About this “RV deal”… (and sort of a Poofness, sort of a IDC, sort of a Steve Beckow at GAoG)…

Quite some time ago, after buying a bit of this, a bit of that, currency-wise (and that could mean any one of, or any combination of, IqDs, Iranian so and so’s, VNDs, Indonesian/ Malaysian/ Antarctican whatevers), it became very clear to me that I was not going to do anything more, nor do any particular planning, nor pay anyone anything for post-RV financial advice, until after it (the RV) had happened. Nothing.

The Guidance was (for myself) to just wait until I knew it (RV) had happened, and go from there. The other Guidance I received was that there is still a possibility that “the RV” would not even be a part of the overall re-prosperity-izing of the planet.

So I’ve given nothing to Zap’s fund, nothing to Yosef’s fund (usually he posts on ICD=Intel Dinar Chronicles), nothing to anybody’s “fund, trust, deed, RV-401K”… or anything like that.

When I view some of the dinar-RV-type sites’ posts, it seems there is quite a bit “out of place”, energetically (for me, at least). My observations are that Zap’s messages tend to often be mixed up with parts that are anti-Muslim, anti-anything-to-do-with-Islam, Yosef’s tend to often be mixed up with parts that are anti-anything-to-do-with-Trump, and many of the other “Dinar gurus” seem to be continually at odds with each others’ messages. Perhaps “Dinar Guru ‘wars’” are a sign of the end times. At least Steve Beckow and GAoG sometimes present things in a more “level” manner than any of the others.

So I am not paying much attention to any of them anymore. And am not participating at all, or viewing, the “Dinar Wars”, “Dinar Soap Opera”, series.

Bottom line, if the intent for helping humanity is there, maybe it doesn’t matter. In the end, I am “Following my own Higher Guidance.”

Below are links to three posts about this which will give a tad of a flavor for these RV messages, which you may or may not wish to read. Feel free to use one’s own Guidance.

Office of Poofness (10-1-17 by Zap et al.)

“Atone” GCR Sitrep (10-1-17 by Yosef)

What We Here Can and Cannot Say about Financial Situations (10-1-17 by Steve Beckow)

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