Your Copy of Our Public Notice

By Anna Von Reitz

The individual land estates dba JOHN MARK DOE were taken into bankruptcy by the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES and the various STATES OF STATES.  At about the same time, CANADA was in municipal bankruptcy, too.
Unknown to us at the time, the Canadian Governor of Ottawa was acting as Trustee of our ESTATES under the Canadian Ownership and Control Act—- in receipt of our “Life Force Energy Annuities” — CUSIP Bonds.
In the settlement of the CANADA bankruptcy, Prince Philip was awarded $950 trillion dollars-worth of our “energy” which he received on or about April 15, 2017.  He “retired” from public life within 72 hours of receiving those bonds. 
However, those bonds are part of our ESTATES and not his, and probate is never closed.
FRANCIS needs to be reminded of this. Also the fact that fraud has no statute of limitations.
We must being objection to the final settlement of the bankruptcy of CANADA before June 10, 2018.
And only we can do that. 
Mr. Trump has no standing while being in the employ of the rats, and even if he had standing, he would have no claim established prior to the bankruptcy of the Municipal and Territorial entities.  We, the American people, do.
The very existence of “Life Force Energy Annuities” is an insult to the entire race of Mankind and a more than adequate reason to repudiate the entire monarchical system forever.
The Queen has threatened us with death by the millions.  Prince Philip has received stolen goods representing the profit from the slave labor of six generations of Canadians and Americans.
Shall we all say— we do not consent?  Shall we say this was involuntary and the fruit of fraud and Breach of Trust?  Shall we say that those who perpetuated this and profited by it are criminals?
Shall we demand the entire removal of every member of the Bar Associations from our shores forever?
The entire long plot that the British Government and the Archons have pursued over the past 150 years is fully exposed.
And now comes the Judgment of Heaven.
We are hereby giving worldwide Public Notice and Due Process and are entering our objection to the Bankruptcy Settlement of CANADA/Canada and requiring the return of the receipts of the unconscionable labor contracts, mortgages, and insurances and the principal and profit from all other vicious means used to extract our assets, which Britain has attempted to purloin. 
This is being sent directly to Pope Francis and will land on his desk by tomorrow evening.
It is also being sent to the Galactic Council and Federation Members, the White Hats, the US Court of Federal Claims, the Office of the Prosecutor at the World Court, the Secretary General of the United Nations, and other officials around the world.
The Government of France and the Bank of France/FRANCE is also up to their necks and attempting to keep this “plantation” idea going in the face of our “return” from “overseas”.

Can we all say— up yours?
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