data center underwater- cooling... for every kilowatt you spend on CPU processing you have a kilowatt or more in cooling costs… and where does that energy equation matter the most??? Crypto currency mining!!!

To: Terran
Subject: RE: XI Jinping to build “Hades” LOL
Date: Nov 26, 2018 at 5:20 PM


they have “bills” they can never pay off, let alone attempting to pay them off using old or known methods…but they chose to remember that the hard experiential way

they are already in “Hades”, by their own creations…all were…this, all that has been done, all that is being done, is about them and all “getting out of” so-called “Hades”

[insert GP 11-26-18 8:08] >




China plans underwater AI base in South China Sea
By Elizabeth Shim
Nov. 26, 2018 at 2:57 PM

Nov. 26 (UPI) — China is planning an underwater sea base, a latter-day “Atlantis” that runs on artificial intelligence that could aid Beijing in defense operations in the South China Sea, according to a recent press report.

The South China Morning Post reported Monday China is building the center that could become the “first artificial intelligence colony on Earth.”

[photo caption] Chinese President Xi Jinping told Chinese scientists in April to to do something never done before. “We are the road,” he had said. File Photo by Stephen Shaver/UPI

The project is named after the ancient Greek underworld of Hades and was launched at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

Chinese President Xi Jinping may be behind the project. In April, during a visit to a deep-sea research institute at Sanya, Hainan Province, Xi told scientists to do something never done before.

“There is no road in the deep sea, we do not need to chase [after other countries], we are the road,” he had said, according to the Post.

The project includes underwater docking platforms and robot submarines to survey seabed. Communication and power cables will connect the base to a ship or power platform.

China could operate the complex from the Manila Trench, in the South China Sea, a highly disputed body of water where Beijing has built and militarized artificial islands.

China also wants to built 20 floating nuclear power plants in the South China Sea by 2020 — a potential violation of international law.

A United Nations court ruled in 2016 China has no historical rights to the South China Sea, an international body of water.

The arbitration case was brought to the U.N. in 2013 by the Philippines, during former President Benigno Aquino III’s term of office.

Manila’s policy in the South China Sea has changed dramatically since Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s meetings with Xi.

The two sides agreed last week to cooperate economically and signed a memorandum of understanding on oil and gas cooperation, the Philippines’ ABS-CBN News reported Monday.

Critics have said the deals are a debt trap for Manila, a claim Chinese officials have said has no grounding in reality.

“Those projects are proposed by the Philippine side, are economically viable and are positive for the Philippine economy,” said Tan Qingsheng, charges d’affaires at the Chinese Embassy in Manila.