You Cannot be a PAG and a State Citizen at the Same Time

By Anna Von Reitz

A Private Attorney General (PAG) is an office that is part of the old Territorial Federal Corporation, and is a Bounty Hunter under their re-defined 1868 “Fourteenth Amendment” to their corporate constitution.  It has to be operated by someone who is a “United States Citizen”.
And as we have discovered and discussed to some length, you cannot act as a State Citizen and a United States Citizen at the same time, because none of the actual States ever allowed Dual Citizenship of any kind. 
None of those claiming otherwise have brought me an iota of factual evidence that any State ever adopted Dual Citizenship.  So there it stands.  
So far as the States of the Union are concerned, you can act as a State Citizen or State National — for example, and Oregonian or Wisconsinite or Minnesotan, but you cannot at the same time act as a United States Citizen.
So if you are setting up an actual and legitimate State Assembly (and not a corporate franchise State of State “Assembly”) you have to adopt the singular State Citizenship required.  You can’t function as an undeclared Double Agent of any kind. 
Which also means you can’t claim or operate any office of a foreign government, like Private Attorney General, either.
People must get it through their heads that the “US Government” is under contract to our Government, but the two are not the same.  The two are in fact foreign with respect to each other as England is foreign to Germany. 
Being a member of an American State Government requires singular allegiance to it. 
You can’t work for “England” and “Germany” at the same time.  You can’t be a “PAG” under the auspices of the Territorial United States Government and claim to be acting as an Assembly Member of Oregon at the same time. 

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