Your Notice

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Pope Francis, or George, Whichever You Prefer: 

Americans who receive payments related to the corona virus or the US bankruptcy or any other circumstance created by the malfeasance of our hirelings and mandates, are accepting them as gifts as clearly stated in our Second Decree Over Mandate and no other basis of acceptance can be presumed against anyone in this country. 

Please inform the Lord Mayor or we will. 

We have requested and required the arrest of Henry Kissinger and the remaining Leadership of The Council On Foreign Relations; we recommend the confiscation of their personal assets as the fruits of criminal conspiracy and anti-human agendas which are repugnant to International Law. 

We should like to know by what stretch of your imagination is WHO invested with a Council on Eugenics? By what glorious ineptitude has WHO declared a “pandemic” on the basis of 150 cases?  And still failed to identify a cause or even prove the existence of a virus related to this purported outbreak?  

We have had standard procedures for the identification of viral causative agents since the 1890’s.  Why haven’t they been applied? 

And how is it that Hitler’s Chief of Staff, Adolph Heusinger, also served as Chief of Staff at NATO?   And, come to that, why haven’t the Saturnine influences departed?  Are your keyholes so out of adjustment as all that, and you can’t figure out a way to correct the problem?

Time has gone on.   This is beyond all doubt The Age of Aquarius.  

For over twenty years now your predecessors have been given Notice and clear instructions to resume a normal course of business, put an end to the purported bankruptcies, the illegal securitizations, the currency and commodity market manipulations, and the drive toward Nazi-style monolithic oppression of national governments.  You haven’t listened. 

You have all persisted in your Enochian Calls and other inappropriate contacts with Lesser and Greater Demons, failed to correct, failed to come into alignment with the Universal Law, and continued to pursue a criminal Anti-Human Agenda — all while using the “peace and love” storefront of the Church and the United Nations organization in the furtherance of these evils set before our Primal Creator. 

Now, therefore, be assured that the days are numbered and the unleashing of all the plans that have been made in secret will go astray.  Those who have prospered under the old regime will wither away, and surely, a rebuke will come upon the Church and all its works and ways.  

You, even yourself, will face him whom you have desecrated and mis-named. You will reap the fullness of all the lies and omissions and grotesque doctrines promoting vampirism, cannibalism, sexual “sacraments”, and disrespect of life. 

Yes, it shall be even as I say: not one bishop shall remain.  


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