Say, Yea, Laura

By Anna Von Reitz

Many people are confused by the complexity of the layers upon layers of government that have been usurping upon us in the name of protecting us and providing us with “governmental services”.  

Many people have challenged my historical research, which very clearly shows that prior to our present efforts, the actual land and soil jurisdiction government was hanging on by its last threads and almost — but not quite — inoperable from disuse and lack of public awareness. 

Our “for hire” public employees have plied us with so many wares and services that the idea that we might have to get off our duffs and actually “self-govern” seemed like lunacy to many —- but step back a moment and consider — how can you “self-govern” if you are not involved in providing your own government?  

How can you be independent and self-determining, if you are relying on other people and even on commercial corporations, to dictate every aspect of your life?   The use of your name?  The description of your property?  The conduct of your business? The custody of your children?  The content of their education?

Think. Why would you leave issues like this to Walmart? 

Yet, that is exactly what we’ve been doing, because the UNITED STATES, INC., and the USA, Inc., and all the various permutations thereof, are commercial corporations in the same sense as Walmart.  

The only difference is that they are in business to provide certain stipulated governmental services.  

The services that they are supposed to be providing are pretty basic, but owing to the fact that we haven’t been stepping up and managing our own business affairs for quite a number of years, they’ve been falling down on the nineteen enumerated services they are supposed to be providing and selling us a whole bunch of other crap we never ordered. 

And charging us for it, too.  

So — what’s wrong with the government?   Put bluntly, you’ve been functioning as an Absentee Landlord and the Hired Help has run wild.  

What to do about it?  Well, first and foremost, declare and record your actual political status as an American State National or American State Citizen.  

Chances are you aren’t a U.S. Citizen nor a citizen of the United States and never were, and even if you are presently acting in one of those capacities, chances are that you still want your Constitutional guarantees protected and your basic rights and freedoms enforced.  

So watch this little snippet of a news story from Fox News and think it over and when you are done, get on your feet and go to: and get started on the road back home to where you always thought you were.  


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Say, Yea….

By Anna Von Reitz

Casper the Coronavirus by Henry
This coronavirus is bullshit. This fairy tale is created as a smokescreen for a fraudulent stock market and to cover up the present breakdown of the fraud, which would result in the zillionaires losing a portion of the wealth they created out of thin air which never existed, and borrow the money in the names of our great great great grandchildren just like in 2008, to finance another international fraud.
In 2018 and 2019 the Trump mafia sold off strategic oil reserves to pump wealth into the oil industry. Remember there was a glut and the people could actually afford to fill their tanks so the oil was sold off to drive the price back up for the mass majority of the American nationals.
Now the lowdown dirty Zionist jew ass sucking bastards will buy that oil back because the price of oil has dropped to around $30 a barrel. We the people have seen five or six cents reduced from the completely outrageous price we pay for gasoline, and by God, that’s all we are going to see.
When the price of oil goes up, the gas in the tanks at the stations goes up immediately, creating a boondoggle for the gas retail industry.
When the price of oil loses half its value in two weeks, we see a mere six cent reduction at the pumps, another boondoggle for the refineries and the retailers.
I’m just centering on this one aspect of this ridiculous sham the people are enduring to facilitate the further transfer of the wealth of this country from the people to the corporations.
Just declare an emergency for Covid-19 and without debate open up the coffers of the United States to hand more to the filthy rich, as the regular folk suffer loss of wages and attempts are made to grab more totalitarian power by the unlawful United States Corporation and the subcontractor States.
What a f-king sham.
Brazilian President says he tested negative for the coronavirus following reports that he tested positive. A mysterious virus that can appear and disappear, depending on the need of the situation.
This is a f-king fraud.
This country is a f-king fraud, with the only real apparatus of the founding documents, that is the ratified law of the Bill of Rights, being violated ad nauseam.
These international corporate mafioso must destroy the American nationals to destroy our absolute law to achieve their one world government and banking system and enslave the populations of the world.
If the unlawful corporate aristocracy had their corporate henchmen, the unauthorized unlawful blackwater standing army they call police, to start locking down areas for gun confiscation, they would be dealt with and destroyed forthwith and the effort of the people in enforcing our law would be praised by all the goyem of the world.
But if they take their same actions under the guise of protecting us from the ghost virus, we will look unreasonable in not allowing them to enter our houses without 4th Article warrants to administer forced vaccinations in violation of our law, and as in the so called crises of Katrina, relieve us of our weapons while they are there. The ghost virus gives them a smoke screen.
We are either going to stand and fight or drop to our knees and accept subjugation. We will fight for our ratified law in our Bill of Rights and enforce it or we will be subjugated.
In accordance with the 9th Article of the superior supreme law and jurisdiction of the individual free sovereign nationals for the united States of the Americas, the federal corporation cannot declare an emergency and suspend the supreme law of the land, no matter what lie they perpetrate through their propaganda machine in seeking to justify it.
If they start martial law operations under this coronavirus fairy tale, we either fight and destroy them or surrender our country to the very pricks that have done everything in violation of our law they could get away with to capture our country, subjugate us, remove our liberty, and institute a world Zionist dictatorship over our people.
It is the unlawful 14th Amendment and subjugation or it is the absolute supreme ratified law of we the people and liberty, no matter what they come at us with. Keep in mind, good men, women, and children put that Bill of Rights, that ratified absolute supreme law of the land, above their lives. That is how we got it.
If they want to attack it, make them do it through force of arms and wipe their asses out. Don’t let them sleaze it away from you through an international con created by an international corporate mafia for the creation of a new world order. Dig in and stand your ground.
The Bill of Rights is the Republic, death to every one of the international corporate mafia, we don’t fear your ghost stories and we will prevail.



Anna von Reitz I will only add that our actual government is not under any “National Emergency” and the Principals have been advised that we are not. Within 30 days, we will knock out every virus (sick cell excrement) on the planet. They will all be dead and gone and no threat to anyone anymore. Now, isn’t that good news? Concentrate on that, and please, don’t anyone write to me about the non-existent “scourge” of the Moronvirus? The worst part of this cover up and nonsense is the large number of Americans buying into this and the pathetic hope that something worthwhile is being done to arrest the municipal criminals responsible. I have seen 1% of the criminals prosecuted, of those already indicted. At this rate, I’d have to live another 100 years to see justice done. 


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