YouAreFreeTV 6-11-18… “NO FEAR: PRISON PLANET OVER, Steven D K_lley [Kelley] on Defeating PedoElites #OCCUPYGETTY”

[Kp update: Thanks to RH who pointed out that the TruthCatRadio website should not have had an “s”… here’s the correct one:]

This was a very interesting and informative video, and I very much enjoyed the message from Steven Kelley, of whom I’d never heard before. He talks about many things, but here are some highlight points, and approximate times:

28 min.: about being a “Light worker” and why it’s a wonderful time to be here.
35 min.: what’s going on with the “Arizona p-trafficking camp”, and why it appears to be a “not true” event.
~39 min.: all about the Getty museum, and why it’s a major Pandora’s box for the cabal. Underground tunnels, etc., involved.
~55 min.: the off-planet connections to what’s going on, and how they are helping us to eliminate underground bases, etc. SSP, loosh, etc., all discussed.

Published on Jun 11, 2018
Steven D Kelley has exposed the DUMB underneath the Getty Center completed by Sir Paul Getty, the anglophile who earned his knighthood by building a $1.4 million catastrophe-proof underground fortress in Bel Air, CA, for the English Royals that includes a massive underground installation said to house a facility that enslaves and harvests trafficked children.

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My (current) favorite #QAnon (#Q) YouTube channels…

These are channels that I personally watch, and from which I receive #QAnon (#Q) data reports. Since I’m not going to publish on Q every single day, and every single Q post, I thought I’d post these links for all to view and check on their own.

Here are two Q post collection sites which I’ve seen (usually I check the first):

  2. (from CIR site)

And here are the YouTube channels I am currently following (go to the page, then click “Videos” to see current uploads).

So feel free to pick your own and enjoy the show!!

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A Few (of the 5,253,679) Videos I’ve viewed re: #QAnon (#Q) Postings up thru #1234 (4-21-18)

Yes, that’s right. Sometimes that’s how many it feels like.

The videos I’ve posted, I’m not rating or anything like that. Each has their own types and presentations of “the Q data”. Naturally, Dr. Jerome Corsi is included (his are longer than the others; those are at the end). YouAreFreeTV girl explains more about the Allison Mack and other human trafficking related Q posts (one may like to keep the page open to compare notes from these videos.

Here is the latest Kp blog post about the recent Qs.


The only thing I’m posting from today 4-9-18… (well, yesterday)… a YouAreFreeTV video…

Yes, this is about all I caught on to today (personal items to attend to). There’s a lot of information she covers in this one, and yes, there are more Q posts that have come out. More and more and more and more… Apocalypse away!!

Published on Apr 9, 2018
4/9 President Trump and Putin continue to dragnet the deep state in the latest Syrian false flag gas attack. U.S. Fighter jets have been sent to the region, while the Russian military claims there is no evidence of chemical weapons at the site in Douma, where the attack is claimed to have occurred. Meanwhile, the Q Team draws public attention to a possible connection between the 1999 plane crash that killed NY senate hopeful, John F Kennedy, Jr., just before the 2000 senate race in New York that officially launched Hillary Clinton into the political arena.

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YouAreFreeTV 4-3-18… “US Troops Move To Mexican Border + REMOVE SES Criminals!”

Decided to post this video, as it led to the one about the SES in this recent post. It’s a bit long, and covers a few things, but the information at the beginning I found helpful to my understanding of who the “Mexicans at the border” were (they’re not from Mexico), etc. And more about the SES.

Published on Apr 3, 2018
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American Intelligence Media 3-13-18… “The Untouchables” (aka, the “Senior Executive Service”) (aka, the “Deep State”)

I’ve not listened to the entire thing, but I found it via You Are Free TV’s latest video. Apparently, this group of “unknown to most people” individuals infiltrates all sorts of organizations and in one way or another, “controls” the policies of the U.S.

There is a petition to dissolve this organization, which may be found here.

Published on Mar 13, 2018
Welcome all of our kitty and puppy friends. Sorry we don’t have a fluffy, furry picture for this cat’s meow. You know our Blue Tick Coon Hounds – Gabriel and McKibben. Well, they dun went in that swamp and pulled themselves out a big gator. They are wrestling with it now. Come on in and hear the fun.

Here is some nice reading once you finished watching the gator wrestling.

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A Jerome Corsi and a YouAreFreeTV (3-24-17) VIDEO about, well, “The Omnibus (bill)”, “The Bolton”, and the “#Q #QAnon postings” (and a few other things)

This is an Omnibus… “Hop on, baby!!”

Well, that was a mouth full. These two videos I watched today really laid out some of the possible “hidden benefits” of having this “Omnibus bill” thing and this “John Bolton is now in the Whitehouse” thing, along with a few more. I found these quite illuminating. I never ever paid any attention whatsoever to any previous “Omnibuses” and I never ever cared one bit for the vibration I got from “the John Bolton” but these two videos discuss why both of those “things” may have hidden benefits.

Published on Mar 24, 2018
As Cabinet duck duck goose advances, Trump continues to troll the SES, the Congress and the Alphabet Agencies. Q team has suggested we are in stage 5 of 5, meaning military arrests and tribunals to follow. The omnibus proves to be benign and Bolton may prove to be the new, improved, Bannon in the Cabinet, which is slowly taking form for the long haul ahead.

Stay free and open, freedom lovers! And lend your friends and families a hand and a heart as this next week unfolds. Pray for this global shift in awareness to continue and that all people across the world will be freed from the genocidal globalist cabal. WE ARE FREE!

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